E.T.P. On Hiatus…

If you like this site, well, never mind – it’s not dead! I’m just busy with some other stuff in real life at the moment. I’ll be quite a while before I get back to anything here. In the mean time listen to Snake Bite Love! Rock ya fucking bones to the core!

The title track is so addictive and this is a great film clip someone put together!

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on “E.T.P. On Hiatus…

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I’m waiting for a candle-lit vigil. A ‘sit-in’ simply won’t do! Hahaha!
      Nah, seriously if you have any “real” content, then email it to me man and I’ll post it….

  1. Noachideous

    Does the nkusa advocate for the destruction of racial nations ? That is what defines the jew for this scribbler…There can be no global parasite jewtopia wid out it yo…… If so… they’re more of the same…. jews… jewing their hosts…. again… After all the word jew is both a noun and a verb….. JEW….. It’s a doing word…. Just make sure that the jew snot doing you…. that’s all……

    Emancipate the Hosts !…………from the parasite.


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