The Latest Escalation of Worldwide Jewish Insanity

The Jews are currently in the process of proving it quicker than ever before!

The Jews are currently in the process of proving it quicker than ever before!

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention of late, that the Jews have been on an utterly insane rampage against anything which goes against what they want. There’s a few events and agendas which I’m going to analyse here, namely:

  • Israel launching rockets and a ground offensive to slaughter more Palestinians in Gaza all because 3 rat-faced Jews were allegedly murdered by Hamas (a claim the Jews have said is true and if you don’t believe them, then you’re an anti-Semite!).
  • The Malaysian flight MH-17 being shot down (or blown up mid-flight) by someone….
  • The ever-increasing slaughter in the Ukraine and how MH-17 ties in to helping the Jews further demonise their enemies.
  • ISIS – a Jew operation to conquer or a genuine Islamic resistance to Jewry?
  • The on-going immigration problems in Europe and anywhere else where Whites happen to live…
  • Constant non-stop faggotry being promoted everywhere by the Jewish mass-media. That, and “gay marriage equality” being the only important “issues” the TV seems to care about….
  • Feminism and constant whining about the oppressed minorities by evil Whitey.
  • The Jewish plans/ideas to keep the global financial Ponzi Scheme afloat.
  • Finally, when all else is exhausted, Jews bring the Holohoax up again….. Yawn.
Henry Ford knew the Jews were insane. He released a book showing us why.

Henry Ford knew the Jews were insane. He published a book showing us why.

All of the above insanity I listed, is either driven by Jews, or the Jews are responsible for the criminal acts. It is absolutely mind-blowing how the general public remains asleep to it all, yet they do. It seems as if nothing the Jews could do would ever be insane enough for the sleeping lemmings to notice! It’s truly amazing, so I’m going to analyse how I see all of these current events and agendas tying in together.

The short answer to what ties all these things together is “The Jews”. The longer, more detailed answer goes like this:


It’s nothing new to see the Israelis engaging in their hobby of conducting periodic murder sprees against the virtually helpless Palestinians. They’ve been doing this before the criminal Jewish state of Israel was even officially called a state in 1948 by the UN.

It was all because of these 3 rats that hundreds, if not over a thousand Palestinians must die...

It was all because of these 3 rats that hundreds, if not over a thousand Palestinians must die…

The latest Israeli murder spree kicked off with the alleged murder of 3 ugly little Jewish rats who wondered into Palestinian territory. Oh, the poor innocent Jews, once again. How could something so terrible happen, especially after the horror of the Holohoax? Anyway, 3 Jewish kids get done in so Netanyahu instantly says that it’s Hamas who are responsible and Israel must therefore start launching rockets at the Palestinians. Makes perfect sense – you wouldn’t want to conduct a normal investigation to find the (most likely) one or two perpetrators and bring them to justice, oh no…. The Jewish response is to start firing rockets at supposed Hamas targets and grab a Palestinian kid, pour petrol down his throat and burn him alive for revenge.

An interesting aspect to all this is the timing of it. When the Jews are planning to do something “naughty” they usually try to make it coincide with some other major event, such as the World Cup Soccer, so the public will be distracted by that and forget to pay attention to what the Jews are up to. The good old-fashioned diversionary technique! The very recent ground invasion of Gaza is another example. They launched the ground invasion at exactly the same time as all the MH-17 plane crash news was breaking, no doubt hoping to use that as a distraction from the ground offensive. Logically, the Israelis would have known about the Jewish MH-17 false-flag plan, and had the ground invasion forces all ready to go beforehand. These things just so happen to work rather neatly when you control everything!

This current Israeli murder spree is so blatant though, that the mass-media cannot avoid reporting on it. Every time the Jews up the ante they just keep repeating the same old crap about how “Israel has a right to defend itself”. That’s the only excuse they seem to bother with nowadays. A key point that needs reiterating here is that the Palestinians do not have an air-force or an army, only whatever rockets and weapons they can smuggle in. So, when the Jews in Israel launch an operation with tanks and their army, it is what you would expect – not an actual war, just Jews going about slaughtering however many Palestinians they can get away with in the most cowardly of manners.

