The Toothless Tiger in the Face of Mystery Babylon


It’s time for some hard truths about the Toothless Tiger known as “White Nationalism” or the “Alt-Right” in it’s more modern trendy incarnation.

I’ve been awake to the race and jew thing for about 8 years now, and as a result I’m very well acquainted with White Nationalism and how it works. Well, actually, how it doesn’t work and never will. There are an infinite number of reasons why, and I’m going to attempt to explain a few things here – things I’ve been pondering lately. The immediate reality is depressing and if White Nationalism is what we are hoping is going to save us, then we are already fucked. 100%, absolutely no doubt about it – fucked. BUT, with a deeper understanding of why we are in this disastrous situation, everything becomes clear! We have no hope at all if we approach our problems through the WN way of thinking. It is a shallow worldview and devoid of any real moral substance, let alone the fact that WN is completely out of touch with reality AND it’s a tried and proven failure.

Now, let’s be honest and 100% realistic about White Nationalism:

If we look around at our current situation we see nothing but a society that’s completely lost it’s identity, lost it’s culture, and is simultaneously being racially dissolved. To put it mildly, what we have now constituting the “general public” is a mess. It is a multiracial, fat, lazy, stupid, degenerate cesspool, where most white people are too far gone to ever be “woken up”. (Not that a majority ever “wake up”, but for them to even conform to basic moral norms of a healthy society.)

Now that that’s established, let’s prove how naive (or just plain stupid) most White Nationalists are concerning their plight of creating an all-white nation somewhere as an answer to the global jewish problem. For better or worse, or whatever, most White Nationalists look up to and idolize National Socialist Germany as an example of WN success. I can appreciate that angle because NS Germany was indeed a great example of how well a white society can function. Now, being 100% clear and logical here – The only way Hitler rebuilt Germany out of the ‘ashes’ of the Weimar Republic was by utilizing the racial stock already present in Germany. The Weimar Republic may have been a cesspool of jewish degeneracy, BUT there was still an overwhelming GERMAN majority to work with. Now, we all know how great the Third Reich functioned as a society and the fight it put up in WW2. Well, it’s now time for that dreaded bitter pill – Germany lost the war and ultimately failed. I don’t like to think about that bitter pill either, but it’s still a fact. It was the best resistance a “kingdom of man” could offer the jewish beast, and it failed because the beast’s power base was able to use all the other white countries to destroy it.

jewish power in this globalized age is almost total

Even if somehow a white country somewhere managed to pull-off the task of creating a kind of “Fourth Reich”, they would be destroyed by the jews controlling the rest of the world. And if you doubt this – consider the fact that jewish power was consolidated (i.e. increased – state of Israhell, U.N. formed, entire world reinforcing Allied victors agenda, etc…) after WW2 into the global behemoth it is now. The Third Reich was destroyed by a lesser jewish power than we have to contend with in 2017. So, if we think we can politic our way into defeating the jews, then maybe we should think again! Add to all this, the fact that society is completely fucked up – I mean, where is this “Fourth Reich” coming from, and who’s going to organize and build it? It would also have to be superior to the Third Reich because jew power has gone up, not down, since then. This is why WN is a joke. It is a toothless tiger.

Another interesting point about WN is that it’s something that has been tried and proven to fail, over and over throughout history. The western countries we now live in were all created based on varying formats of “White Nationalism”. True, it is easy to come up with ideas like “oh, it would have worked if they excluded the jews in the constitution” etc, but ultimately it wouldn’t have worked because the jews, through corrupt men, would have weaseled their way in, eventually. White Nationalism is always destined to failure because it attempts to create another “kingdom of man” ruled by men and their inherent flaws – rather than a Kingdom of God. The only reason the Third Reich was as successful as it was, is because it was inspired and based very closely on correct biblical precepts. It is the closest example of God’s Kingdom on earth as a “kingdom of man” could replicate. It had a few flaws, but not many, because Adolf Hitler was a divinely inspired man with his heart in the right spot – with God and his German people.

Revelation Chapter 18 and the fall of Mystery Babylon

White Nationalist’s who reject Christianity will never understand this because they don’t want to, but the state of affairs we find ourselves in is a punishment from God. The Mystery Babylon described in chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation are exactly where we find ourselves placed in world history, right now! Mystery Babylon put simply is a global order of jewish (satanic) rule by money, an abomination of abominations on the earth. It is described as falling rather quickly (in biblical terms).

The most important thing for someone to know about the current Mystery Babylon is that it is parasitic and contradictory in nature. It is akin to the serpent (jewish) eating it’s own tail. It destroys itself given the right amount of time, however long that happens to be. We have absolutely no political means to fight the beast in it’s current state. If we did, we would, but that’s not a possibility. The jewish beast has to, and will, weaken itself significantly in the future. If you don’t see how that could happen, then you haven’t considered the true source of their strength. WE are the true source of their power, for without us, the White Adamic race, to toil and naively provide them with all the material wealth of the earth, they are nothing but shallow soulless vessels of destruction – vampires with no blood left to drink. When the time is right, God’s wrath will be upon the house of Esau (today’s jews) via our hands:

Obadiah 1:18 –

And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.

