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I hope you’re aware of the time.

Friendly Reminder Of A Few Basic Facts:

  • Any society/economy dependent on government handouts and endless ‘stimulus’ is doomed. The government may as well just declare “everything is free (UBI-anyone?)”, stop giving people welfare/stimulus money, and just shuffle the money back and forth between the various government departments and big corporations. In effect, that’s all that happens anyway- why not cut us out as the middle man?
  • There is no economic recovery going on. Just mountains upon mountains of ‘stimulus’ money floating around giving the illusion that the economy is still functioning/viable.
  • They know this can’t go on much longer and that is why the Where Can I Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online Uk is on standby. They wouldn’t be planning to implement it, if the current fiat system was set to be ‘revived’ in the future.
  • The direct and unprecedented scale of government intervention to prevent the immediate collapse of the economy this time last year, means that they now have the power to pull the pin at anytime. Society, on the whole, has completely surrendered any form of economic self-determination. This means the central banks and government will do it for you in the future, if you let them, otherwise strive for self-sufficiency.
  • We are now unproductive marxist welfare states. Massive QE and very little production equals rapidly devalued currencies worldwide. Prices will go through the roof and there’ll be very few real jobs because we are no longer a real economy- we are essentially service economies with an ever growing welfare burden. This is a recipe for disaster.
  • Buying and selling (flipping- if you like that word??) houses should not be the main thing that holds up the economy. When it is, your economy is officially a joke.
  • All the weird feminist, ‘anti-racist’, transgender, gay, multicultural bullshit is taking it’s toll. This jewish social engineering machine runs that many stupid contradictory ‘ideals’ (for want of a better word) through it’s own wiring, that it’s hard to see how they can sustain it much longer. A foundation built on lies is like a house of cards– these ones specifically:

Anyway, just a few important points I felt like rehashing. It all gets a bit repetitive doesn’t it?? But it’s important that people with ears to hear receive the correct message and prepare accordingly.

No. Better not do that!

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel:

-ETP Admin.


Order Xanax Europe

Well, they openly talk about it, therefore it’s no longer a conspiracy theory. Nonetheless, you’ll still be branded a nutter if you believe the global elite are planning to implement Buy Alprazolam CheapBuy Ambien Online Next Day Delivery

It goes something like “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”:

If you own nothing, they own everything. And judging by a quick look at the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on the Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk, it seems people are intent on not being happy about it. Perhaps the vaccines will help create an even more mindless army of the undead- people capable of being happy with total slavery and zero freedom- like something out of Brave New World.

Buy Valium Australia are promoting it:

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk

In the article the writer states that the system has reached the end of its usefulness. It sure has. The debt (funny money from thin air) and interest system has siphoned most of the worlds wealth into jewish hands. Since people can no longer pay back their debts, let alone the interest, there is nothing more that that system can offer other than what it’s doing right now- infinite QE. Cheap money to keep it afloat.

We have officially passed the tipping point. The commercial banking sector can’t seriously expect current debts and interest to ever be repaid. So, then, what is the point of them continuing that system? This is exactly why this Great Reset stuff is being suggested- they want a new system involving Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s). You will have to get the the strange anti-coronavirus potion injected into you (vaccine passport), then they’ll allow you to have a digital wallet with the central bank and you’ll get credit to spend in a certain specified time before it expires. How much CBDC you’ll be granted will depend on how much of a good boy or girl you’ve been and plan on being- akin to social credit scores. Put simply, The Great Reset is going to be The Great Nightmare.

And of course, the fake pandemic came along oh so conveniently to fit in with The Great Nightmare agenda. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and if there is no crisis, Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

-ETP Admin.


Cheap Xanax Pill Press

Just in case anyone is unclear- there is no new coronavirus on the loose.

It is all nonsense.

All they are doing is scurrying around the world in a panic with a bunch of non-diagnostic PCR test kits “finding cases“. These people could have gone around the world doing this test kit thing at any time in the past, had they chosen to, and they would have “found their pandemic“. Buy Phentermine For Cheap, or they are outright bullshit false positives, such as your asymptomatic cases.

Whether or not they are even chasing around after a specific type of flu is debatable. I tend to think it’s just their best guess at what genetic material they think should test positive for the “coronavirus”- a game of “create your own new pathogen” via arbitrary test kit parameters. Adjust the parameters and voila- you have a new pathogen!! In fact, considering they have never isolated the “virus”, how could it be anything other than guesswork?

