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62 thoughts on “ABOUT”

    1. You’re looking for something beyond yourself to be in control of a world that you see is out of control. The sad truth is that Jews are no more in control than anyone else. There is no God, there is no Jewish conspiracy, there is just a confusing life that people do anything in their power to understand. You have to have real courage to accept that and just live.

      1. @ Jeff Bloom – you Jews are fooling no-one who reads on this site. What you said is absolute bullshit – Jews are in control of pretty much everything in the western world and they brag about it themselves. The purpose of your comment is to try and get the goyim to accept the status quo and pretend that filthy kikes aren’t running everything into the ground. Fuck off Jew. We don’t care what you think. I only published your comment to illustrate what lying scum you’re satanic race truly is

        1. The Jew is a parasite and the creator of the NEW WORLD ORDER which is designed to enslave the white race. we must stop this before it kills off all white nations. I find this jew Jeff Bloom a lying pro-zionist pig who wants nothing but power and influence over everyone else.. Its no wonder, that the Jews call themselves the MASTER RACE.. Master race my ass.. Their Talmud speaks of filth.. Its time to show the white world what the Talmud really is and why it must be destroyed.

  1. BDL1983 Said:

    “Regarding comments; I don’t give a fuck. If you write a load of shit then I’ll get rid of it when I get around to it!”

    This is meant to be constructive criticism…

    From reading your story above, it is clear that you do in fact realize that you have been brought up in a rather “conditioned atmosphere” which was/still is controlled by the Jews.

    As a result, you have probably also discovered that it takes a lot of time and effort to “deprogram” yourself from their multifaceted lies and influence.

    One aspect which you apparently, like myself once, fail to see is that you no longer speak the language of your “Father Land” which is English. If you truly analyze your statement above- pick through it with a fine tooth comb- you will realize that you have- perhaps out of a necessity to be understood by others in the past- STOPPED SPEAKING ENGLISH! You now speak JEWSPEAK.

    Yes, you sound very “Jewish.”

    Don’t try to “justify” your definitions for the below with “contextual matters” just relax and be real- this is simply an exercise…

    First off, define with razor sharp accuracy the word “fuck.” Forget your sentence.
    Most would say it means something like a “harsh/forced sexual intercourse” etc.

    Second, define “shit.”
    Most would define it as “smelly/grotesque fecal matter, excrement, etc. as a result of elimination/defecation”

    Insert your definitions into your quoted sentence above. Ask yourself, would that sentence make perfect sense to a TRUE un-Judaized Englishman?

    If you answered no, then rewrite your sentence in ENGLISH- and finally let go of JEWSPEAK.

    Just let that steep in your head for a month or two.

    Believe me, it takes a while- but you will eventually see/hear/feel it.

    It is a very liberating/uplifting experience.

    Good Luck.

    1. Well, yeah….. you’re probably right…. But I LIKE swearing… I swear often in speech too because it adds extra emphasis (somehow) to whatever I’m ranting about!

        1. Exactly. Wisdom grows as a person gets older!
          We’re all on the same team and we must all do our part! Everyone must contribute something to our cause…. from knowledge to boots-on-the-street as such! It ALL counts.
          Hail Victory 88

          1. Got my 1937 2 Reichsmark coin silver coin in the mail today, and on the edge of the coin is stamped “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” translates roughly to “The community comes before the individual”.
            Says it all.

  2. You have earned to know the truth because you looked for it. I hope more people will wake up very fast before it is too late. I am seriously worried about a devastating attack on the U.S., arranged by the Jews. They have sucked us dry, why not discard us?! We might all die soon, but why do not go down as honorable people with our spirit in tact? Whether we’ll die or survive, we MUST change or it is all pointless. Americans are Judea-fied in their ways. If they do not cleanse themselves from all their Jewish ways, they will have no better leaders in the future than in the past. These ways are: lying-including white lies, deception, cheating, backstabbing, promiscuity, lack of logical thinking as an escape, addicted to all the wrong things, getting even (very Jewish), indulgence, extremism, etc. These are all things Americans hate and yet they practice them. The Jews have silenced the Germans with para 130 (hate law) and other laws. The Germans must tolerate the vicious tongues of the Jews falsely accusing us as war criminals and mass murderers while they have arranged to torture and kill 12 Million of us after the war between 1945 and 1950 throughout Europe. We cannot defend ourselves because in the agreement it says that the Allies can continue war with us Germans at any time as we have no peace treaty. That was done so that they can abuse us. The contract runs for 99 years. There is no justice. I hate the ways of the Jews. They have poisoned America for over 100 years now to turn against us.

      1. I would tread lightly being affiliated with DS and Andrew he is using Jew tactics creating infighting and disinforming on a few matters. But nice blog here I would focus on it and staying true to the cause. If you need anything Graphics, help, modifications feel free to contact me on my site always willing to help educated new people out.