None left of the house of Esau! When you combine this with the fall of Mystery Babylon in Revelation 18, which happens in a relatively short period of time, you can see why the jews are going to do anything they can to keep their satanic grip on power. Once they self-destruct, their time is short. And they know it.

As I said above, the jews are a parasitic entity. They know we have provided them with the world’s material wealth, yet they still hate and seek to destroy us – bastards! Stupid bastards too, when looked at logically, but the jews can’t help it because they are cursed from Genesis 3:15. God put enmity between our seed and the serpent’s seed, meaning they literally cannot NOT try to destroy our race, hence why the jews have a special hatred for us and flood our nations with non-whites (Revelation 17:15), either in the hope of mixing us out of existence or them killing us.

Awaiting the Fall of Mystery Babylon

Once you understand the real nature of what is in the Bible, you will soon see that it offers us the only ironclad defense system capable of eliminating anything jewish.

While we await the fall of Mystery Babylon we should be trying to uphold a code of basic Christian morality in our own personal lives, as a start. God knows, we all do things wrong. I probably do heaps of things wrong myself, but I try to do right!

In a proactive sense, our job right now is to remove ourselves from Babylon as much as possible (Revelation 18:4) and network with good like-minded White people and tell the truth. Spread the truth to those willing to hear – “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” If the person you are talking to doesn’t want to hear, then just cast them aside, as they are in all likelihood a lost cause before you even opened your mouth.

In the end we win. God assures us of that in the Scriptures. What we do now on a personal level, we can only hope hastens the process! God’s Law leads us to victory and there is no getting around it. The longer we refuse to adhere to it, the longer our race will be punished.

For info on the Revelation go to

– BDL1983

19 thoughts on “The Toothless Tiger in the Face of Mystery Babylon

  1. Mr Happy Pantß

    To be honest, the way forward is definitely to buy ourselves knight outfits or Nazi uniforms & LARP it up in the woods. There is no other way.

    Except there is one other way; to make racist social media accounts & use them only to interact with each other.

    We must make haste. GOD SPEED!!

  2. GDSoldier

    Great article brother, a sobering outlook on our shortcomings and precisely where we stand in this age of darkness.
    1488-SIEG HEIL and God bless you.

  3. Realist Report (@RealistReport)

    Good article man, very well written. I agree with your overall analysis, but I’m certainly glad the Alt Right – for better or worse – is actually make some serious noise and gaining some serious traction and influence.

    The current circumstances we find ourselves and our race in are easily explained with a proper understanding of the Bible, but at the same time, I truly believe we must all expose and resist this evil Jewish system until prophecy is ultimately fulfilled. That’s the nature of our existence – to fight, to struggle, to resist, and to do what’s right by our God, our conscience, and our race.

    “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.” – Adolf Hitler

    I live by those words, or at least try my hardest to – every single day with every breath I take.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Cheers! Well, yeah the fact that in the end it’s a good news story for our race isn’t an excuse not to fight against jewish evil. People must understand that just because prophesy says we are going to win doesn’t give us a license to ignore our other duties… That’s why I made sure to put in not only the bit about removing ourselves from the system as much as possible, but also our duty to spread the truth.
      Regarding the ‘Alt Right’, if people believe that it is ever going to provide a political solution to our problems, then they are delusional. There are good people in the Alt Right and some jewish infiltrators too, Mike Enoch for example… So it’s on the road to hell in that respect… If it is used to spread the truth to people, rather than mislead or distract them, then the Alt Right is useful to us…
      That Hitler quote is great by the way.. It’s the attitude everyone needs toward life!

      1. Mr Happy Pantß

        The Alt Right is a useful vehicle to which we are bringing many young people round to our way of thinking. It is a stage most will pass through & look back on as stupid & immature, but a stepping stone none-the-less, toward real nationalism: that of LARPing in the Woods.

        “He who would not fight in this world of eternal struggle” is an utter defeatist & dare i say, an oxygen thief. I don’t know how anyone could be racially aware & just sit on their hands, & still live with themselves/conscience. Our victory may be prophesied, but it will only be realized when we take up our arms, our armour, & head to the woods.

  4. Keith Truth Militia

    I couldnt agree with you more. White nationalism is a lost cause. The idea of a white homeland in this day and age is an impossibility. The jews will never allow it and would use the military to destroy it in a second. The alt right, i think, is somewhat of a good thing, ONLY because they tend to get some of our people fired up. But it’s also a mind trap for our people, because it gives them the false impression there is a political solution. The Alt Right has way too many jews associated with it it. Hell even if there was only one jew, that is one too many. Jews are not white, hence they cannot be part of a white nationalist movement. There is no political solution period. A modern day crusade is the only solution to the problem. If white nationalist understood the Bible and that the white race are the Israelites, this would be over in a day or two.

