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The Money Masters

(I know I’ve posted this here before, but I’m gonna post it again anyway….)

This documentary tells you everything you need to know about money. They don’t outright name ‘The Jew’ as the controlling force behind international finance, but judging from the sheer number of Jews/Jewish families singled out, it should be pretty obvious that they are in total control. And with this financial power they have bought up 99% of everything else, including mass-media, governments, legal systems, real estate etc…..

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all
industry and commerce…when you realize that the entire system is very easily
controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not
have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

– James A. Garfield (20th President of the United States, 1881, just before he was assassinated)

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

– Thomas Jefferson

These men knew what they were talking about.

– BDL1983

Australia First Party Protests Harvey Norman Over Their Hiring Policy

Our protest on Saturday. Note "RAPEfugees" on the banner. That was good!

Our protest on Saturday at Harvey Norman Gepps Cross.

Billionaire Gerry Harvey decided recently that he’d prefer to offer jobs in his Harvey Norman electrical appliance store chain to none other than 12,000 Syrian RAPEfugees, rather than give some jobless Australians a chance. What a low-life scumbag selling his own struggling countrymen up shit creek! We thought we’d give him a piece of our mind so we stood out there with our signs, passed out a few leaflets etc, for about 45 minutes or so. I know it’s only a small thing to do, but at least we did something to try and get the right message out there in the real world!

The public response was 80-90% positive I’d say, apart from a couple disinterested ethnic sorts, which is to be expected, and a couple of disgruntled granny’s who were too crazy to care what anyone’s got to say anymore regardless! Store management wasn’t overly thrilled to see us there, but they didn’t care too much provided we didn’t harass the customers. We just agreed with management since we weren’t harassing them anyway, and carried on as before. And that was it, pretty much. Then we had a few beers afterwards.

Sydney Protest November Last Year:



– BDL1983

World’s Ugliest Jew Contest – Another Contender!

You may remember a couple years back I dished out an award, namely the “Expel The Parasite Award for World’s Ugliest Jew”!  The prize was a one-way ticket to Tel-Aviv, but unfortunately Joe Hildebrand refused the offer.

Ungrateful Joe.

Ungrateful Joe.

Anyway, no need to despair because we have a new contender!!


OK. Final warning. This one is bloody ugly. Cover your eyes if they are sensitive!

Here’s the rat:

You were warned!

You were warned!

His name is Maurice “Maury” Obstfeld and he is the Chief Economist of the Jewish organisation known as the International Monetary Fund, or IMF for short. He shows up on the TV now and then when it’s time to feed us more lies about the state of the world’s economy. When Maury’s friendly face appears on the screen it is impossible to doubt that the world is in tip-top shape! This is of course why Jews are always appointed by other Jews to leading global financial positions – it’s because everyone trusts them so much!

Anyway, let’s not let Maury’s important career influence our perception of how ugly he is.

Joe and Maury should be judged for their extreme ugliness on a level playing field:

A refresher pic of Joe, the original contender:

Unbelievably ugly, but is he uglier than Maury?

Unbelievably ugly, but is he uglier than Maury?

And here’s a few more pics of Maury to help decide:

The side-on profile.

The side-on profile. Strong rat-like features. The eyes are beadier than Joes.

He's about to start dribbling in this one.

He’s about to start dribbling in this one.

A close up. Hideous....

A close up. Hideous….

Evil Maury.

Evil Maury (about to commit a fraud).

Happy Maury (probably just committed a successful fraud).

Happy Maury (just committed the fraud).

Alright. That concludes the photo line-up because it’s more than enough for anyone to throw up over!


Let’s hear the verdict in the comments section – Joe or Maury – who’s uglier?

If anyone knows of any uglier Jews, then by all means let me know. “Round 3” is never out of the question!

– BDL1983

Radio Stormer: Jewsury and How to Defeat It

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Daily Stormer
May 23, 2015

Oy Vey!!

Oy Vey!!

Sven Longshanks and Brett Light take a look at some of the different ways we can bring people to our cause.