This article here speaking of a Gaza offshore gas field in the Mediterranean Sea would have infuriated the Israelis. What we have here is Russia preparing to develop a gas field in Gaza and this means Palestinians and Russians co-operating – something the Jews would hate to see. If they aren’t able to control and rape every resource in the world then they tend to get angry. I think this development could be a major reason for the latest Jewish murder spree in Gaza. It would certainly have added “fuel to the fire” to say the least……

The Jewish-led insanity in the middle-east won’t end any time soon.


Let’s start off with the shot-down or blown-up Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17. The first step in identifying who is behind it is to identify who isn’t behind it.

This is not a picture of Vladimir Putin ordering the Russian Separatists to shoot down MH-17!

This is a picture of Vladimir Putin on the phone. He is not ordering the Russian Separatists to shoot down MH-17!

Russia – what possible reason or motivation could the Russian separatists, the Russians in general, or Vladimir Putin have for shooting down a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet? What on earth could they be hoping to gain by doing this? Clearly, Russia would only stand to gain the International Jew-controlled west’s condemnation and hatred by carrying out such an act. Considering how Russia has copped so much international western condemnation just for not endorsing faggot marriage, would they really want to ruffle any more feathers? The answer is no. Of course not. Russia and Vladimir Putin have nothing to do with downing this plane and it doesn’t even make any basic sense to suggest they do. Therefore we can officially dismiss all of the western Jewish media reports blaming it on Russia/Vlad.

So what are we left with? Since it isn’t Russia behind the MH-17 disaster, that leaves only one other “international force” who could possibly be behind it. They have motivation and reason to do such a thing, unlike the Russians. That force is, of course, International Jewry!

Yes. This is indeed the culprit behind the MH-17 plane crash.

Yes. This is indeed the culprit behind the MH-17 plane crash.

With the Jew-EU forces having recently overthrown the previous (seemingly legitimate) Ukrainian government, the Jews simply installed their own “Ukrainian” government packed full of Jews. This move on the part of the Jews to EU-ify the Ukraine led to Russia legitimately annexing the predominately Russian-speaking Crimea region. What Russia did was fair enough and the people residing in Crimea overwhelmingly approved being reunited with Russia. Obviously, the Jew-EU Ukrainian government and the Jewish-controlled west was always going to hate Russia interfering in their 100% Kosher plans.

It is worth highlighting a couple of articles here which make sense. The first one tells of Washington lying about who’s responsible. That sounds about par for the course. The story begins:

Award winning former Associated Press reporter Robert Parry has been told by an intelligence source that the United States is in possession of satellite imagery which shows that Ukrainian troops were responsible for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17.

The second one says that Russia is claiming it has proof that a Ukrainian fighter jet was close to MH-17 when it crashed. I’m inclined to believe what the Russians are alleging here. The US/Jewish-controlled west hasn’t provided any evidence that Russia was responsible, yet we are supposed to believe them. I’d like to see the evidence Russia has, shown all over our TV’s, but I’ve got my doubts about that! Maybe that’s because the plan was to blame Russia all along, no matter what….

Anyway, essentially with Flight MH-17, we can forget all of the conflicting news stories and conspiracy theories, and boil it all down to this:

“Team International Jew-EU/western forces” versus “Team Russia”.

Team western International Jew-EU is the only logical culprit for the Flight MH-17 false flag. They are the only ones with anything to gain by doing something like this and the Jewish media throughout the west has been more than complicit in spreading baseless stories blaming it on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally. This is all we really need to know about the whole MH-17 debacle. It’s a classic textbook Jew false flag operation just like 9-11, only this time it’s Russia/Vlad who’s the enemy, not Osama.

Motivation for the MH-17 false flag? – The western EU Jews want to re-establish their rule over all of the Ukraine. So, how are they going to do this? NATO invasion? It’s a wonder they haven’t been talking more about the need for a NATO invasion, although this option is still no doubt what the Jews plan on eventually. In the meantime, the chocolate Jew President Poroshenko has been getting his Ukrainian military to slaughter Ukrainian civilians living in opposition controlled cities. Isn’t it nice how the Jewish controlled western media doesn’t even mention it when the Jews are doing the murdering?

UPDATE: This GRAPHIC video shows what the JEWISH Ukrainian regime is up to:

Malaysia Airlines and Vlad's plane. Mistaken identity? It's possible.

