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16 thoughts on “Racial origin of the “Jews”; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan”

  1. Very well said man, I couldn’t agree with you more! The CI interpretation of the Bible and ancient history/White migrations rings true, if you objectively investigate it (and I’m certainly no Christian/ancient history scholar). Plus, all the historical and archeological proof appears to be on the CI side of the debate.

    What’s funny is that anti-Christian types, like the Renegade crew (who I very much enjoy listening to, by the way), all criticize the subverted, bastardized version of JUDEO-Christianity – which Christian Identity adherents would absolutely agree with!

    As soon as I heard about Christian Identity, I was simply fascinated. The more I read and learned, the more sense it made to me. I would never push CI on someone else, and I have no problem with anyone rejecting Christianity or CI – but the anti-Christian types certainly do like to bash Christians, eh? Funny how that works.

    1. “I would never push CI on someone else, and I have no problem with anyone rejecting Christianity or CI – but the anti-Christian types certainly do like to bash Christians, eh? Funny how that works.”

      Yep, and I thought it was always the other way round…. But no, it’s the anti-Christs who spend most of their time hating Christianity. In fact, Odinist/Pagan sorts don’t ever seem to do anything else!! If something is true, then it’s true. It doesn’t matter whether a person likes it or not!

  2. I agree….after months and months of study, I have to agree Whites are the Adamic Race and the Israelites of the Old Testament. Jesus is not a Jew, Jesus was a Judahite. There is a big difference. The Jews are the offspring of Cain and Esau. This is the greatest deception they have ever pulled over on the world.. If one doesnt understand this they will always assume the Bible is a Jewish book. The Bible will never make sense to you unless you understand who the people and nations are in it. Once one understands this, it all makes sense. Once you understand the bible is a racial struggle between two groups of people ( The white Adamic race and the Canaanite/ Edomite Jews) then you should read the book ” Who is Esau-Edom” by Charles Weisman. It is an easy read and fills in some blanks.

    1. I’m gonna have to read that book sometime Keith. (get myself a copy first)
      That’s actually a really good paragraph summary of the basic main points people should understand! Well said Kamerad! 1488
      (I deleted those other 2 comments you wanted gone by the way)

  3. Since i dnt knw ur name, i’m not even chasing it…i’l sugest u are very open minded, yes, and u are missing the point while hitting the point…Solomon states “black burnt by the son Israelite daughters” ham of Noah becomes babylon and syria, also skin tone is affected as curse…yes eden is a big obstraction, kain is neva 2 b killed…2 wonder time en again…bible is not abwt whites…greeks are white no doubt…we can mix dem with curly hair…bt are they realy?…suppose khazars, greeks and romans are de result of edomites…of cain…then children of god…black asian and white…mix with the kain decends?

    Beside…my point is Ham, Shem and jathef…need 2 b pained skin tones…because de 4th race of satan…perverted some of these groups…we knw Ham owns Gaza…dats egypt…also syria

    we also knw kain produced nod, enoch, irad, muhatael, methusael, lamech, ada-jubal, jubai…musicians…zilla-tubal kain..bronze, stone tools in gen…

    We knw seth produced enosh, canaan, mahalalel, lamech, noah…is there no mix here between kain and seth…?

    Giants apear here…notice lamech is in both sides of the story…rememba…now…black or akebulan egypt, cophye, libya make 1st encounter with God…rememba y romans ignored Yehshua’s teachings…black bastard…israelite, house of david, take u back 2 Esau’s brother Jacob…

    David reminds u of solomon…solomon reminds u of black israelites…

    Now…Christianity is African and liberation of the whole world lies in African unity thru the Christ…

    Remember the son of God is the victim of the white Jesus…or should i say Yehshua…making him 2days slave…Ham…is de slave…2days jew is the King…who shall be defeat only by truth and open mindsets…

    Brother…u and me are souljah’s in the same struggle…u are moct previlaged than i…the scum of the earth…the tree of life is the basis of all todays ideologies…and that tree is African…do get the kalahari…

    Yes random facts…

    Israelites are the African children dat mixed with the asians, eropeans in the fight against the kain or satan descends…we are all in this 2gether…we are israelites…Yahwheh worshipers…children of God…

    1. You’re not from South Africa according to the IP which came up; Switzerland apparently, but you talk good “black” so I’ve allowed you’re comment! If you don’t like Jews/Edomites, then we have that much in common……. I’m not African and Whites certainly didn’t come from the same “tree of life” as black Africans.

  4. Pingback: Buy Xanax Nz
  5. I don’t know where you get your information, but the true Hebrew Israelites are black people. White people are leprous people. Ahayah, The Most High, took His image Miriam, Aaron’s wife..Numbers 12:10. Rev. 1:13-15. People that have viteligo have leprosy. People that are born having no color are called clean lepers. Read 2 Kings 5 about Naaman. He was a leper until Ahayah gave him his color back. I agree with everything else you said.

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