10 thoughts on “Blood Brothers!

  1. Noachideous

    Jews say they be our Blood Brothers……


    Here we see the jew with itz PoPPies….. again.

    The 888 666 Tower of London Poppies amount to 1948…. By 24 18… 42 58…. + 6 13…x 8 40…. 19….48……

    The Uncle Bully like jew has no shame…… “Ya fucken coward Bully…. You fucked over 888 666 or 1948 Tommy Atkins by deception and guile, and yet jew continue sit….. and shit,,,,, here with and amongst their racial kin, and feign to (((remember))) ……….)))them(((… …..while we bury them.”

    “The ceramic poppies used were originally part of a (((urinary))) work at the Tower of London (((commemorating))) {read mocking and pissing on the graves of } British and Colonial servicemen ….)))racial Britons… Tommy Atkins types(((…… killed during the First World War.”

    “We acquired 12 of the poppies so our shul’s own permanent artwork could be created,” explained Robert Dewar, the UHC president. “It allows us to remember the contribution the 12 tribes of Israel made during the Great War and subsequent conflicts.

    The ever obsequiously repektful jew attempts to give effect to remembrance via extermination and racial replacement of those British kin from whose loss the jew profited and continues to profit….. and mock.

    It is right, good and proper that all Filthe of the BnaiBrith and any other humble weasel or so called Rabbi or jewhiss holy “man” be formally banned from ShitHole speaking of, or entering to defile by his/her prescence…..any War Memorial related to those not born jew.

    But none in the Australian Government not jew will do it… Because they’re all too busy LARPing in the manner the toothless,cock sucking Mohelian Noahides that they are.


    Go over to Jews Are Fascists …. Oboler der….

    Dey’ve got rid of the Dem’s 6 pointed stardom…. because it was far too obvious that itz a genocidal asset of jew israel. What do you see now ? An Eye and a Hand ?……. 5 8…

    JAF amounts to 10 16 or 26… or 42 in the senary….. 42 58 again… like the phone number of the jew Matilda PoPPie… They jew wankers just cannot leave demselbs alone…. can it….as that “singular purpose of the creation” with all others not “supernal refuse and leftovers”……from the creation.

  2. Noachideous


    This above, for the purpose of contrast, and demasking the fake, compassionate care of the world’s ……….most retch,,,worthy amongst others…. the…. eternally………….. ((( cHoZen ))) let it go….


    ADC AntiDefamation Commission

    2 October at 21:51 · ..

    The ADC mourns and grieves for those murdered in cold blood in Las Vegas and offers our deepest condolences to their families and loved ones. We also pray for the complete and speedy recovery of the injured who have a difficult road of healing ahead. The act of senseless violence has shattered the lives of so many, and will be a collective trauma that will stay in the hearts and minds of people for a long time. We stand in solidarity with the Las Vegas community and the American people whose suffering is hard to imagine. In light of this devastating tragedy, we hope that American lawmakers institute far-reaching and effective changes to restrict the access to guns so as to make their nation safer and so that we may never again see such evil.”

    Boo Hoo ya disingenuous….slimy fkn……. jew
    You’ve burst yr colostomy bag again on this one BuBBles Dvir the Dvine… Where’s the Shock and the Outrage ?????

  3. Noachideous

    Jews against Fascejism…….. friendz forever of the Slack arsed ‘Tards…… Oboler der….said that if youse see sumptings…. den youse shood be sayin’ sumpthing….. so I’s be saying it here….. Yo….

    Does the jew have it in for Red Haired )))females((( in particular.
    Go Oboler here if you dare….. to C2C at the 10th of August.

    The jew posted a link to this.


    Why would jew do that ?…… C2C jew ?….More CatNip snuff porn for Kikes ? Note the number of the booth at the BnaiBrith C2C stand as 22… or BB….. 34 senary … LV initial gematria.