Most people are sympathetic to criticism of the banking system, but are caught up in it themselves.

Explaining how the Third Reich funded its public works is a good way to get people interested.

Other people are far more aware of the damage the Moslems are doing and this can be used to explain the Nationalist solution to the problem.

Recent activism from Robert Ransdell and Trad Youth is also highlighted, as well as the innovation shown by Nordfront in their most recent videos.

Download Show

That picture of Lloyd Blankfein at the top says it all really. The Jew truly is the international trickster and swindler, capable of ‘Jewing’ pretty much anyone out of their money somehow. You’ve gotta hand it to ’em – their genius at parasitism is second to none, an inbuilt skill entrenched in their DNA which no-one else can rival. To live off of other people rather than land itself is not a particularly endearing attribute, that’s why the Jews natural defense mechanism is spending amazing amounts of time and money trying to convince his host that he isn’t doing what he is doing.

Anyway, enjoy the show! I think we nailed a few good points.

– BDL1983

Adolf Hitler – An Inspiration To Us All!

From Christogenea:

Germany’s struggle against internationalism and slavery to the Rothschild banks was a struggle against world Jewry because it is world Jewry which has invented capitalism, and which is the beneficiary of the capitalist system that seeks to impose internationalism and global economic slavery on every nation. It’s not the “bank”, it’s the anti-Christ Jews!

Spread this video far and wide! Like I said in the previous post, let’s use Hitler’s heroic fight against world Jewry to inspire our people!

One thing that is for sure is that Hitler was right. Always will be too.

Sieg Heil!



– BDL1983

Australias “Love Affair” with the Jew-run US Government gets worse by the day…

As if any of this needed reconfirming, but our government is so thoroughly kosher and in love with the Jew USA, that it is almost beyond words. Regardless, I do have some words about this AUSMIN meeting to make you all feel sick! I heard a couple of speeches from Julie Bishop and Jew John Kerry praising the hell out of each other on the radio today. It was absolutely sickening to hear the way they talk about each other, as if they actually represent the people in the “countries” they come from, and not World Jewry! Yeah right….

The Happy Couple.

The Happy Couple.

Here’s the most nauseating passages of a relevant article.

From The Australian:

Our economic relationship is deep, with high levels of cross ­investment and vigorous bilateral trade, underpinned by the Australia-US free trade agreement. We’ll redouble our efforts to conclude a high-quality, comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. This will allow regional economic integration on a greater scale, bringing down the barriers to trade which impede free exchange and enterprise. As we look ahead to the G20 leaders’ summit in Australia in November, we’re working together to ensure it delivers tangible outcomes that create jobs and strong, sustainable and balanced global growth.

This is the fancy way of saying “you’re in this Jew plan of economic integration whether you like it or not, and if you want to protect what’s yours, then you’re impeding free exchange because all countries are the same, right”? G20 equals Jew puppet leaders getting together to discuss how much they agree with each other – another thrilling event pending, obviously.

The alliance makes an enormous contribution to Australia’s security through participation in joint training and exercises, strengthening disaster response and humanitarian assistance capabilities throughout the region, and access to cutting-edge defence technology.

Yep, an alliance with the Jewish-controlled US regime, who with Israel carried out 9-11, sure is going to make a wonderful contribution to our “security”!

Since the dawn of the 20th century, Australia and the US have stood together with a shared vision for a free, peaceful and prosperous world. Today we reaffirm our confidence that the relationship will continue to be a force for good in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, and the world.

“A vision of a free, peaceful and prosperous world”?


Does anyone actually believe that?

The US is the chief instigator of pretty much all world conflict, under the auspices of Jewry, and has been at the forefront of every disastrous war for at least the last hundred years, yet people still think they are going to one day bring peace and prosperity? What the hell are people thinking?

Total and utter insanity awaits this planet if we continue down this path toward One World Government, also known as the Jew World Order.

No-one can say they weren’t warned.

