Happy Birthday Adolf!

Well, another shooting in Paris… Who cares…?

It’s Adolf Hitler’s birthday! Or at least it was yesterday Australian time. In most parts of the world it’s still April 20th, a day of significance and inspiration for all who share the National Socialist worldview. One day the entire world will be forced to acknowledge that HITLER WAS RIGHT!

A true hero. He loved his people and they loved him.

Nice cake mein Fuhrer!

This article sums it up well:

Adolf Hitler Still Represents the True Embodiment of Western Civilization

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Adolf!

  1. Tom

    You do know the Judeo Christian religion is just taken from the Egyptian pagan god Horus. Allah made the world is 6 days too…. There was no Jesus, it is just another jewish story to turn us into sheep. So how come ALL the FED chairs are Jews ? How come all wars now are for greater Israel. I think you underestimate the Jewish role. The poor Jew Larry omg ! lol yeah and he tripped his insurance just before the blew it up. So what your saying is your just another Jew spreading misinformation.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You’re a bit of a scatter brain. Sigh…. When did I say the Fed chairs aren’t jews? wtf? Since when have I underestimated the jewish problem? You make very little sense


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