Malaysia Airlines and Vlad’s plane. Mistaken identity? It’s possible.

A conspiracy to assassinate Vladimir Putin? – It was suggested in some quarters that the NATO/Jew-EU western forces shot down the wrong plane and were actually trying to assassinate Vlad. The reason they are saying that is because Vlad’s plane and MH-17′s flight paths intersected and the two planes look very similar from a distance. It’s a compelling theory, but I don’t think we’ll ever really know if that was their intention. It wouldn’t be surprising if the western Jews wanted Putin dead so they could stick someone 100% Kosher in his place. Putin’s about 70% Kosher, if I had to put a percentage on it – that’s not good enough for the Jews. They want 100% obedience, no ifs, no buts. Even if it was a failed assassination attempt, so what, the western Jew-media was ready with the back up plan – disseminate stories blaming Russia….. Easy enough when you control the mass-media.

Anyway, Russia is a bit of a “bogey man” in the western Jew media because of the Crimea thing and them opposing the faggot marriage agenda. Surely that’s enough for us to now believe that they would randomly shoot down passenger jets for no reason?


ISIS - Islamic radicals funded by Jews. This is gonna end well....

ISIS – Islamic radicals funded by Jews. This is gonna end well….

The so-called “ISIS crisis” created by Islamic militants to establish an “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” is nothing more than a Jew-controlled and funded operation for them to further their aims in the middle-east, using Islamic fighters to do the dirty work. They came from nowhere and were instantly a well coordinated organisation – this sort of thing doesn’t happen without Jewish money, and especially not among unsophisticated Arabs! The idea is if they can destabilize the region further and take Syria and Iraq into the Jewish-controlled ISIS net, then they move another step closer to establishing their “Greater Israel“. We mustn’t forget that the Jews haven’t yet succeeded in getting rid of Bashar al-Assad and his regime, so if they can use ISIS to get rid of Assad, then they probably will.

Here’s a couple links proving beyond any doubt that ISIS is simply a US intelligence front, aka a Jewish/Israeli intelligence front: 1. - 2. Also check out this link for more on ISIS.

It's a Jew operation run by good old Uncle Sam. They tell us themselves.

It’s a Jew operation run by good old Uncle Sam. They tell us themselves.

If you still don’t believe that ISIS is a Jew operation, then consider the fact that ISIS said it wanted to nuke Israel and did Israel care? Nope. They insisted it was more important that their enemies fight each other! That tells you all you need to know about ISIS because as we know, when Jews are even vaguely threatened, they make out that the next Holocaust is just around the corner. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the ISIS threats were nothing but over-trumped propaganda with no real intent behind them.


The Jew, being the audacious type that he is, is not happy with just slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza, funding ISIS to stir up tensions around Iraq and Syria, and shooting down/blowing up passenger jets to blame on Russia. No, this is not enough. The Jew has simultaneously decided to push on full-steam-ahead and up the ante with his usual Marxist agendas. I swear these Jews must never sleep because it defies imagination how they can be bothered creating so many problems all at once. I guess they are just doing what they are good at….

There's nothing wrong with rainbow colours! It's the faggots that give the natural colours of the spectrum a bad name!

There’s nothing wrong with rainbows! It’s the faggots that give the colours of the spectrum a bad name!

The most disgusting thing being pushed currently by the Jews is the Homosexual/Gay Marriage agenda. It really is sickening to see this being pushed everywhere in modern society. It’s not as if someone is just saying, “don’t be nasty to gays,” or something like that. Nope, this sick homosexual stuff is being glorified so much that if you don’t turn the TV off, you’ll start wondering whether being heterosexual is even normal anymore! People really must take a step back and look at this homosexual issue from a logical position. What possible reason could any healthy society have for encouraging more and more of these degenerates to “come out of their closets?” They can’t biologically have children, which is Nature’s way of saying, “we don’t want any more of you”, so why would you encourage this abnormal condition? It doesn’t stop there either, because now you see every day on the TV they are flat out trying to get faggot parents to adopt children. The Fags getting married is bad enough, but giving them children to adopt is a disgusting act of child abuse. The most disgusting sight I have ever seen was where a fag couple – White poof & Asian poof – had adopted two negroes fresh from Africa. If the mere thought of that doesn’t make you feel ill, then something is wrong with you!