Related articles from the Jew-media:
AUSMIN defence talks to canvass possible Australian involvement in Iraq against Islamic State militants
US secretary of state John Kerry arrives in Australia for AUSMIN amid plan to bolster US troop numbers in NT during the dry season

– BDL1983

Big Fat Clive Parmigiana will help axe Carbon Tax but courts Al Gore in push for ETS

From ABC News:

Big Fat Clive......

Big Fat Clive……

..... and his new boyfriend Al "Convenient Lies" Gore!

….. and his new boyfriend Al “Convenient Lies” Gore!

Clive Palmer has announced that his party will vote in the Senate to abolish the carbon tax but will demand legislative changes in a bid to lock in falling power prices.

The Fairfax MP and leader of the Palmer United Party is also planning to propose an emissions trading scheme to tackle climate change – similar to the one proposed by the Labor Party.

Axing the carbon tax was the major campaign platform and election promise for Prime Minister Tony Abbott during last year’s election.

Mr Palmer, whose party will hold three balance of power seats in the Senate from next Tuesday, was flanked by climate change campaigner and former US vice-president Al Gore when he made the announcement.

A PUP source told the ABC the party is confident his ETS proposal will be passed by the Senate, which would require support from the Labor Party.

But it will also have to pass the House of Representatives – where the Coalition has the majority – to become law.

Mr Palmer is set to also reveal that his party will demand the Renewable Energy Target and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation are also retained.

As the largest voting bloc on the new micro-party cross bench, PUP will hold the balance of power when the Senate changes over next Tuesday.

Its power has been boosted by an agreement with Victoria’s Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator Ricky Muir.

Mr Palmer, the soon-to-be Senate kingpin, is also due to hold his first face-to-face meeting with Mr Abbott over breakfast on Thursday morning.

It will be the first time the two have met since they fell out at a Liberal Party national conference in 2012.

Read More

Essentially, what this article shows is if you don’t like what one side of the Jew democratic system (Labor) does, then the other side (Liberal) will be ready to offer you the same thing dressed up as something different (it’s either Carbon Tax or ETS. Bullshit or bullshit? It’s so hard to choose).

Either way, it is always you, the general public that gets fucked over. In this case, big fat Clive Palmer, as the head of the relatively small Palmer United Party is only willing to act as all “third parties” do – I.e. compromise and pick one of the “big twos” policy’s to go with.

Two party system? Forget it. Waste of time. Third or fourth minor parties? Forget it. All they’ll do is pander to the two main Jew-controlled parties at the top.

Is it any wonder Jews love democracy?

As for “falling power prices”??? What the hell? That’s a laugh.

– BDL1983

Oy Vey Mr Prime Minister! Where ya goin’, what ya doin’?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made the traditional visit to the Jew York Stock Exchange, following his arrival in the United States.

Surprise, surprise: Taking his orders from his Kosher masters, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made the traditional visit to the Jew York Stock Exchange, following his arrival in the United States.

Sometimes I really do wonder just how much more Kosher (with a capital K) our politicians have to be before people start to “get it”? Tony Abbott could not be a more Kosher Prime Minister if he tried!

These are some of his latest adventures to appease the Edomite Jews who run our country……

Prime Minister Tony Abbott pushes for enhanced business ties on New York visit

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tried to ram home his business, trade and investment agenda during the first day of his visit to the United States.

Mr Abbott visited the US stock exchange in New York City where he rang the bell to signal the start of trading.

It is a ceremony seen by millions across the globe, and behind and below Mr Abbott were big signs with the slogan “Australia is open for business“.

“You cannot love jobs and hate the entities that create jobs. Private businesses are the engine of job creation,” Mr Abbott said.

But amidst the work of drumming up business for Australia, Mr Abbott has found time to meet key republican and media figures.

He is ending day one of his US trip with a private dinner with News Corp co-chairman Rupert Murdoch.

And earlier he met presidential hopeful Jeb Bush – the second son of former president George H W Bush – who is an early frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

But in the 36 hours he is in the Big Apple, he has one core message and is repeating it constantly in the hope it will buy him a boost back home.

