Today’s Society Is Pathetic

We’re all used to it now. Every second day it seems there is another terrorist attack of some sort. Whether it’s a genuine Moslem attack or a Mossad operation is beside the point. The overall reaction of society toward being attacked is retarded and it’s the same over and over again.

Who gives a fuck whether you're afraid or not?

Who gives a fuck whether you’re afraid or not?

I just don’t get it. Do these candle-lit vigil attendees and “Not Afraid” card holders actually think what they are doing is going to make one iota of difference to the crazed perpetrators of “terror“? As you are being blown up the last thing of any relevance is your emotional state! Saying that you are not afraid and burning candles in order to prevent further attacks is without doubt the most stupid response imaginable. It boggles the mind.

What also boggles the mind is the typical complete lack of anger in people. When you’re attacked isn’t it a natural instinct to seek out and deal with the attackers? Well, where the hell is the general anger at the attackers and their associated religion/ideology. Why is there no will to do anything about it? The lack of anger is remarkable, to say the least.

If you have a problem the first thing you do is try to identify the cause. Once the cause is known, you then try and get rid of it so you can be problem-free, right? Well, let’s just take the usual mainstream narrative of the “terrorist attack” – Moslem goes to crowded place, blows a bunch of people up or shoots them or runs them over (new one) or whatever, and that’s about it. Now, considering this same narrative has occurred over and over again and the attacks just keep coming, wouldn’t a logically minded person (or nation) want to root out the cause so the attacks stop? I mean, call me crazy, but is that not a fair way of analysing the scenario? All it takes is some brainy-act to sit down and go, “hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here and a certain underlying cause…” In this scenario it’s “Moslems come to country, blow people up”. Wasn’t happening before they started coming, but it is now, therefore they are the underlying cause. To fix the problem Moslems must be removed or it’ll just keep happening. It’s not rocket science and if the authorities were genuinely concerned about the “terror” problem, then this would be the first measure taken. That is simple logic.

Instead of using logic though, the reality is like this:

“Well, it’s not all Moslems” – Of course not all Moslems have committed acts of “terror”. If they had then the whole planet would be blown to fuck already! Accepting them into your country is akin to eating apples with the knowledge that 1 in 50 is poisoned. It’s not a bright idea is it?

“We should stand in ‘solidarity’ with Moslems because they’re the real victims” – What the fuck kind of logic is that? If they’re the ones doing the blowing up, then they are the perpetrators. The victims are the ones that got blown up. People are fucking dopes if they can’t work that out (and they cant).

So when you add together all this fucking ‘solidarity’ crap and multikulti at all costs, basically you have a recipe for disaster. If you are going to stand side by side with your racial enemies and invite them in to live with you, then what the fuck? You can’t expect things to turn out well.

Moslems (1)

Trying to live in ‘solidarity’ with people like this isn’t a good idea.

Anyone with eyes should be able to tell that Moslems are never going to be any fun to live with. Why would you want them in the first place? They’re all nothing but trouble. Mark my words.

– BDL1983

56 thoughts on “Today’s Society Is Pathetic

  1. Noachideous

    The last one…….White Privilege ?… To work hard and do well, amongst your own ?

    Not of any particular religious view here. More of an Occultist that observes and interprets the theatrical gymnastics of the jew and is of the informed opinion that jews are toxic to any Racial Nation they infest. At the moment, the jew wears a caring face, nominally ….white …..and uses theatre as a mechanism to conceal its poisonous intent in relation to the destiny of genuine YT peoples not jew…..

    If the word Mate is derived from the Egyptian word Maat, or Truth, then the jew is not yr Mate , speaks no Truth to those who host it……..and neither it would seem does the modern day noahidiotic YT FreeMason… 6 13… 42 58…. 1948…. The modern Mason, if )))YT((( appears to have aligned itself with the jew……. and is thus a snivelling traitor to itz own kind … and generations of ancestors who are also knifed in the back for the benefit of the jew.. The modern Mason appears selected by the jew for its treacherous proclivities. If there are Masons reading this…… show us why and how this is not the case….. Yr silence represents yr gutless, dishonourable complicity.

    As it stands Mason… you stand with jews to piss on the graves of your own ancestors.
    Yet you image yourself a good man made better….. or some such fkn self serving ….(((Shit)))……

    Europe has always been a massive Pub Brawl to a certain extent. Just as the Irish Catholics and Protestants need to cease their brawling and focus on bigger things related to auto-genocide by immigration, so to do others… As far as I can tell, the religious brawling about the place is not coming from the CI camp……. so much as certain others.

    Both McNallen’s Wotan and Lee’s Christian messages are appreciated here.

    My Olde Man was edjumacated in the (((humanities))) by BnaiBrith Filthe……..a psycho-analyst pretender and ritually self abusive jew wanker out of Deakin University, and (((THEY))) are indeed, truly deceptive, EVIL…. Murderous……Filthe of the frenzied variety.

    Out of necessity, jew evil wears a courageously…. Caring …. Face…… otherwise…. how else would the jew move close enough to inflict itself upon the other through feigned alliance and fake compassionate care inflicted on itz host through the firewall represented by Government.

    Hence…. the Minority…….. proxies……..


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