Sean Spicer Confirms That Hitler Did Not Put Jews In Gas Chambers!

So, even though the Trump administration has officially gone around the bend and turned into a bunch of “George Bush 2.0 neo-con warmongers“, at least they are not failing to entertain and upset people! Sean Spicer did a good job upsetting the poor innocent jews in this clip….

From Infostormer:

The jews sure do have a monopoly on suffering… And everything else for that matter….

Anne Frank is upset about this and so is some other stupid Holohoax mob from what I hear. “Sean must resign“, they all wail…. Do they ever stop whingeing?

And as we all know, the All-Star Holohoax victim Anne Frank didn’t die in gas chambers anyway. That’s admitted in the fraudulent “diary”. She actually died of typhus, which is a disease, not part of an extermination program.

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on “Sean Spicer Confirms That Hitler Did Not Put Jews In Gas Chambers!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Well, yes I am saying the holocaust is a hoax, but that doesn’t mean i want to kill all jews. So where’s the contradiction man?

  1. dmdeedee

    Americans are being poisoned daily with chemical weapons being used in their foods and Pharmaceutical medications. Where is the U.S. government outrage for this? This bogus claim of chemical weapons having been used by Assad is pure propaganda by the Jewish media whores for war. The same parasites that have caused all wars in history…….and continuing. Hitler was right.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      It’s just a play on terms: Zyklon B lice disinfectant is a chemical and the gas chambers were a supposed weapon of death used against jews. Let’s not nit-pick too much man….


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