Now That Everything Is Fucked…

After looking at the disastrous day we’ve had in world politics with Trump launching missiles at Syria and no sign of anything better in the future, well, I suggest having a few drinks as a sure fire temporary solution!

Vodka is really good and that’s what I’m drinking right now.

Pour a glass, freezer chilled, and enjoy.

What the fuck else are you going to do?

P.S. I’m colluding with Russia by drinking this!

– BDL1983

15 thoughts on “Now That Everything Is Fucked…

  1. AryanWolf88

    Oy vey, you must be a Russian agent!

    But seriously though, the Syria situation has me baffled too. The war was about all wrapped up and then the POTUS launches a missile strike over a gassing hoax which is even more transparent than the Holocau$t! If he’s not a fool, or a Jewish agent, then he’s playing some deep game… Blessed if I know what that is, though.

    Just have to wait and see, I suppose… What the hell else can anyone do? No one has the balls to do much these days, anyway.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I hear ya man. The Trump thing’s going nowhere except up shit creek, so I’m having a few drinks to forget how shit it all is!

  2. mothman777

    Well put. What a stupid sod Trump is for doing that, when it is patently clear from documentation that Syria fully complied with the chemical weapons destruction program, and that Hillary Clinton then provenly supplied Sarin poison gas to the Syrian ‘rebels’ (ISIS and Al Qaeda mercenaries working with NATO for Israel) from Libya (if it really was from Libya, after allegedly having been confiscated from Gaddhafi under the Libyan disarmament program).

    The Russian-made aircraft used by the Syrian air force was not even equipped to carry Sarin munitions, and 250 people had earlier been kidnapped in Syria by the ‘rebels’, and this is where a lot of the bodies came from, surely, as the photos of peole touching the ‘Sarin’ victims showed no gloves being used, which, if it really happened, would have resulted in those people twitching and foaming at the mouth on the ground too, though some Sarin came from somewhere, and that was almost certainly a booby-trapped ISIS chemical weapons factory rigged to produce just this effect right on the eve of major peace talks, to scupper them and create a false excuse for precisely this kind of hysterical action by the US, and Trump himself surely knows how fake it all is, yet has just killed many people undoubtedly with his major attack on Syria, and he just cannot do that and expect that to be accepted.

    I think Trump is losing it big time, with his persistent aggressive war games close to the North Korean border and threats of military action against North Korea, and his selling arms to Saudi Arabia whose crypto-Jewish governing royal family of Wahhabi fake Muslims participated in the Mossad attack on the WTC in New York on 9/11 etc. etc., and he has even awarded Saudi Arabia a peace prize for ‘fighting terrorism’ (for fighting Gentiles), when Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest supporters of ISIS.

    There really are no excuses for this kind of thing, and I really cannot believe that it is all some kind of subtle plan by Trump to outfox the Jewish NWO plans, no, he is bending over backwards to facilitate them, even heavily risking war with Russia, which would undoubtedly be nuclear.

    Trump has no right to interfere with the affairs of a sovereign nation, and all this by him seems more and more clearly just to fulfill the earlier intentions to take over much of the Middle East for Israel.

    We can just wait now and see if President Putin decides to act on this, or whether he will let it go. Just maybe he will launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike on NATO nations, after all, that is what Israel is pushing him very hard to do, and how much can Mr Putin take before he does indeed have to do something, and not a pansy move, but a decisive move. Or maybe he will continue to be very diplomatic and merely protest to the UN or something.

    After all, the sheeple in the NATO countries are quite complacent about their chosenite governments committing these types of terrorist acts, so how much understanding and forbearance should he show them? They are quite prepared after all to sit whilst the slaughter of millions of complete innocents continues in the Middle East by NATO for absolutely no justifiable reason at all, so maybe they also can ‘justifiably’ be killed too by Russian nukes, in order just to stop the blood sacrifice mass slaughter by NATO countries, who are doing that only on behalf of Israel and the Jews.

    1. Roger Pack

      Liars are congenitally inclined to lie. They are born into a system that rewards the Liar. They see nothing wrong with lying to get what they want.They’ve been lying to us successfully for so long now that they’re ready to move on to the next stage, a critical one: something they call ‘post-truth’. Liars always feel threatened by truth, even when the majority of their victims can’t recognize the difference.

  3. souruitm

    There is a silver lining, and this one is not found on the vodka bottle: Assad threatens to rain Scud missiles on Israel if there are further attacks, apparently.

    Anything that goes after (((them))) sounds like a win to me.

  4. Mr HappyPantß

    Nigga, fix ya dam site! Ey thing up in here be mad shitty & sheeit! Boy i bota need some content & feed muh damn nigga kids. SHIT!
    I bin serious dog. Nigga bota get outta ideas fuckin & shit muffukas!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      No. Vodka is a Russian drink and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few of them. Vodka is very nice Ed, do have a couple yourself!

  5. whitelocust

    just looked over your site content, a lot of black pills, white nationalism 1.0 failed bro, the reasons for its failure are very clear. National Socialism will never be popular in America, its not going anywhere, besides the Nazi party was uniquely German and for the German people. American’s will embrace white nationalism 2.0 and have, we are growing, we share most of the beliefs of the NSDA, we will save the race.


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