3 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Man

  1. Mike atwood

    All the Jewish agenda I never saw or understood til the last couple of years. I think of all the wrong avenues and detours it encouraged me to take in my fucked life. My white parents were cruel cold and loved to play favorites with my sister. This was the opening for me to allow Jewish propaganda to take over my thinking and to have a one tracked mind bent on trying to punish my parents by rejecting all they ever taught me and at the same time just wanting them to love me as equally as my sister. This is what’s wrong with the white race- A lack of love and concern for each other many times even towards our on family members. We must love each other and stick together like Jews and blacks do. With out love we have nothing. Sometimes you can learn something from your enemies and I learned we should love our fellow whites hard stand up for them and not desert them for hell or high water. The future of our race lies with our children and love them hard whether they are yours or not. Give the enemy Jew and black no quarter or opening into their innocent little lives. Protect and love them hard. To all you white men and women love the HELL out of your step kids- your nieces nephews- your cousins- your neighbors kids. Until we learn to do this for our own race we are doomed. Love and help for each other and education as to who the JEWS and blacks really are is our only hope and anecdote to save our race. LOVE YOUR STEP KIDS AND YOUR NEIGHBORS KIDS AS YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I hear what you’re saying. It’s the true meaning of Christian “Brotherly Love” – Whites showing concern and support for other Whites where warranted. Society is all about the individual nowadays and it’s all self-self-self, to hell with everyone else. A sad state of affairs really…


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