  3. I have nothing against honest hard working people of any race. But jews are so damned selfish, materialistic, parasitic, and devoid of any caring for all other races (except for screwing the for every last cent) that they need to find their own damned country to ruin. They get expelled from everywhere they live, wonder why? What do we do about these vampires?

    1. I think you have every right to your beliefs…but it means nothing unless you act on them… Its easy to locate a lot of jews in 1 place…die a martyr…we will all remember you.

  4. Hey? Any proof? Because I read an article of the upbringing of a racist fuck. Guys you need to grow larger balls, keep calm and carry on. Sorry, about the obvious Hitler joke. Why is it that a religion that has nothing to do with any of this is the source of all evil. What makes you think Christians don’t do the same thing. Spanish inquisition, the Crusades. It is shown in past history that christians aren’t completely against burning their religious adversaries. George W. Bush ruined the economy in hopes of strengthening the rich, ya’ll are all stuck on appealism. Little kids, give proof. No form of government is better than the other socialism, dictatorship, and capitalism have obvious disadvantages in all, and obvious advantages. Oh, your 9/11 page is quotes from people with zero authority 1/3 of the people quoted, 3. HAHAHAHA. 3… 1 OF THEM WASN’T EVEN AMERICAN. IT WASN’T EVEN AN ITALIAN PROBLEM, besides Italy had fascists links with Germany and were in the steel pact together. Why isn’t the “NEW WORLD ORDER” not made of billionaires who have immense say in the control over the world, there’s what 12 million jews, and counting. That is little.. Listen to some immortal technique or read a 7th grade history book before you preach hate, you people haven’t even gained the skills to disprove reality using fake facts! Your bad! This should be a pretty big sign to stop, because you people are weak. You can’t win, the U.S. will be allies with Israel forever. And if you argue that it’s Palestine’s land you aren’t correct. It is land to be shared with equality, Palestine was given from the British. Which are also sided with us, so keep calm and carry on. You bomb Britain but you can’t take them out. Nationalism is the bringer of destruction and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.

    1. @ Proof? Take a look around at whats going on! You are a knobhead and a Jew. Internationalism is the bringer of destruction and it is a JEWISH agenda to unnaturally force different nationalities and races together. That is what cause friction and problems for all fuckface. Funny how you arseholes keep Israel for Jews only. Fuck you & fuck your stinking tribe of gefilte fish eatin criminal scum! 1488

      1. Not only that, but also diversity of which I am strongly against. In Ukraine, there is only one identity and that is UKRAINIAN and we are a nation of 43 million of which some are Jews but with Svoboda coming to power in 2015 this will be end of Jewry in Ukraine forever. Show no sympathy for the Zionist and or allies, for their days are coming up. Glory to the White Race ! SLAVA UKRAYINI and Glory to Stepan Bandera and UPA !

        1. No, Mr. Anon. Only people called Jeff Bloom and various other dickheads who act like Jews. If you disagree, then why don’t YOU start your own website, they’re free on wordpress. I’m sure you could do a great job setting the truth straight to those who are confused!

          1. First of all, it’s Miss, for your information. Second, I can’t do that. I’m just a kid. I just saw that in your comments and was wondering.

    2. Bro, a true Christian never hates. I bust my tail to take up for you Jews, not only because its a part of me, but it feels right. If you want to win this battle, it won’t be by taking things as rationally as the idiots on this website. That and your grammar is terrible, name calling gets you no where in a debate, and something tells me if you and I want to fight anti-Semitism, we’re in the wrong place. These people have their minds made up.

      1. “Mary,” You have your logic confused! A true Christian hates. He hates evil with a passion! It’s the endless forgiveness of the Christian that has given Christians a death blow.
        As far as the spelling is concerned, you are using this attack as a distraction. It’s not working because this blog is not a spelling contest but a blog that exposes truth.
        Name calling will not get you anywhere, Mary! (Like you said)

        And, by the way, the Jews have usurped the history of the white man in Palestine and made it their own, of course, with endless debasement of honorable believes to make them into evil believes to murder non Jews, especially in the Old Testament. King David was a white man, and so was Jesus; specifically they were Germans. The Germans (= base race of all white men) lived in Palestine thousands of years before Christ and BEFORE the Jews. The Germans were the chosen by God and they were made up of the 12 tribes of Israel. Israel is an ancient German word. The Jews have killed and driven out all the white population and taken on their history and made themselves the chosen. It’s a fact. I have the documentation to prove it on my blog. Unfortunately, most of it is in German.

        I invite you to get a reality check here about Jews:
        Buy Xanax Paypal Uk

  5. One of the worst things about Hell is that you still have your memories. And one day- that is, if you don’t repent, and I strongly doubt you will- you’ll be burning down there with your best friends Hitler and Himmler, reflecting back on all of your hate and lies and wondering why you let it rule your life. What are you going to do, type me to death? Delete my comment? I’m shaking in my yamaka.

