AFL To Have An Official “Fag Match”….

Really? For fuck’s sake.

It’s hard to imagine how the Australian Football League could sink to any lower level after an entire season of “multicultural” rounds, “indigenous” rounds, and whatever other Jew social agenda rounds they push. BUT, they have found a way – Gay Pride Match!! And this, from an organisation which has stated numerous times that it doesn’t think it’s appropriate to make political statements at it’s games. Hypocrisy is the AFL’s middle name folks!

Here’s the nice gay articles about this weekends big gay-fest:

Rainbow flags to feature at AFL’s pride game between Sydney Swans and St Kilda

AFL Pride Game can be “Life Changing Event”

And here’s the nice gay alterations to the club uniforms (this is fucking funny!):

St. Kilda's gay numbers.

St. Kilda’s gay numbers and gay beanie.

Sydney's gay socks.

Sydney’s gay socks.

AFL's gay goal flags and some fag wearing a specially made "gay" St. Kilda scarf!

AFL’s gay goal flags and some gay wearing a specially made “gay” St. Kilda scarf!

And to top all this off, I’d suggest that next year they make it the whole round – Pride Round! In order to improve the spectacle though, they ought to do away with running through banners, and have the teams come out on big blow up “floats”!  They may as well “gay it up” fully! I hope the AFL holds nothings back! Hahaha!!

When the entire world is in “crash and burn” mode, we may as well have a laugh at shit like this when it happens!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “AFL To Have An Official “Fag Match”….

  1. AryanWolf88

    “Fucking sickening shit” just about sums this up… Where’s a puke bucket when you need one?


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