2 thoughts on “Blood Brothers!

  1. Noachideous

    Jews say they be our Blood Brothers……


    Here we see the jew with itz PoPPies….. again.

    The 888 666 Tower of London Poppies amount to 1948…. By 24 18… 42 58…. + 6 13…x 8 40…. 19….48……

    The Uncle Bully like jew has no shame…… “Ya fucken coward Bully…. You fucked over 888 666 or 1948 Tommy Atkins by deception and guile, and yet jew continue sit….. and shit,,,,, here with and amongst their racial kin, and feign to (((remember))) ……….)))them(((… …..while we bury them.”

    “The ceramic poppies used were originally part of a (((urinary))) work at the Tower of London (((commemorating))) {read mocking and pissing on the graves of } British and Colonial servicemen ….)))racial Britons… Tommy Atkins types(((…… killed during the First World War.”

    “We acquired 12 of the poppies so our shul’s own permanent artwork could be created,” explained Robert Dewar, the UHC president. “It allows us to remember the contribution the 12 tribes of Israel made during the Great War and subsequent conflicts.

    The ever obsequiously repektful jew attempts to give effect to remembrance via extermination and racial replacement of those British kin from whose loss the jew profited and continues to profit….. and mock.

    It is right, good and proper that all Filthe of the BnaiBrith and any other humble weasel or so called Rabbi or jewhiss holy “man” be formally banned from ShitHole speaking of, or entering to defile by his/her prescence…..any War Memorial related to those not born jew.

    But none in the Australian Government not jew will do it… Because they’re all too busy LARPing in the manner the toothless,cock sucking Mohelian Noahides that they are.


    Go over to Jews Are Fascists …. Oboler der….

    Dey’ve got rid of the Dem’s 6 pointed stardom…. because it was far too obvious that itz a genocidal asset of jew israel. What do you see now ? An Eye and a Hand ?……. 5 8…

    JAF amounts to 10 16 or 26… or 42 in the senary….. 42 58 again… like the phone number of the jew Matilda PoPPie… They jew wankers just cannot leave demselbs alone…. can it….as that “singular purpose of the creation” with all others not “supernal refuse and leftovers”……from the creation.


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