    1. Nah, not gonna delete it. I simply don’t give a fuck what you think. I am right. Adolf Hitler was right. And you are completely wasting your time preaching your crap to me. Have a nice day Mary!

      1. AGREED ! Hitler was not only right, but right on what he wrote about the stinking lies of the JEWS. Jews have no place in white Europe or America.. better they go back to IsraHELL where they belong !

        14/88 !!!!

  6. They cheat, manipulate, and are money-hungry fucks! I have always had a hatred to the Jew Race ever since I was a child. They are parasites and they feed off those in countries in which they live. I want, that the Jews just leave Europe, my native Ukraine especially and go to ISRAHELL where they belong. And to those Nazis who sympathize with the ZIONISTS and Israel – You are traitors to the white race ! No way is ISRAEL worth being an ally to.


  8. Wow…what an accomplishment Brett…Your 30 years old and you discovered the “truth” within the last few years via the internet and its wealth of unfounded garbage

    Myself, I’ve studied World War 2 in depth since 1977 and current world politics and events since that time leading up to what is going on in todays’ world…funny, I come to the opposite conclusions that you have (I must be under some sort of Zionist hypnosis)

    Your’re way off kid…my father, as a young teenager living in a small village south of London, watched the Luftwaffe fly over the English Channel for 57 consecutive nights to bomb London while his father drove the ambulance, trying desperately to save lives

    A few years later at the age of 17, my father was deployed to Germany where he witnessed the full horror of the Nazi regime and its crimes

    This website is pure filth and to glorify Adolf Hitler and his so called Thousand Year Reich is a disgrace to humanity

    Go ahead…call me a Jew….I would take it as a compliment

    Love the skin head look and the Nazi “decorations” you adorn yourself with….here in North America, we refer to your kind as “trailer trash”

    I would disown my son if he ever turned out like you

    1. What your father witnessed was a result of Jew-controlled Britain’s own handiwork. They bombed the fuck out of Germany so what the hell did they expect to see? Families having picnics around the place? Grow a brain. Oh and don’t forget to cry me a river about the evil Germans bombing London! You idiots were given PEACE offers time after time by the great man Adolf Hitler, but of course the filthy Jew Churchill wanted war and got war on behalf of his financiers! You must be retarded or something to think if I called you a Jew, that it would be a compliment. I don’t care what you are or who you are. The Creator is the one who will judge me, and I have no fears because I am right and sincere.
      I would disown my mum if she was like you.

      1. Thank you so much Brett for your well thought out reply…you are indeed a squire and a gentleman…I cant’ tell you how greatful I am to you for having pointed out my lack of the obvious…how could i have gotten it all so wrong?
        37 years of indepth research and study down the drain…If i was as smart as you, I could have just googled my way on to the Alex Jones/New World Order/Illimunati band wagon and saved myself a lot of time and effort
        Yes of course….what my father experienced over 70 years ago must of been a grand Jewish deception like you so kindly pointed out and of course you would be a better of judge of history than he was
        You know…the funny thing is…is that my husband’s parents are German and had the displeasure of living in their homeland when the marvelous Fuhrer came into power in 1933….And I telll ya kid…by the time 1945 came around…they were pretty god damned tired of Adolf and his band of do gooders….they don’t seem to share your enthusiasm on the topic of National Socialism and life in Germany under the Nazi regime at all…its too bad they’ve passed away now….I’m sure they would have loved to have heard your take on the whole messy affair….however, my late mother inlaw has 3 surving siblings who still live in Germany today…Maybe you could you take the time to inform them as well of what they really lived through…I’m sure they would love to have you correct them
        Yes Adolf Hitler …a fine German man….invading almost all of Europe, sending his gang of thugs into Northern Africa, bulldozing and murdering his way through Russia, deporting thousands to their death and/or forced labour for the Reich…all the fault of the Jews of course
        I think his finest moment, however, has to be on April 30th, 1945, when he heroically “fell in battle” by bravely chomping down on a cyanide capsule and putting a bullet throuth his deluded brain
        Unlike yourself, I know what a good German man really is…I’ve been married to one of the finest for many years
        You should cozy up to the Muslims….now those people know how to hate the Jews…you could learn alot from them I’m sure
        Love the background on your website…God is with us….your a funny kid

  9. There is almost no doubt this website is Jew run. All that macho stuff with the skinhead look is a front for disinformation. There is so much evidence in the so called story of a poor boy who read the internet blah blah. It’s how they work hand in hand with Masons/Opus Dei trying to reconstitute the historical context to serve their own “racialist” agenda ie supporting Halal culture, oil economy, foreign policy tying up Iran, Israel and US.