“All of my overseas trips are in large measure about more jobs for Australians. And we can’t have more Australian jobs without stronger Australian businesses,” Mr Abbott said.

Two-way investment with the US is already worth in excess of $1 trillion a year.

At a function packed with Australian and American business leaders (Jews – BDL1983), Mr Abbott spoke of the opportunities infrastructure investment and the rise of Asia offers.

The rise of China has been good for the wider world because there are now so many more people to afford to buy what the rest of the world produces,” Mr Abbott said

Then later in the same article he pays a ‘sombre’ visit to the 9/11 memorial:


His Edomite Jew masters are the same people that did 9-11, but he still pretends to "pay his respects", all the while continuing to  support our involvement in every Jew war in the Middle-East. Arsehole.

In Jew York pretending he cares about 9-11 victims……

Mr Abbott began his first day in New York with an early morning run with NYC firefighters, before laying a wreath at the 9/11 memorial on the site of the 2001 World Trade Centre terrorist attacks.

Read More (unless you’re already sicking all over the place….)

To summarise:

Tony Abbott goes to the Jew York Stock Exchange to tell the Jews that Australia is “open for business”. He even gets to ring the bell!

Tony Abbott, happy as a pig in shit at the spot where you ring the bell for Jew-trade day "kick off"!!!!

Tony Abbott, happy as a pig in shit at the spot where you ring the bell for Jew-trade-day “kick off”!!!!

Next, he tells about how great the rise of China is. Great for who Tony? Negotiating Free Trade with China is really going to help Australian jobs, being lumped into the Asiatic slave market with them! Then later on he’s off to dinner with News Corp Jew Rupert Murdoch; isn’t that nice? (as a side note, Tony and his chief-of-staff had just come from a meeting with the “Asia Society” before din-dins with Rupert)

Off to din-dins with Uncle Rupert. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours!

Off to din-dins with Uncle Rupert. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!

“Wingnut Tony” has also been chatting with Ban Ki-moon, the Chinese head of the Jewish run “United Nations” about the other important Jewish scam called “Climate Change“. It is important for “Team Jew” to apply a constant guilt trip on all the formerly White nations so they can eradicate our industry while the people actually think it’s helping the environment! Then in a couple of days he’s off to meet monkey magic, aka Barack Saddam Hussein Osama, where they can no doubt crap on even more about Global Warming or Climate Change… Whatever it’s called doesn’t really matter. If the temperature goes up or down anywhere on planet earth, then our CO2 emissions are responsible, right?

Obongo trying to pay attention. He gets distracted easily!

Obongo not listen. He gets distracted easily, but he knows best when it comes to that Climate issue….

As if all that wasn’t bad enough; now we need a 9-11 reminder about those evil Mooslims:


As we know, Tony’s Edomite Jew masters are the very people that did 9-11, but he still pretends to “pay his respects”, all the while continuing to support our involvement in every Jew war in the Middle-East on the false pretense of “Islamic Terrorism”.

Meanwhile, back in Australia our borders remain wide-open to these Islamic invaders. What the hell? Then again, Tony might be on to the fact that the Jews are the real terrorists who “butter his bread”. That might also be why he isn’t too worried about Islamic invaders coming to enrich Australia, as long as he doesn’t have to deal with them…….

Tony’s American trip has been sickening to say the least. It’ll only get worse, probably. Could it be any more obvious to the general public what is going on?

This is why we say it’s the “Jewish problem”. They control everything and therefore ruin everything, yet we are supposed to not see what’s right in front of our eyes? That’s why the world is in the insane state it’s in right now. Wake up before it’s too late….

– BDL1983

‘Worse is Better’ because the White Liberals need to be taught a Lesson!

White Liberals are all supporters of evil Jewish communism whether they know it or not

White Liberals are all supporters of evil Jewish communism whether they know it or not. Even if the Holocaust (hoax) were real, it would still be nothing compared to the REAL HORRORS JEWISH COMMUNISM has inflicted on the world!

