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From Buy Soma Online Review:

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Hitler’s Mein Kampf is #3 and #4 on iTunes Political books List

From Time: The infamous manifesto Adolf Hitler wrote while in prison after a failed coup in 1923, Mein Kampf or My Struggle, in which the dictator outlined his idea of a global Jewish conspiracy, is a surprise hit on the ebook market. While the book’s print copy sales remain stagnant, the ebook is in the top 20 on iTunes’s Zolpidem Buy Now chart, next to books by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, the number one Buy Ambien Sleeping Tablets book on Amazon, and the 17th bestseller in the company’s Buy Adipex Usa list. How could that be?

Chris Faraone explains why in a Buy Soma Online Us To Us that argues ebooks provide the perfect format for reading controversial material. “Mein Kampf could be following a similar trend to that of smut and romance novels,” Faraone writes. Customers may have not wanted to be seen reading the book or having it on their shelf at home, but the cheap digital copies “can be quietly perused then dropped into a folder or deleted.”

Ebook reviewers’ comments support the 50 Shades of Grey theory. “I think I waited 45 years to read Hitler’s words… I wish I had read it sooner,” wrote Steven Wagg. “Curiosity killed me to get this book,” said another reviewer. The document also functions as a warning: “People need to understand that if we do not learn from people like this, then we will fall into their traps again,” Ray D’Aguanno wrote on Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg.

Buy Zolpidem India

It is because it is a great book, not to mention the fact that it is still correct today, even 80-odd years later!!!!

To all you Jews: Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

– BDL1983