Why would White people ever think they are going to improve their society by adding  people of colour?

Why would White people ever think they are going to improve their society by adding people like this?

Non-White immigration is the number one problem White countries are facing worldwide and we all know the Jews are behind the agenda:

Multiculturalism is being forced down our throats whether we like it or not and it is slowly but surely, destroying our ability to live in a cohesive society among our own kind. The end result for any White country that permits Jews to run its government and therefore control its immigration policy is disaster and racial dissolution. When your borders are open to any and all invaders, you eventually end up in a situation like Sweden has found itself in. The rape, murder and violent crime in general, is coming to all White countries. If it isn’t in your country yet, it will be in the future. You’ve been warned.


Then there’s the constant feminism being pushed to destroy the last remnant of masculine resistance to the Jewish plan for world domination. To have a masculine attitude to life nowadays is very unfashionable. It is a one-way ticket to getting yourself ostracized because you’ll no doubt be upsetting someones sensitive little feelings. Jewish Feminism has never been about uplifting women and it’s only ever been about detaching them from their natural roles and convincing them that they not only have the right, but that they should actively occupy traditional male roles in society. Obviously, when you effectively turn men into gay weak metrosexuals and turn women into bitchy careerists, the family unit is destroyed. What do we see today? Exactly that.

All of this bullshit is Jewish Marxism in a nutshell...

All of this bullshit is Jewish Marxism in a nutshell… A society full of so many victims of inequality that no-one really knows what to do about it!

Next up: The “oppressed minorities”. There’s always some whinging whining “minority” racial group complaining about something. “Oh, we’re oppressed by this, we’re oppressed by that, blah blah blah,” and it just goes on and on. The deal with oppressed minorities is pretty simple: If they blame White people for all of their problems which they inevitably always do, then why don’t they go and live somewhere else, away from White people. At least the non-white races have the option of escaping Whitey if they want to, but none of them choose to because the idea of “White oppression” is in reality a load of crap and almost always something the Jews have done to them. The Jews leech off our productive output through taxes and give it to the welfare dependent non-Whites, usually in the form of cash handouts. That’s why they stay among Whites and whinge about oppression all the time.

They are good at this because no other group has ever counted so much money....

They are good at this….. No other group has ever counted so much money….

Jews stealing and/or creating money from thin air brings us to the next topic – International Finance. This probably is the most important thing for the Jews to keep alive in it’s current incarnation as an enormous Ponzi Scheme, but it’s getting more and more difficult because they’ve essentially shut down the productivity and usefulness of the White western economies. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Jewish master-schemers and financial swindlers try to keep the western currencies propped up, or whether they soon go for the collapse and consolidate option to integrate our economies into larger economic blocks – like a North American Union with a single currency, or an Australasian Union. In Australia’s situation, I’d say they eventually plan on bringing in an “Australasian Dollar” so they can give this new currency some productive backing, but using only Asia’s economic production since we don’t have any anymore. At the same time they will do their best to racially integrate/mix the formerly White countries out of existence.

Even though it never actually happened... Oh well, try and remember if you can, we need you to feel sorry for us!

Even though it never actually happened - “Oh well, try and remember if you can, we need you to feel sorry for us”!

Finally, if you haven’t had enough of this giant pile of Jewish bullshit, then rest assured the Jews also have one other key demand – that you feel sorry for them and worship their eternal victim status by never questioning their ridiculous Holocaust lies!! Oy Vey!!

It's now time to wake up to the Eternal Parasite and give him the boot!

It’s now time to wake up to the Eternal Parasite and give him the boot!

In closing, I hope this has shed some light on the latest escalation of worldwide Jewish insanity. The Jews are pushing the world towards an absolute catastrophe of some sort and they must be stopped before it’s too late. They are responsible for creating and pushing all of the aforementioned fighting/false flag terror attacks and installing a form of “domestic Marxism” as the sacred dogma for all White countries to adhere to. It’s a disaster to get sucked into their wars and it’s a disaster to follow their Judaic dogma in your own country.