Taking a step back from analysing the world’s enormous Jewish problem from time to time is one of the best things you can do, even if it is only a few days away from constantly thinking about it! It gives you a clearer perspective on the nature of our problems on a more basic fundamental level. Rather than just looking at all the rubbish the Jews foist upon us through their control of the mass-media and banking etc, I like to look at how the common person reacts to their surroundings. Admittedly, it would seem that the vast majority of people are still quite happy to live in blissful ignorance of the nightmare we are facing, but there is, just maybe, a very slow shift occurring where more and more common people are at least recognising that there is something very wrong with the direction the world is heading in.

Driving through town and the suburbs yesterday it was very easy to see the devastating effects of the Jewish multicultural agenda. You could literally count the number of Whites walking around the streets on one hand. Africans, Muslims, Arabs, Asians, Hindus (Indians); basically every mish-mash of every non-white race/religion wandering around either aimlessly or heading to public schools to further destroy the education system. It’s quite a disturbing sight I’m sure most people reading this would be familiar with. The more this Jewish non-white immigration agenda affects Whites, the better in my opinion! All of the White Liberals who have enthusiastically supported the multiracial agenda deserve to have all their crap thrown back in their faces. The best thing about the current situation is that it can’t take much longer before ‘average’ Whites start getting fed-up with it all, but that’s not to say the ‘White Liberals’ will ever ‘get it’. They won’t because their heads are so crammed full of Jewish Marxist crap. Then again, who cares about the fanatical White Liberal anyway? I sure don’t! I won’t lose any sleep if they get wiped out or gradually swallowed up by the non-white hoards!

The Multicultural dream.... yeah

The Multicultural dream……. yeah!

In general, I get the feeling that apolitical common White people are slowly noticing the problematic nature of what is occurring around them. For example, the multicultural problem mentioned above, the lack of manufacturing or agricultural jobs available to our people, the fact that this has led our economy up ‘shit creek’, how our traitorous politicians seem intent on opening up our borders regardless of how detrimental this is to our cohesiveness as a society, socially and economically, how the mass media never shuts up about gay marriage, gay rights, and how transgender freaks are just another acceptable group we should never criticise, ad nauseam.

The evil Edomite enforcer of 'Multiculturalism' and everything else we hate, here in Australia!

The evil Edomite enforcer of ‘Multiculturalism’ and everything else we hate, here in Australia!

What I like most about all the problems mentioned above is that they are things which average people who aren’t completely asleep are beginning to notice. I’m quite sure that if the Australian Executive Council of Jewry were to put a questionnaire to the ‘average’ White Australian (not the White Liberal Marxist) and they framed the questions so that anyone answering ‘yes’ acknowledging the above problems was deemed an ‘anti-Semite’, they would snare a large portion of ‘average’ White Australians in the ‘Jew-hater’ category! The ‘average’ White wouldn’t be aware of their ‘anti-Semitism’ of course. None-the-less, they are the only ones we should ever bother trying to reach with our message. The Uni Student types are Marxist Jew-loving multiculturalists beyond our reach, just like the White Liberal arseholes they eventually grow into, so we should forget all these people and concentrate on those who do have brains and will listen to reason!

Anyway, one thing I do know for sure is that we have to continue our righteous fight for our racial survival and future improvement. Things truly do seem hopeless at times, but we must carry on. I’ve gone back and forth from the attitude of “this blogging is a complete waste of time” to “well, without our bloodline we have nothing, so therefore we must do whatever we can to spread the right message“. I’m currently on the latter attitude because it doesn’t matter how bad our plight may seem at times, if we give up then we truly are worthless sacks of crap that deserve to be wiped out. That is the law of the jungle we currently live in.

We need this man's spirit more than ever today!! 14/88

We need this man’s spirit more than ever today!! 14/88

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

– Adolf Hitler

Hitler once again summed things up far more eloquently than I ever could!

– BDL1983

The AFL, Racism, and the Horror of the Federal Budget!