    The inevitable happenings between the 2 subjects would see the elimination of what amounts to possibly the most unique expression of the YT European racial type. The wurds of Teflon Tongued Jews…….. judas goading the goyim into mixing and elimination of racial nations….. can only be a function of the jew desire that there be Nothing left of others to suggest that the other not jew even existed. It can and should be interpreted as a measure of jew animus for others… peddled by jewplicitous…… shit holing jews as care and concern for a better world…….

    The RedHaired female in particular appears to be of some significance to those engaged in esoteric and occultic activities that many raised unmolested in a conventional Family environment would regard as Evil.

    Recently noticed a Red Haired )))Woman((( … 20’s….. with the numbers S3442 tattooed on the skin below her Belly Button and possibly over her womb. She did not appear to be in control of her own destiny, or in the company of those who care for her safety and well being. What does it mean ?

    In alpha-numeric gematria, the numbers mean this…. S means 19….. 34 if senary is 22 decimal, and 42 if senary is 26 decimal. The number thus represents 19 22 26… or 1948.

    Recall or discover that the colour RED in the rainbow is seen at a properly viewed angle of 42 degrees as detailed earlier. The initial gematria of RH amounts to 18 8 … 26… or 42 in senary.
    There’s also the RH- question related to meaning and origin.

    Can you tell us moar about these attempts to mix the blood of others not jew please Dr Ebola and Bubbles Dvir.. Is there something kind of Specie EL in the blood of the Goyim that we don’t yet fully understand… something that (((you))) lot do…. and covet ? We seek only understanding here. Understanding that you would deny us.

    There are, after all ,42 letters in the English alphabet, indicating that it may be gifted to us by the Divine for the purpose of discovering universal Truths through open conversation and question that benefit all racial nations… not just jews. Is that why jews … wherever jews land….who regard themselves as the singular purpose of a Divine creation……..seek to silence and deny others its use through speech and writing.?

    On the number 13….. a lucky number for jewz….. 13 if senary amounts to 6+3 or 9 in senary. 13 and 9 sum to 22, or 34 in senary…. pointing to 1948…. Once again… YT has been getting it in the neck……… at LV 34…..

  4. Noachideous

    http://www.awm.gov.au also blocked from here yet available via other means and proxy. The vampiric, life force feeding jew is not at all pleased with the demand for itz removal from all YT war memorials……


    Note the 26 gargoyles at the memorial, and observe that 26 in senary amounts 42….. then 1948 via the usual method… 26 +42 amount to 68…The gematria of GOD is 26….. Olde Noachideous here is 51 for all of ’17 … amounting to 68 … and it is from this that certain elements with the Oorstralien gubberment has approved and licenced the capacity to comment on the numbers with a Drivers Licence 1448 EA …. as detailed earlier … Recall that EA amounts to 51 and by +x 68 is derived 1448. It is an honour indeed Yo…….. if not a HEX …. 8524 …. the reverse of 42 58 ….. 1948….

    (((Those))) who case out your/my YT place in the world use the advantage of pre emption and as a consequence and out of necessity have good attention to detail and the requirement for stealth. The devious jew is always a sneakin’……… like the schizoid ,gollumesque monstrosity it izzzzzzz.

    The YT Watchman will necessarily also have good attention to detail… The traditional role would involve mostly sitting quietly and discreetly atop an mountain and observing the world around the periphery of his kind…… for those who are casing out his kind. He is thus labelled and “extremist” by the jew …… because the jew enters always at the extreme periphery of the targeted society before lodging and attaching itself to preferred control centres within …….. that include edjumacation, governance and broad casting …… of ideological poison … for the purpose of leveraging its will and hollowing out through life force feeding.

    This is seen a lot about the media… The journalist , as in the article above ….will bear the initial gematria of PR …or RP . Is it for the fact that RP amounts to 18 16 or 34 … then 34 66 …1948 ?