- BDL1983

Krispy Kreme Bandit Steals Kids’ Doughnuts at Knifepoint

How desperate do these fat sods get when doughnuts are at stake? Quite desperate, apparently……

Go get 'em fat arse!!

Go get ‘em fat arse!!

From Adelaide Now:

The Krispy Krowd awaiting their next diabetic treat!!

The Krispy Krowd awaiting their next diabetic treat!!

A KNIFE-WIELDING bandit with a craving for sweet treats has robbed two teenagers of six boxes of doughnuts, after they waited in line at Adelaide’s new Krispy Kreme store.

About 9.40pm last night two teenage boys got into their car on Malcolm St at West Croydon, when a man approached them.

He threatened the pair with what looked like a knife and demanded the pair stay in their car while he opened the rear passenger seat door to steal the treasured treats.

The victims were not physically hurt and the robber did not demand anything else.

Read More

Funny, but scary…… I’m now firmly convinced that the only hope for a “White Revolution” is through some sort of food-based incentive scheme! Ah Jeez……

- BDL1983

Motörhead – Hellraising Rock n Roll!

And a special request from a famous Catholic Priest, Saint John Hardon.…..

No not really – I lied. It was a request from this John Hardon! On another topic, if you’re up for a laugh then have a listen to this show!

- BDL1983

This is Perfectly Normal Behaviour in Africa….

Considering there is no such thing as race and we are all the same (University Professor & Holocaust Survivor Dr. Bergenwitz told me so), can someone please explain why Whites never ever behave like this?

I know, “it’s all just the environment, their terrible living conditions and poverty that make them behave like this”…… I can just hear the stupid idiot White Liberal voices saying it, but no that’s not the truth because if it were, then why was the White man able to set up successful colonies wherever he went in Africa, whilst the Black African has never achieved a single thing of note, other than dancing around a fire rubbing his belly while some poor bastard cooks in a giant pot?

Everyone knows the truth. Either they outwardly acknowledge that race is real and it is the only logical reason why different races achieve different results in the same environment, or they just deny it and lie about what is blatantly obvious.

Finally, I don’t blame the Blacks for behaving the way they do. They can’t help it. It’s not their fault and nor is it mine. What it does demonstrate is why different races are best kept separate to determine their own destinies. It’s very simple to understand really……

- BDL1983

Adolf Hitler Explains the Parable of Original Sin

Daily Stormer
July 16, 2014

‘For the original sin committed in Paradise has always been followed by the expulsion of the guilty parties.’

Aryan tribes, often almost ridiculously small in number, subjugated foreign peoples and, stimulated by the conditions of life which their new country offered them (fertility, the nature of the climate, etc.), and profiting also by the abundance of manual labour furnished them by the inferior race, they developed intellectual and organizing faculties which had hitherto been dormant in these conquering tribes.

Within the course of a few thousand years, or even centuries, they gave life to cultures whose primitive traits completely corresponded to the character of the founders, though modified by adaptation to the peculiarities of the soil and the characteristics of the subjugated people. But finally the conquering race offended against the principles which they first had observed, namely, the maintenance of their racial stock unmixed, and they began to intermingle with the subjugated people. Thus they put an end to their own separate existence; for the original sin committed in Paradise has always been followed by the expulsion of the guilty parties.

Caucasian mummy from Tarim basin in China 1800BC – 100BC.

After a thousand years or more the last visible traces of those former masters may then be found in a lighter tint of the skin, which the Aryan blood had bequeathed to the subjugated race, and in a fossilized culture of which those Aryans had been the original creators. For just as the blood of the conqueror, who was a conqueror not only in body but also in spirit, got submerged in the blood of the subject race, so the substance disappeared out of which the torch of human culture and progress was kindled.

In so far as the blood of the former ruling race has left a light nuance of colour in the blood of its descendants, as a token and a memory, the night of cultural life is rendered less dim and dark, by a mild light radiated from the products of those who were the bearers of the original fire. Their radiance shines across the barbarism to which the subjected race has reverted and might often lead the superficial observer to believe that he sees before him an image of the present race, when he is really looking into a mirror wherein only the past is reflected.

Caucasian mummy from Egypt 1400BC.