Anyway, the point of this post is to link Buy Roche Valium Uk which goes quite in-depth for those interested. Skip the first couple paragraphs and start where it says “NO PURIFIED SAMPLES”.

Here’s a few important bits from Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart:


Our government is telling us in July 2020—after plunging millions of people into poverty with a worldwide lockdown—that no purified isolated samples of this “novel coro­navirus” exist, which means that the virus has never been isolated and purified.

Apparently THIS is what the cause of all our problems looks like…


Why do “viruses” multiply in the starved and poisoned kidney or cancer cells? The answer is that when cells are starved or poisoned, they produce exosomes. These tiny particles, which are identical in appear­ance and characteristics to what are called “viruses,” are helpful, not toxic. Exosomes do not attack the cells and then multiply; rather, they are produced inside the cell, often in large amounts, when the cells are stressed by poison and starvation.

A study titled “The Role of Extracellular Vesicles as Allies of HIV, HCV and SARS viruses,” published in May 2020 in the journal Viruses, explains that viruses and exosomes (which the authors call “extracel­lular vesicles” or EVs) are indistinguishable.8 To quote from the paper, “The remarkable resemblance between EVs and viruses has caused quite a few problems in the studies focused on the analysis of EVs released during viral infection. Nowadays, it is an almost impossible mission to separate EVs and viruses by means of canonical vesicle isolation meth­ods, such as differential ultracentrifugation, because they are frequently co-pelleted due to their similar dimension. To overcome this problem, different studies have proposed the separation of EVs from virus particles by exploiting their different migration velocity in a density gradient or using the presence of specific markers that distinguish viruses from EVs. However, to date, a reliable method that can actually guarantee a complete separation does not exist” [emphasis added]. In other words, researchers can’t distinguish viruses from exosomes. That’s because they are the same thing; in reality, all viruses are exosomes. Stated another way, scientists are discovering that all of these “viruses” originate in our own tissues—they don’t attack us from the outside.”


The real blockbuster finding in this study comes later, however, a finding so shocking that it is hard to believe what we are reading. Sum­marizing their procedures in the paper’s Results section, the authors explain that they “examined the capacity of SARS-CoV-2 to infect and rep­licate in several common primate and human cell lines, including human adenocarcinoma cells (A549), human liver cells (HUH7.0), and human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293T), in addition to Vero E6 and Vero CCL81 cells.” Their aim was to monitor “cytopathic effects” (CPEs)—meaning structural changes in host cells caused by “viral invasion”—where the infecting virus causes either lysis (breaking up) of the host cell or, if the cell dies without lysis, an inability to reproduce. Both of these effects are said to occur due to CPEs. Yet, as the authors plainly state, though each cell line “was inoculated at high multiplicity of infection and examined 24 h post-infection,” the investigators observed no CPE “in any of the cell lines except in Vero cells.12

So did this viral material with its “inti­mately twisted genes” commandeer the cellular biochemistry and throw wrenches into the cel­lular factories, while other viral proteins built nurseries for making new viruses? Nothing of the sort! In fact, the shocking thing about these findings is that, using their own methods, the vi­rologists found that solutions claimed to contain SARS-CoV-2—as well as poisons, even in high amounts—were not infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. In plain Eng­lish, this means they proved, on their terms, that this “new coronavirus” is not infectious to hu­man beings. It is infective only to Vero monkey kidney cells, and only when you add two potent drugs (gentamicin and amphotericin)—drugs known to be toxic to the kidneys—to the mix.

Interestingly, the authors don’t mention this important fact in their conclusions.


Meanwhile, we con­tend that the idea of a contagious coronavirus is a fairy tale.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Canada

And on that note I contend that the whole Certificate Of Vaccination & I.D. (COVID) agenda is a jewish plot to establish a global government and police state control grid in which every single minute aspect of everyone’s lives can be micromanaged. It’s that jewish New World Order plan we’ve been talking about for years, coming to fruition, unless we stop it.

Final Note: they say COVID-19 stands for COronaVIrus Disease 2019. It does. But isn’t it a tad creepy that this fake virus is being used to bring forth Certificates Of Vaccination and digital I.D.‘s? 19- 1=A & 9=I, AI?? Interesting, yes, very interesting….. Speculation, or is it? Maybe the vaccines have something to do with AI?

Alright, enough of that.

I think I’ll take the Night Flight outta here:

-ETP Admin.


Buy Alprazolam Australia

This is what will happen to you if you get the COVID vaccination. Let this be a warning.