  5. Noachideous

    Would like to thank the Australian Gubberment for the two licences discovered so far that are properly interpreted here as authority to comment on matters of the Divine … as it pertains to the destiny of my own goyische kind, that is YT Britons, AngloKelts, Picts, Nordics etc…. It is surely an honour, yet we remain somewhat intrigued here as to why the WebMaster of the Australian War Memorial appears to have fashioned an IP block of some sorts, if in fact that proves to be the case.

    Is it a slimy, life force feeding fucking …….. JEW ….. the Webmaster ? Having a good feed are we (((fella))) ?

    Here’s the other interpretation… In the past as a 23 yo, we’ve had here a Licence for being a Commercial Pilot …. 3 16 … by +x….. 1948. But let it lapse after attaining it at a cost of about 22 k, the number of letters in the HeebeJew alphabet coz only they’re cHoZeN …… having discovered that sort of mechanised flight to be not quite as imagined .

    The number of that licence was 405 7 29 … and it was issued on 13 1 88. Now these numbers are kind of edgy in an occultist sense, because, if the first is consolidated to 45 7 29, then it becomes apparent that 45 is the senary interpretation of the number 29, as in 4×6 sum 5×1 … 29. It is also apparent that by x+ of 45 is derived 20+9 … 29. The 3×3 square of Saturn, Chronos, EL amounts in total to 45…. EL … or 5 12 …. or 2^9.
    The number 7 or G ends a senary reduction commencing at 55, the balance of 45, with 55 summing to 10, the number of fingers on the Human hand. The senary reduction is 55 35 23 15 11 7 … Recall that the Australian 100 dollar note at 158 x 65 appears derived of the x+ of 35 and 23 for the fact that 35 sum 23 amount to 58…. balance 42…. or 1948.

    13 1 88 amounts kind of ironically to 1488.

    Mechanised flight can never compare with the attractions of Silent Flight …

    Although that particular pilot appears to be an Extremist.

    Same Pilot, life saved from an innocent error or oversight, by his PC … 16 3 …… +x …1948

  6. Noachideous

    There’s a 62 000 PoPPy show lined up for 2018…… Its just more jew filthe celebrating the loss of those AngloCeltic Australians who paid, with their lives, for jisrael that was required to be made undead in 1948……. The number is also seen as part of a 5000 Poppy focused organisation . Summing to 67000 ….. There are 67 words in the Balfour Declaration.

    Many unwitting innocents are caught up in this jewish filthe.

    A more detailed proof later.

    The presence of any establishment jews who can be presumed to know of this, in the Australian War Memorial, is that same as those jews pissing on the Graves of AngloCeltic Ancestors.

    Question is this …. would YOU… want them there if you had paid that price ? given what the jew knows ?

  7. Noachideous

    Here’s another likely QB 17 2 … 34 .. 34 66 …. +x 1948 ….derived source for the jew’s PoPPies.


    If there are 6 sides then 8 vertices and 12 lines of intersection in the cube then these all sum to 26 . 26 counted in six based senary or heximal amounts to number 42 …. The gematria of GOD amounts to 7 15 4 ….. or 26….. The jew writes the word G-D …. 74 and 26 +74 amounts to 100.

    Thus the jew deity G-D appears different and alternate to the Christian deity who write the WORD as GOD.

    Dr Ebola over at the OHPI has selected that name most kikely for the fact the jisrael was required to be made undead in ’48 .. and also we’d suggest for the fact that +x 6 and 8 amount to 14 48 … summing to 62 … and thus the origin of the 62 k PoPPies.
    The OHPI is likely funded by that which was made undead in 1948, and like the ADC … exists to harass with the complicity of the Australian Government….. non-compliant YT’s who’ll not go quietly into the night.

    If there are 12 lines of the cube unused so far in the kike calculus of the PoPPies … then by summing 62 and 12 is derived the number …. 74 …..or G-D… which points back to 26, then 42 and by +x 42 58 …… 1948.

    Recall also the 888 246 sum 420 for 888 666 then 38 36 for 74 PoPPies of London’s Tower.

    If that fails convince YT’s that their ancestors are mocked by jews then WTF will ?


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