It may happen that in the course of its history such a people will come into contact a second time, and even oftener, with the original founders of their culture and may not even remember that distant association. Instinctively, the remnants of blood left from that old ruling race will be drawn towards this new phenomenon and what had formerly been possible only under compulsion, can now be successfully achieved in a voluntary way. A new cultural wave flows in and lasts until the blood of its standard-bearers becomes once again adulterated, by intermixture with the originally conquered race.

It will be the task of those who set themselves to the study of a universal history of civilization to investigate history from this point of view, instead of allowing themselves to be smothered under the mass of external data, as is only too often the case with our present historical science.

This short sketch of the changes that take place among those races that are only the depositories of a culture, also furnishes a picture of the development and the activity and the disappearance of those who are the true founders of culture on this earth, namely the Aryans themselves.

Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Chapter XI

Swastika at Lambach Benedictine Abbey near Hitler’s hometown of Linz.

“For the original sin committed in Paradise has always been followed by the expulsion of the guilty parties.”

In case anyone is unaware, this is a very obvious Biblical reference to the Original Sin of Race-Mixing. The simple message is if you mix your blood, then you will be expelled from Paradise or cut off from your own people, forever. Hitler emphasises this key point and so does the Bible which is interesting. Could this be the reason why the Jews hate no two historical figures more than Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler? They both preached racial purity and now we have the swarthy mixed-race Satanic offspring of Cain trying to destroy all purity in the world….. Ah-ha, I think we may be onto something here!

- BDL1983

“El Gran Tabu” – What Happens to Holocaust Revisionists?

Features Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, and Bradley Smith. They tell us what happens when you question “The Grand Taboo“:

This video was made in 2007 and Jewish Holocaust Revisionist David Cole helped in the making of it, albeit from behind the scenes (he magically became David Stein – a Republican Party Animal and professional alcoholic…. I don’t blame him for that!). Anyway, say what you want about David Cole, but at least he stuck to his views on the Holocaust. That’s a pretty good effort, especially for a Jew who’s endured death threats from his own kind:


Click to enlarge

Final Note: I’m pretty sure David Cole would have been the one behind the closing credit music – Fight for Your Right (to Party) by the Beastie Boysan all Jewish Hip-hop Trio I never liked even when I was a teenager! They give me the shits.

- BDL1983

The Total 100% Kosherisation of our Wonderful Democracy

This is why voting doesn't matter!

This is how Democracy works and why voting doesn’t matter!

From J-Wire:

A private members motion urging South Australian parliamentarians to join a global movement against anti-Semitism has been passed unanimously.

The motion urges State members of parliament to sign the London Declaration on Combating Antisemitism, a document that boasts MPs across the globe as signatories.

President of the Jewish Community Council of South Australia Mr Norman Schueler believes that our society must remain vigilant against hate crimes.

“We must never think that the crimes committed against the Jewish people in other states will not be visited upon our shores.” Mr Schueler said.

“We need the collective will of our elected leaders to stand up to anti-Semitism and to defend the basic rights of the Jewish people.”

The motion is co-sponsored by MPs from both the Liberal and Labor party.

Read More

This is truly sickening, but 100% unsurprising. The Jews have already got the Federal politicians to sign this “London Declaration” which is essentially a guarantee that any elected politician will behave 100% Kosher when in office. One of the most important reasons for this move to get politicians worldwide to sign this thing is so the Jews can see EXACTLY which politicians hesitate to sign or don’t sign, then they will hone in on destroying their lives and political careers so the Jews are left with ABSOLUTELY NO RESISTANCE, EVER, in the “democratic system”! That’s what they are up to here. No doubt about it.

One thing that always astounds me about this sort of Jewish behaviour is that in itself it is an admission of guilt on their part. No other ethnic group in the world does this sort of thing. It is uniquely Jewish in nature. They know that their actions are what cause host peoples worldwide to hate them. That’s why they use the smear term “Anti-Semite” whenever anyone criticises or even questions them.

What possible reason could a bunch of Jews have to go around the world and try to get every single politician to sign a declaration saying they will never oppose them, if they are not an organised group with a political agenda (of world domination)? It makes no sense to behave in this manner if you aren’t “up to something“! There is actually no such thing as Anti-Semitism. All it is is a natural reaction to what Jews do! If the Jews didn’t try to rule and dominate, rob and murder everyone they came into contact with, then no-one would hate them and “Anti-Semitism” would just go away (like magic)!