One of the biggest struggles I have with modern society and the current state of world affairs is finding the personal motivation to care. In order to care, YOU have to perceive that YOUR PERSONAL EFFORTS to fight the good fight are not being done in vain. It’s quite the dilemma when you know what you’re up against, trust me. Therein lies the paradox- YOU HAVE TO CARE because you live in the world and are forced to deal with whatever state of affairs you are presented with, BUT the society you are supposed to care about offers little to nothing of value, especially as a single white man, and so you tend to withdraw for the most part. I’m generally OK with that because I have very little interest in the trivial bullshit most people concern themselves with. My life focus is primarily fixated on looking after my own personal situation as best I can- only worry about the things you can control– right? This entails as little reliance on the system as possible.

Does this sound familiar?

My guess would be that an ever increasing number of single white men would be looking at things this way.

No matter what though, we still all have our own small parts to play (caring), however we choose to try and push the narrative of truth, by speaking to people, by writing things, or whatever other deeds you can think of that may serve that purpose.

It can be a bit of a motivation killer when you know that everything that comes out of the TV is a lie, but most peoples’ opinions are still shaped by it…

We must rise.

-ETP Admin.


Buy Ambien Sj Cheap

Well, here we are- one full year of all this coronavirus lockdown bullshit, with all its varying degrees of restrictions and relaxations, then re-tightening and repeating the process forever. It’s getting pretty damn exhausting, because not only have we known since this time last year that the virus isn’t dangerous, but they just keep droning on and on about it. It’s actually amazing that they can still talk about this non-existent virus as though it’s a serious concern and the only solution is for every person on planet earth to get injected with a strange potion– then voila- back to normal, but not really…

Has anyone learnt anything from the last year? No doubt some people have, but on the whole the majority of the worlds population have been remarkably complicit with the agenda. One thing that I’ve learnt is that you don’t have to up the hysteria to make the virus seem more dangerous as time drags on. I thought after 6-8 weeks they’d have to somehow pretend that the virus was more deadly than first expected or that there was a new virus on the loose- otherwise the people would catch on that it’s a load of bullshit. But no. They didn’t even bother rolling out the “new strain/variant” bullshit until early this year or late last year, whenever it was.

The general tone of all this crap currently is just vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. Which, by the way, you can sing “vaccine, vaccine, vaccine” just like Dolly Parton if you want lol:

She’s nuts. But whatever.

So yeah, here in Australia all we ever hear about is the stupid vaccines, which of course are NOT VACCINES AT ALL, but experimental gene therapies, as many doctors on those banned videos have explained. Then we hear the case updates, never deaths because no one ever dies of this thing. “Zero new cases in blah blah state, zero, zero, two in some state, both overseas arrivals staying in medi-hotel quarantine“. It’s the same news every single night with the media waiting with baited breath for an “outbreak” from one of these hotels, then the state premier can launch into action and lock the whole damn state down over one case. With the new variant bullshit they can now say “yeah, look it’s a super-contagious strain this one, we better do another lockdown, go buy your bog rolls and all that shit, you all know the drill by now“. And then, after the 5 or 6 day “circuit-breaker” and untold amounts of wasted fresh produce from businesses and money flushed down the toilet, the relevant state premier is usually credited with heroically stopping the super-contagion, because as we all know super-contagions never spread if you do the lockdown drill correctly! This entails all people panicking and hurrying into their local supermarkets to buy heaps of shit and all touch the same things and breathe the same air. You can all cluster together before the lockdown kicks-off because the super-contagion understands that it’s not fair to infect people before the game starts! It would be like tackling the opposition before the bloody ball has been bounced- you can’t do that! As soon as the midnight hour hits, however, and everyone’s locked in their homes- i t e m e r g e s . . . .

A h h h h h h h h h,

s t a y h o m e ,

s t a y s a f e L o L

Anyway, just a bit of a rant today…

We are definitely on a Something To Somewhere:

-ETP Admin.


Soma Grand Buy

Flush it all away…. and replace it with something much worse – that’s the plan.

Back To Normal?

There is a certain pervasive feeling among most ‘normies’ that things will soon be ‘back to normal’ – it’s just a matter of getting over the coronavirus thing. If we get all the case numbers down to zero, then the authorities will be really happy with us and let us go back to doing what we were doing. Everything will be just like it was before.

The problem is that it doesn’t work like that, especially in the economic sense, but I’ll save the rant about that aspect for another day.

