Happy Birthday Adolf!

Well, another shooting in Paris… Who cares…?

It’s Adolf Hitler’s birthday! Or at least it was yesterday Australian time. In most parts of the world it’s still April 20th, a day of significance and inspiration for all who share the National Socialist worldview. One day the entire world will be forced to acknowledge that HITLER WAS RIGHT!

A true hero. He loved his people and they loved him.

Nice cake mein Fuhrer!

This article sums it up well:

Adolf Hitler Still Represents the True Embodiment of Western Civilization

– BDL1983

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Adolf!

  1. Tom

    You do know the Judeo Christian religion is just taken from the Egyptian pagan god Horus. Allah made the world is 6 days too…. There was no Jesus, it is just another jewish story to turn us into sheep. So how come ALL the FED chairs are Jews ? How come all wars now are for greater Israel. I think you underestimate the Jewish role. The poor Jew Larry omg ! lol yeah and he tripped his insurance just before the blew it up. So what your saying is your just another Jew spreading misinformation.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You’re a bit of a scatter brain. Sigh…. When did I say the Fed chairs aren’t jews? wtf? Since when have I underestimated the jewish problem? You make very little sense

  2. Anonymous True

    You ARE a bit scattered. The Islamic religion was also created and propagated by Rome. Look it up. All the fed chairs are Jews, installed by the Vatican. FBI, CIA, CFR, FED BANK, MOSSAD, etc., Israel itself, are Vatican (Jesuit) institutions. All the things that Jews have done as Brett points out are true. For money, for power, provided to them by Rome. Worldwide control/power/corruption/indecency is outwardly by Jews but covertly Jesuit. The Jesuits also want, what we see the Jews doing – this does not excuse their behaviour nor does it absolve them of culpability. They are undertaking the Jesuit agenda. All blame goes to the Jews, hatred, anger, violence is directed to them, whilst the Jesuits will hardly tremble. Like the (Vaticans’) CIA, to operate secretly you need a front – i.e., Jews. Once again, no excuse. These “Jesuit Jews”  literally hate Judaism, and Jews, Christianity, Islam etc. as does the Jesuit. They take secret oaths pledging undying loyalty to the Jesuit order. Once they take this oath they can no longer be considered religious Jews. They then become Jesuits, Lucerfarian at the core, the most secret point. Their leader, spiritual and worldly, is the “black pope” (the Black pope, the Jesuit general, wears a black robe, as do the Jesuits). Do the research. American presidents, Trump? Jesuit trained. Here, Australian politicians, prime ministers, opposition leaders? Jesuit trained. World leaders? The queen? Subservient to the Jesuit. Do the research. 
    The Jesuits want to eventually (after a MAJOR world war)  control the world from Jerusalem, the holiest sight for the three major religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam (to have both complete spiritual as well as temporal rule over the world, in a one world government as well as a one world religion). The Jews are baby sitting Israel. When the next world war comes, once again they will be expelled. The Vatican is already claiming the Temple in Israel over the confusion and anger of Israelis, but much to the indifference  of the Prime Minister of Israel (a Jesuit Knight of Malta and 33rd degree Freemason – and world freemasons are also subservient to the “Papal Caesar”, the black pope). And as for “Mr building 7”, even prior to 911 the wtc had terrorism insurance. He had just leased the wtc and took the terrorism insurance as a matter of routine months before.
    All roads lead to Rome….

  3. Warlord

    Germanicslav…excellent comments…The controllers want to stop Nordic Rh Neg awareness.,,They will ban and block all the good info and censor..and have paid trolls to attack the truth of Nordic Rh Negetive.,.being the First and original Race of Earth..and the true Aristocractic Race of Earth…Kike Nordic ASHKANAZIS Sayanims are everywhere now….in all White Nations. They look like us but are not us….We must learn how to spot them..just like they spot us to attack us…You know why they are bringing in all white nations the hordes of RH POSITIVES..its to dilute the true pure Nordic Rh Negatives…


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