If you wanna laugh then read this sentence at the end of the J-Wire article:

“Anti-Semitism did not end at the conclusion of the Second World War. It is as real today – as it was 70 years ago, in the dreadful gas chambers of the Holocaust.”

Yeah, the Anti-Semitism is still here because the Jews are still behaving in exactly the same way as they did in Germany back then! “Dreadful gas chambers of the Holohoax” – every single article concerning Jews, what do you expect? The bloody Holohoax to be whined on about, again. The Holohoax is Mr Jew’s number one weapon stopping rational, intelligent people worldwide from seeing and understanding his true nature and ultimate guilt!


The Jews are enough to drive you to drink, not that I don’t love drinking anyway! After reading this article, take a deep breath, pour one of these:

Oh yeah!

Delicious and it’s good for you too!

- BDL1983

Why the Jews need the Racial Discrimination Act

Here in Australia we love “freedom of speech”! Or do we? Get a load of this Australian Senate address by Greens Senator Christine Milne! It shows exactly why the Jews and their lackeys need the Racial Discrimination Act – to use it to shut the mouths of political dissidents who tell the truth. Just complain that your feelings are hurt by someone having a different opinion and voila: Section 18 C is there to protect you!

From Fredrick Toben’s site:

Here we go....

Here we go….

Speech, Tuesday, 17 June 2014.

Senator MILNE (Tasmania—Leader of the Australian Greens) (19:59): Australia is a tolerant, multicultural nation. We value free speech and democracy and we celebrate the fact that we have built a society where people can live without fear of being verbally or physically abused because of their ethnicity, religion or cultural traditions. Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person or group because of their race, colour or national or ethnic origin. This legal measure enables people subject to racial discrimination to pursue those who harass them. Removing or weakening section 18C will mean that targets of racial vilification will have no option but to appeal to pre-existing criminal offences which serve quite a different purpose and which have a much higher standard of proof. Until now, 18C has served us well by giving the public robust instruments to fight insults, humiliation and racial vilification. Weakening 18C will signal to some that they are now safe to engage in racist attacks against vulnerable minorities. The Greens have zero tolerance for racism, and we stand alongside all Australian minority communities and condemn racism completely.

The importance of preserving 18C is clear but made even clearer by my own experience of Fredrick Toben and his persistent and ongoing vilification of the Jewish community. Mr Toben is an Australian Holocaust denier who insists that the Holocaust is a lie. He maintains that it is a deception that millions of people were murdered in Nazi gas chambers. For making these false assertions he was imprisoned in Germany for defaming the dead, and attempts have been made since to have him deported to Germany to face similar charges. Toben routinely insults and tries to humiliate the Australian Jewish community. Not only are his websites vehicles for spreading historical falsehoods and extreme anti-Semitic sentiment but he and his associates have also mailed offensive materials to members of the Jewish community. He has attended talks given by Jewish survivors of the Holocaust with the intent of creating a disruption. He constantly demeans and disparages Holocaust survivors by calling them ‘unreliable witnesses’ or says they are ‘lying’.

In 2013 I gave a comment to The Australian newspaper that Toben is a Holocaust denier and that in so doing he fabricates history and is an anti-Semite. In spite of calling the Holocaust a lie, in spite his being jailed.

in Germany for insulting the dead and in spite of his anti-Semitic writing on his websites, Toben took these comments to be defamatory and, as a result, I am now being sued for defamation. Even a cursory examination of Toben’s prolific writings and numerous interviews shows that these observations are true. He repeatedly refers to the Holocaust as a ‘myth’, a ‘fiction’ and a ‘physical impossibility’. In a letter to Jewish academic Deborah Lipstadt he writes:

I refuse to believe, without physical proof, in the systematic extermination of six million European Jews in homicidal gas chambers.

The Holocaust believers have never proven their case …

Not only does he repeat a falsified version of history, saying the Holocaust ‘did not happen’, ‘there were no gas chambers’, and the existence of the Holocaust is simply ‘war time propaganda’; he says it is just ‘prison gossip’ concocted by concentration camp prisoners. He entertains the notion that the Holocaust was invented for Jewish financial gain. He writes:

All anyone needs to do is draw the Nazi card and the coffers open and the scrum is on to see who can get a snoutful out of the Holocaust trough. There is, indeed, no business like Shoah business!