This Is Not About Some Virus

None of the stuff going on regarding this virus nonsense has anything to do with stopping a virus. That much is obvious since the measures put in place to supposedly stop it are all insane. Seriously, since when do we do ‘rolling lockdowns’ and shutdowns of the economy over cases of the sniffles? “What the fuck?” – this is the question I don’t hear uttered enough among people. Most normies seem to take it for granted that this corona response is a perfectly normal reaction to a flu nowadays. When did everything change? March this year, apparently. The TV told them that this completely unremarkable virus was super scary for some reason and they all bought it hook, line and sinker. It is truly amazing to me how people cannot see through this obvious nonsense. The virus is a mild flu at worst, so it’s not hard to figure there must be some other agenda being pushed. And that agenda is the jewish one world government agenda, a.k.a the New World Order.

If only there was a way to get through to normies… Now, despite the high amount of complicity and indifference to the ‘new way of life’ among the population, a fair number of them still seem to think the reaction to the coronavirus is a bit ‘over the top’ (putting it mildly lol), but they always try to reconcile the weird restrictions on everything with ‘tackling the virus’. They just can’t understand that other agendas could be at play. The whole lockdown, the weird restrictions and the social distancing crap – it only makes sense once you stop looking at it as though it’s there to stop a virus. It isn’t. It’s there so the jewish elite can trial and implement police state measures and have them at their ready for whenever civil unrest inevitably breaks out. That’s what it’s for – to crack down on YOU – should you happen to not like the economic collapse and your shit new standard of living. It is to stop people expressing their discontent with the ‘new normal’. The whole planet is basically a big testing ground at the moment. They are testing us to see what they can get away with.

How Naive Are People?

Just stop and think for a second. People are very gullible creatures. Most of them actually believe that their governments care about their health – the same people who just locked down the place and threw tons of people out of their jobs. How does destroying the economy and with it people’s livelihoods not negatively effect people’s health? Also, bear in mind these loving government people are in bed with the Bill Gates billionaire cabal of pharmaceutical companies and would just love to coerce or outright force you to be injected with one of his poisons (not to even mention the amount of money they stand to make via the vaccination program). Yes, Bill Gates and these giant fuck-arse billionaire pharma companies care about your health. How fucking gullible and naive is it possible to be? We have set all new records in this department in 2020, that’s for sure!

Desperate to control all and everything.

The Old Normal Is Gone And It Isn’t Ever Coming Back.

This is a tough nut for people to crack. ‘Normality is just around the corner once the corona is gone’- this is what most people believe and I can understand how they feel. A part of me sort of wants to believe that as well, but when you know what the jews have planned, it becomes easy to see where this is all headed. What the normies don’t understand is that for the past 75 years (and before of course) the jewish elite have been systematically undermining and destroying the foundation of our civilization. Since the 1960’s this culture of endless amusement and ‘life as one non-stop party‘ has been utilized to bring us to this point in history. It was all a plan to break us down and make us malleable to their New World Order. 2020, so it turns out, is the end point for the ‘never-ending party’ phase of history. It is no longer the direction the jewish elite wish to push us in, and for that reason alone it won’t be coming back.

We are now moving into a much more sinister, tyrannical phase of history, all under the auspices of a certain breed of ticks and leeches.

Blood suckin’ parasitic little ticks.

-ETP Admin.

Order Ambien Online Overnight

This is suspicious:

This incident in the Suez Canal smells like part of a plan to create more global supply shortages. The more desperate people and businesses become, the more inclined to accept a Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva they will be…

It could all be an accident- I don’t know.

What I do know is that with the Buy Phentermine Capsules Online having gone through the roof since October/November last year (around about then), there has been considerable strain put on the system of global trade. Can you think of a better excuse/cover story for further planned delays and shortages?

It also happens to be a rather convenient ‘accident’ which will push crude oil prices up.


Smells like Sabotage:

-ETP Admin.

Buy Ambien Canada Pharmacy

If the housing market was truly as healthy as the government would like us to think it is, they would not have had to intervene last year with the HomeBuilder scheme. You don’t go propping things up, unless they need it. That aside, it seems in theory they could keep pushing it higher, since borrowers are still insane enough to take out enormous mortgages and lenders are still obliging. See what happens if they tighten the lending standards…

Add into the mix 350Mg Soma Medicine timber prices rising and a serious shortage- who knows what will happen? What I do know is that you can’t build things unless you can reliably source ALL the things you need, AND WHEN you need them.

It’s all a total mess.

Eventually something has to give. It has to.

-ETP Admin.