I’ve been tuning in to the good ol’ Televits (TV) over the last few days to see what all the pundits are crapping on about………

Well, it seems this country and it’s inhabitants are still concerning themselves with pointless trivial discussion over things that don’t really matter. For example, racism in the football – potentially “hurt feelings” of Aboriginal players must be placed above everything else football-related; then on the so-called political side of things everyone is whinging and whining about how horrible the Federal Budget just announced by the Abbott government is.

Let’s delve into these issues, just for fun!


An “Indigenous-themed” football to celebrate the contributions of ONLY the AFL players with a drop or more of Aboriginal blood in them, at the EXCLUSION of all others. A racially based, or racist round, if ever there was one!

To set the scene for the “racism in football” stuff that everyone’s concerned about, it’s best to look at what sparked this whole “Adam Goodes racism” saga:

THE hurt is still there in Adam Goodes’ eyes, the trauma of being “cut deep” by a schoolgirl’s racist slur in an environment where he says he has always felt “safe.”

Now, five months on from the infamous moment when Goodes had a 13-year-old girl ejected from the MCG for calling him an “ape,” the Sydney Swans legend has revealed the true extent of his pain over the incident – and why it still haunts him.

In an emotionally raw interview with Karla Grant’s Living Black In Conversation program, Goodes admits he was feeling “vulnerable” in the moments before taking a stand against the racist taunt yelled at him from the crowd.

That’s enough to get the picture, but you can read the rest of the article if you want.

OK. So Adam Goodes has hurt feelings over a schoolgirl calling him an ape, then on Australia Day he was given the title of Australian of the Year, mainly as a result of the “trauma” he suffered during this incident, and his subsequent “battle against racism”.

Now this happens:

ESSENDON has revoked the membership of a supporter accused of making racist comments towards Australian of the Year Adam Goodes during Friday night’s loss to Sydney at Etihad Stadium.

Goodes was not aware of the comments until after the game and the fan was ejected from the ground by police after Essendon supporters reported the incident to stadium management.

Goodes expressed his disappointment, but thanked the Essendon football club for its swift handling of the issue.

“While it is disappointing that these incidents still arise, there is a positive to come out of this, and that is the willingness of people in the crowd, regardless of the colours of their scarf and jumper, to draw a line in the sand and say that this is not acceptable,” Goodes said.

“While there still work to be done, to have Essendon members alert stadium security to the incident is a great indication that people in the football community will not tolerate racial vilification.

“I look forward to the upcoming Indigenous Round, where we can once again celebrate the contribution of Indigenous players in our game.”

The incident became public when an Essendon supporter submitted an anonymous post on the club’s fan site, Bomberblitz, two hours after the Bombers’ loss to the Swans.

“I could not believe what I heard from an Essendon member,” the supporter wrote.

“Late in the first quarter, Adam Goodes got his first touch when he received an easy mark just inside 50.

“At that stage, we (were) more than six goals down and no one was too happy that Goodes held the ball within kicking distance. There was … the banter you would expect to hear from a footy crowd.”

Then the supporter claimed he heard someone say: “F*** off, Magilla the gorilla.”

“I turned around and asked loudly, “Who said that?” An adult male replied in a cocky manner, “I did.”

“I shook my head in disbelief. After all our club has done to combat racism on and off the field, this individual thought it was OK to refer to an indigenous player in such a manner. He changed his tune when I pointed him out to security.

“He (the abuser) ruined my family’s night at the footy.”

Read More

“Fuck off, Magilla the Gorilla” – That’s what someone in the crowd said. Big deal. I used to go to football matches religiously when I was a lemming and I can assure you that there are lots more “offensive” things than that yelled out! Just because it can be construed as a “racial slur” the newspapers and the AFL decide to make a mountain out of a molehill. Typical whenever race comes into it.


This is Adam Goodes. Now, how is it this fans fault if he does look more like a gorilla than other players? To talk about “vilifying” anyone, the media should look at how they are vilifying this fan over trivial remarks.