  5. Flanders

    Defeatists and traitors – There is little difference. Both are probably jews, but the defeatist wears a mask to hide how low he is.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      No defeatists around here mate…. Just a practical acknowledgement of reality. WN is not the right approach and will never work as explained in the article… The correct approach is to do what’s right – tell the truth, remove yourself from the system as much as is practical… Reinstalling a proper code of Christian morality among our people should be our number 1 priority. Not an easy task, but THE TASK nonetheless…. People must understand that WN is an empty husk with no moral substance. Without a moral and ethical commonality between our people, nothing will ever gel together and our people will never have one another’s backs.. They’ll just keep sticking knives in each other over money and other bullshit

  6. Knight

    If we as the White Race want to have a chance to survive the white genocide, we must tackle the lies, that leads to (false) white guilt. This guilt hinders our natural survival instinct. So put the truth out there.

    Please do, what you can. How to spread the word, can be seen on the paper up picture. Our race needs us!

  7. John Nada

    Battle Plan – How to Defeat the Jews

    I have a battle plan how to defeat the Jews. Right now the Jews are trying to shut us down, they ban people on twitter, only a matter of time before they control the internet like in China.

    We need to work together, like an army. Get organized.

    In the movie 300, when the Spartans work together, in a Phalanx formation, they become undefeatable.

    The war is for now online.
    Our job is to wake as many people up to the Jew.

    Like John Nada, we need to simply destroy the antenna that is constantly brainwashing people.

    There are many jwoke posters online, but they are disorganized, and waste a lot of energy on talking.

    Here is the plan:

    An army of posters who can storm the comment sections of Infowars, Breitbart and other conservative websites. The comment sections are uncensored. Also on youtube and other comment sections.

    The liberals are too brainwashed, but the conservatives just need a little push, to become jwoke.
    It is a game of numbers, the more people we awake, the more powerful the movement becomes.

    People are persuaded by a majority opinion. If, in a comment section, only 3 or 5 comments mention the Jews, they will be considered “crazy”.

    If you have an army of posters, you could have 200 comments, and 100 of them talk about the Jews. When the majority of people talk about something, then an ordinary reader will think “maybe I should look into it”, “it is impossible that all these people are crazy”.

    It can be like an army, with lieutenants who coordinate a single attack, and a general who coordinates all the attacks on the comment sections.

    This is war, and this is serious. The Jews will start to assassinate the key leaders, just like they did with Lincoln Rockwell.
    We need to be organized like an army.

    We also need to give our soldiers ammo. Soldiers need bullets to win the war.

    We now have people who post cryptic stuff like “1488” or “the goyim know” or “oy vey, shut it down”.
    This will not persuade any conservatives, and it will just look weird. They will not understand this kind of language.

    We need to post cold hard facts, in a language that a normal person can understand, and that doesn’t look weird. This will prompt people to do their own research.

    No cryptic speak – just facts and data about the Jewish control – as detailed as possible.

    I understand that not everyone has a way with words.

    For this, we can have a website…. with texts one can post. You have the knowledge and the sources and the eloquence to write this.

    Just a database with short texts, filled with facts about the Jewish control – that people can copy paste onto comment sections. They can be creative about it, but they have something to work with.

    This can open people’s eyes. It will be the ammo that our soldiers use. It is better than posting “1488” or “Hitler was right”. Most people don’t have a way with words.

    There needs to be a website with quotes and information people can copy and paste.
    Then, we need to spread the word, and all the alt-right people who post shit on the internet…. can join this army.

    Another website can post links to specific comment sections; an army of posters can then descend like a swarm of bees and redpill people.

    This is like WW2. We are fighting for our own survival. For now the war is online, and we need to work together like an army.

    There needs to be some kind of organization for this to work, a general who can look at the big picture, and a few lieutenants who can coordinate single attacks. The rest will be anonymous soldiers.

    I have also seen a few people who make twitter threads with history lessons about the Jews. Some of them have already been deleted.
    Even if they are not deleted, few people read their posts, and it becomes an echo chamber.

    All their knowledge can be put to good use. They should make a website with all the history info (that they now post on twitter and it gets deleted) — and an army of posters can post the link to that website on the comment sections.

    You have the contacts and the knowledge to make this plan work. This is war. We need to work together, and become organized.
    The work is to redpill new people.
    Then, as the movement grows, the political leaders will also appear. Paul Nehlen is a new dawn, there will be more like him.

    We need to be smart, use the right ammo, work together like an army. The Jews have incredible power and money, they can literally hire 30 thousand people to delete all our twitter accounts and youtube channels. They have a lot of money and power. Only if we work together and get organized as an army, will we make the transition from fringe movement to mainstream consciousness.

    We need to reach critical mass, and for this, the priority is to redpill new people.

    If enough people are jwoke, the war is already won.


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