The Tide Is Turning!

Oh yes, it is turning in our favour. Not instantly, but it’s definitely a shift that’s for sure. This is the reason Donald Trump is there. No matter what way someone wants to analyse it, his activities are awakening our people to a line of thought no-one ever had the guts to voice before! This is why Trump could be one of the great US Presidents.

Trump, although compromised by the Jews that surround him, should be able to give white America, and the rest of the white world (we hope), a leg-up sort of thing where we are no longer afraid to talk about the issues that actually effect us.

Everything I’ve seen so far from Trump is EXCELLENT! Regardless of whether he’s technically one of us is irrelevant. He’s nailed things far better than any other dickhead could have hoped to do in the same amount of time. This man DOES have a lot of power, despite the jews lurking in the midst, and the fact he’s moving quickly shows he’s not fucking around with his plans! I like his “no fucking about” attitude!  We shall see what happens in the future!

I believe this part of Yahweh’s Master Plan.

And if you hate God/Yahweh, then you are an arsehole and I hate you too. No if’s nor but’s.

– BDL1983

1 thought on “The Tide Is Turning!

  1. Flanders

    There is little doubt that the lying jewish press is Cain’s strongest legacy. It is those Scribes whom all of the leftists and jews rally around, and it is they, their Pharisees who lie to our people in order to destroy them and to keep them from true knowledge. It is the “press” which props up and supports the Federal Reserve and all of the usurious Central Banks of the world, using their ill-gained proceeds from White labor to conduct war on the world and spread death and destruction. Let’s hope that Trump can break their backs because there seems little doubt that the jewsmedia is intent on breaking him.

    “Bill O’Reilly, meet the real “KILLER”. Barack Obama’s massive kill list in charts”

    ‘You think our country is so innocent?’, President Trump asks after Bill O’Reilly calls Putin ‘a killer’

    “As the US liberal and neocon media freak out over Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, where Trump (GASP) admitted that he “respects” Putin, and America “is not so innocent” when it comes to killing…we present to you the real stone cold killer.

    Numbers don’t lie.”


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