As a further consequence of this “dreadful” racism saga, I stumbled across this suggestion – A “Say No To Racism” Round:

ANDREW McLeod wants the AFL to follow world soccer’s “Say No To Racism” concept to end racial abuse towards players from the terraces – and in society.

The Crows premiership hero has urged the AFL to end its “theme rounds” – such as “Indigenous Round” at the end of the month and “Multicultural Round” in mid-July – to replace them with a “No to Racism” campaign developed by the AFL players’ union.

“We should be celebrating the indigenous and multicultural themes of our game every week,” McLeod said.

“I understand why these theme rounds exist to promote the game.

“But there is now a need for a round where we promote the fight against racism.

“We’ve seen where the AFL is changing rules to make the game appealing to everyone. Here is a campaign that can change more than football.”

The AFL yesterday had its strong stand against racism tarnished by another two cases of racial abuse from fans towards the players.

Brownlow Medallist and Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, was subjected to a racial taunt from an Essendon fan while playing for Sydney at Etihad Stadium on Friday night.

This was the second case of abuse towards Goodes in 12 months after he was abused by a teenage Collingwood fan at the MCG last year.

Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon on Tuesday apologised to Melbourne player Neville Jetta and his family for racial abuse from a Bulldogs fan during a match on May 10.

McLeod wants AFL players to front a major campaign that replicates their intolerance to racism on the field.

Read More

Andrew MacLeod wearing his "racial pride" jumper!

Andrew MacLeod wearing his “racial pride” jumper! That’s fine with me, but can we Whites show our “racial pride” too?

At least as some vague ploy to appear consistent, Andrew MacLeod says he thinks the AFL should get rid of the Indigenous and Multicultural Rounds, and just have a “Say No To Racism” Round. But, you know what? I bet they don’t get rid of either. Just imagine the uproar and the crap about racism if some White European AFL footballers or fans suggested a “White European Heritage Round”! If the Aboriginal players can have a Round in honour of THEIR contributions, then why shouldn’t White European players also have a Round? I rest my case.

Anyway, that’s enough with the anti-White communism being promoted in sport.

The other thing which has provided a few laughs on the TV is the horrible, doom and gloom, Federal Budget! Well, we all knew this was coming didn’t we? I had an inkling that it wasn’t going to be all champagne and roses and good news!! I must say though, I am absolutely thrilled to see that the Government is cutting spending and planning to make people in this country suffer a bit. Everyone who is not politically astute and would simply dismiss everything that us “big evil haters” say, well, you know what? You deserve to be screwed over by your miserable, shitty democratic regime! This is what happens when you believe in the mainstream Jewish controlled media and expect it to feed you the truth about politics! Sucked in!


This is the sort of thing all the University smart-arses attend.

I am saving the most satisfying thing about this Federal Budget debacle until last. Do you know what it is? I’ll tell you: it is seeing all these University Students on the TV complaining about cuts to education funding! No segment of society has a more irritating, know-it-all, Marxist, multicultural, Jew-loving attitude to it than those who comprise the University population! What are you going to do now, you bunch of little “never-worked-a-day-in-your-lives” know-it-all whingers? Going to get out on the streets and heckle the politicians, while waving “Greens” signs and Aboriginal Flags, and various other anti-Racist slogans?……


Uni students protesting. Note the “Socialist Alternative” banner, top left – a communist group always seen around these Uni protests!

Yeah, go on you arrogant shitheads, seeing as you know how the political system really works. See if your wonderful democratic politicians listen to your stupid little protest! After all, you all support and love democracy so much, and you hate Fascism and Nazis (what you call us), so don’t listen to us! Keep worshipping your Jewish University Professors and telling yourselves how much you’re fighting the system….. by attending University and being indoctrinated INTO THE SYSTEM! Hahaha, suckers! I hope Mr Abbott screws you over real good. That might teach you something about reality, but I doubt it. You can just carry on calling us “racist Jew-haters” or “bigots” or “homophobes” and diagnosing us with various “politically-incorrect diseases”, but you know what? Nothing we get called EVER changes the fact that we are right about these things!

End of rant.

– BDL1983