He has also said:

The Jew fury knew no bounds and succeeded in smearing Germans with the Holocaust-Shoah lies, something that admirably suited the Anglo-American-Zionist financial internationalists.

He has compared notable Australian Jewish figures to the Jewish stereotype of Shylock, saying that they are after ‘their pound of flesh’. He routinely refers to so-called Jewish supremacism and maintains that the Jewish authorities are behind horrific events like 9/11.

In 1996 Jeremy Jones of the Jewish Council of Australia challenged Toben’s anti-Semitic writings in court. The judges agreed that Toben’s website contained anti-Semitic material and ordered that it be removed. In defiance of this, Toben continued to produce content that was anti-Semitic. The courts ultimately found Toben guilty of contempt of court and Toben was fined and sentenced to a short stint in prison.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014 THE SENATE 75

Toben’s complete contempt for the legal system and the Australian judiciary then led him to reflect:

In my case the judges involved in my matter were not Jewish but they bent to Jewish pressure, which enables me to state they became morally and intellectually bankrupt.

As a result of all his persistent breaches of the law and litigious behaviour, Toben is now an undischarged bankrupt and, having nothing more to lose financially, with the assistance of financial backers he will continue to use the courts as a platform for his anti-Semitic views, to the great personal and financial cost of those he sues and the Jewish community he continues to vilify. He wants show trials.

It is clear that Toben’s views are detestable and denigrate the Australian Jewish community. Furthermore, the existence of his denialist claims sullies the memory of all those who were brutally exterminated in the Holocaust. His views are a shameless attack on Holocaust survivors and their families. I have stood at the Dachau concentration camp. I have been to the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. It is a powerful memorial to the six million Jews who died. I have been to the Dachau memorial and the concentration camp memorials at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris—memorials of Auschwitz and of Bergen-Belsen—and I will never stand by or allow the likes of Toben to so insult the dead or to belittle their suffering or the suffering of those who survived or those who have come after. Whilst I will continue to stand up for a peaceful two-state solution in the case of Israel and Palestine and whilst I will continue to criticise the government of Israel for its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, I will never stand idly by and fail to condemn anti-Semitism. So I am defending the defamation charges in court not only to protect my personal reputation and that of the Australian Greens but also to make a stand on behalf of the whole Australian community in challenging Toben’s abhorrent views.

But it will not be enough just to win this case against Toben. There must be adequate legal recourse to protect people from racial vilification in the future. That is why we need to retain section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Without it, Toben and his ilk will be let off the leash, free to vilify and insult Jewish people in the name of political debate. Toben is deeply invested in the repeal of 18C. He cannot wait for it to be removed so he can continue his assault on the Jewish community unrestrained. He has even gone so far as to call 18C the ‘Toben law’ because he egoistically claims that it targets Holocaust deniers in particular. He has claimed that 18C finds its origins in an Australian Jewish effort to silence dissenters.

If we take away the protections offered to us by 18C, then we expose racial, ethnic and national minorities to vilification and abuse with no effective protection against these racist predators. That is not the kind of society that wave after wave of migrants have built in Australia, and it is not the kind of society the Greens will stand by and allow Australia to become.

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Basically, the purpose of the Racial Vilification Act is to make it illegal for anyone to disagree with whatever lies the Jews want to force down our throats, the main one being of course, the Holohoax.

How much more stupid could people be? It is not hard to see why the Jews need a Section 18C to protect them. It’s because they’re lying! Anyone with a brain should not need this explained to them! I would challenge anyone to find anything offensive on Fredrick Toben’s website. It’s obvious what these Jewish liars are up to and it is simply a game of “silence the dissenters“, just like Fredrick Toben says it is. He’s an honest, truth-telling man and that is the real reason the Jews have worked tirelessly to silence him.

If Australia, as a country, really believes in Free Speech then I’m entitled to express my opinions and so is Fredrick Toben, regardless of who it supposedly offends. Go fuck off and cry somewhere else if what we say is so upsetting. I support your right to be offended by the way!

- BDL1983