    Don’t fall for all this Nazi stuff. It’s all a front for something much scarier…

  10. sure do get them all stirred up don’t ya ?
    I love how all of these so called anti- Nazi liberals always seem to spit and spray and flop around having some kind of allergic reaction to anyone who just speaks there own damned opinion. hell they act more like real frigging fascists than anyone !!! Liberals and Jews are all about freedom of there disgusting speech….. until you don’t agree with them!

    1. That’s exactly right. They know that the best they can do is point to a Goy here and there among the power structure and say “See, Jews don’t control everything”, when in reality they’re ignoring the entire big picture. This is what makes them squirm around and get hysterical! They know, deep down, that they can’t argue with our logic or refute what we say. Hell, it would be irritating to be completely wrong like they are!
      Liberals – Tolerant, so long as you agree with them.
      Freedom of speech is just a concept. You’re only really free to do whatever you’re prepared to fight for (and win)!

      1. guess it proves the stereotype of how successful they are financially lol. im guessing you are refering to the global financial elite ? you do realise they are not all jews?

        1. There are always accomplices to any criminal group. Jews controlling International Finance is as obvious as hell if you look at all the names – Warburg, Rothschild, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, Goldman-Sachs, Lehman, Seligman, just to name a few families off the top of my head… There’s tons more which I cant be bothered naming here. They also run all the media. Coincidence? From the worlds MOST CONCIOUSLY TRIBAL group of people….. yeah right

  11. i personally beleive somewhat in the new world order , but my great grand father actually worked in one of these awful laces and let me tell you it haunted him to the day he died . seems like you may have been brainwashed by pro-white propaganda . A word of advice …….Research both sides of a story and look at all the facts , not just the ones you want to believe .

  12. I was Googling about the plane crash in Ukraine in relation to Jews; just idly researching following a comment I heard. I found the article and started poking about the site.

    Interesting site. Looks like my evening reading is sorted……..

  13. Brett,
    Great website you have here, I started asking myself similar things as you did but only this year around Feb got seriously interested in the Jewish question, decided to find out what anti – semitism was actually about and the rest they say is history, I have read both Andrew Hitchcocks books as well as countless articles on the web, people seriously need to wake up and stop believing the lies that are constantly spewed out by Jew owned media. People need to learn the reasons for the way the world is. I thoroughly recommend to those who may read this that Andrew Carrington Hitchcocks “The Synagogue of Satan” is a great place to start. Once again thanks Brett for a well informed good site.

  14. Hi, Brett. Your piece ‘You’ve Figured It Out …’ is what I’m most motivated by. I consider myself one of the 0.1%, and I live in the U.S. where the armies of idiots is truly astounding. Every day is a major struggle to find some inner peace. I don’t need to know any more about the situation the world is in, and if someone is at fault. I know exactly who is at fault, as do you, and that they are our enemy. I need to act, and I’m looking for organizations out there, if you know of any, that are DOING something, or at least willing to. If anyone has contacted you asking for something similar, I’d like to get in touch with them. I am trying to start a local “find the 10%” effort, but it would help if I had support from other like-minded people to speak with. Thank you, and terrific site! I’m happy that you really get it, from the Khazar demons to the greatness of Adolf.

    1. Cheers for the great comment mate! Organisation-wise there’s nothing much going on over here in Australia. In the insane western world (some stuff happens in Europe but that’s all) not much happens from my observations, but it should do in the future as shit goes down hill further….. Problem is, how bad do things have to get before anyone notices? I ask myself that question every day… Like I think I said in that article – the only thing we can really do right now is to try to spread our message via word of mouth to people with brains and/or using the internet. If ya feel like it ya may as well start a blog site telling it how it is.. You can get freebie site on wordpress.. The more sites, the more we can add to the Jew misery! He’ll be so worried about Jew-hatred he won’t know what to do!!! Hopefully….

  15. I am just now reading into this kind of stuff and I am stunned. But I do have one question, why do people consider “Jewish” a race. is it not only a religion?

    1. They aren’t actually a race, but more of a mixed “breed” if you know what I mean… The religion is not really a religion as such – It’s used as a cover for when anyone points out that Jews are a distinct group with certain recognizable racial traits – “See, we’re only a religion“, says the Jew. They have mixed with all the races in some way, so clearly they are not a homogeneous race (this confuses most people), but that doesn’t mean there is no racial factor in Jewish identity…..
      Look for beady eyes, often black or dark coloured, and with a slightly asiatic slant, large ears, the hooked nose, and the 2 patches on the tops of their heads where their horns have been removed! (joking)
      Visit this site to hone in your Jew-spotting ability: Buy Brand Name Adipex It becomes really easy to recognise them after a bit of practice, trust me! I’ve gotten good at it from 5 years experience! I’d venture to guess that I could pick 90% of Jews in a face line-up…..

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