Aussie Election Day Tomorrow…

Tomorrow is the once every three years event where we get to head to the polls and make our votes count…..

Bob Dole or CLIN-TON?

Bob Dole or CLIN-TON? Either way, they’ll exchange long protein strands in private!

…… Well, that’s what they’d like us to think anyway. Of course, voting makes no difference when essentially your choices are Tweedledee or Tweedledum.

So, just to get the political passions flowing, let’s examine (mock) the two characters, one of whom will be the Prime Minister after tomorrows proceedings. My bet is on the “same old same old”, I.e. no change in PM, but only time will tell (bite nails with anticipation)!

First up we have this person:

Current PM Malcolm Turnbull - looks trustworthy...

Current PM Malcolm Turnbull – Looks trustworthy…

I’m quite sure he will win tomorrows election. Not because he’s anything great, but because his opposition is even more fundamentally unappealing, which we’ll get to in a second. If you’re Australian you are probably familiar with him minus the Jew hat, up there smiling at the TV camera and speaking in a Prime-Ministerial way. If you compare how Turnbull comes across compared to Tony Abbott, then you will see why they got rid of Abbott. He was all ‘ummmms and aaaaaahs’ stuttering around trying to put a sentence together. Turnbull can at least form sentences and he’s very good friends with the Jewish community, being one himself!

Now to the opposition.

This is Malcolm’s rival:

Labor leader Bill Shorten - Also very trustworthy....

Labor leader Bill Shorten – Also very trustworthy….

The thing about Bill Shorten is that he doesn’t look the part for Prime Minister, despite the signage behind him in that picture. He comes across as a small weaselly type of man, and although he can speak, he doesn’t have the ability to make himself seem like someone capable of leadership. This is why he will lose the election.

Apart from the above, he is of course (like all Labor politicians) an ex-unionist, which means essentially a communist or not far off. These types are all the same and I hate them all.

Another thing Bill has working against him is that he has a very funny shaped head. This picture helps illuminate:


Alien Bill.

Although it’s obviously a digitally altered image, Bill Shorten doesn’t look a bit out of place in Star Trek garb. The top of his head is so large that if he were painted light green he could easily audition for an acting role as an alien. I suspect he is part-alien, part-man, and is on a mission to deceive us all!

He also reminds me of these two:

Kodos and Kang.

Kodos and Kang.

“You won’t win, so return to your home planet Bill. Let the earthlings live freely” – election message from Kodos.

Who’ll it be? Jew Malcolm or Commie Bill? The choice is agonizing.

Happy voting tomorrow Australia!

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Aussie Election Day Tomorrow…

  1. Mr HappyPantß

    I sent a tweet to bill shorten earlier tonight:

    “If only your brain were as big as your forehead, you communist cunt! Your policies are a big fucking house of cards!”

    Lol. Twitters fun. I’ve read 2 articles just tonight about politicians & ABC anchors whining about twitter abuse.

  2. Noachideous

    The jews are likely to regard the arrival of Pauline Hanson PH 16 8 or 26 into the parliamentary jew palace with a deep sense of judaic foreboding. The ruminant rumblings of jewplicitous discontent are as always displayed in the form of multiple serpentine hissings replete with venemous spittle flecked bleating to do with the ‘hate’ and ‘bigotry’ and racism etc… ad tedium Yo infinitum….. Here’s a possible reason why.

    That the initial gemtria of the BnaiBrith’s 22.. 34 66.. 1948… Anti Defamation League 14 12 and the Anti Defamation Commission 14 3 amounts respectively to the gematria of GOD, 7 15 4 or 26 in the decimal or 42 in the Senary attests to the deluded self importance of these BnaiBrith creeps.

    Hence…. a reason why Joachim Peiper, whose initial gematria, 10 16 amounting to 26, was adorned with a placard wearing the number 42 on it as detailed here.
    It was more jew mockery. Perhaps the projecting jew imagined that he was so named for reasons of initial gematria as one suspects so many jews name their own, as a matter of deluded self deification. Note that Peiper was murdered in his own home in 1976, in a fiery ‘holocaust’ of his own, replete with the number 42 via product of 7 sixes.

    In François Lemoyne’s Time Saving Truth from (((Falsehood and Envy))) Time wears a Red garment for reasons related to symbolism. Given that the colour RED amounts to 18 in gematria, as does the letter R, and that the colour red is first revealed in the rainbow at a properly measured angle of 42 degrees, then by sum of 18 and 42 is derived the number 60… or 6… or EL. The Kikepaediophiles suggests that “He committed suicide in Paris in 1737 by stabbing himself seven times, six months after finishing the ceiling painting”…. Yeah… of course he ‘committed suicide’ precisely at the number 42… makes sense Yo ? Something suggests the other…..

    So back to Pauline Hanson, who may be popular because she reminds many of their own Mum, or the Mum they’d have like to have had for some. The initial gematria of her name amounts to GOD as in 26 and 42…. She has RED Hair, pointing to the numbers 42 and 18 or 60 or EL, and stands intuitively against, if left unmolested by the jews, every thing that the jews want to
    see…. that being the elimination of racial European YT as a racial Nation in Australia as much as (((they))) do in indigenous Europe.

    If Hanson is sincere, then the facts and circumstance will ensure that it will be necessary to address the question of the jew and its activities in the racial European world. Jews caring courageously for racial minorities in the racial European sphere is not because the scheming fkn jew actually gives a shit about the welfare of those minorities… its because they’re useful, base respondent jew tools in the plan to eliminate the target racial YT majority.
    You can be sure that the Australian Immigration Department vets all jew proxy immigrants as being fully responsive to jew appeals to the baseness in mankind…. Through this appeal to baseness is discovered to route the eternal darkeness that is represented by the jews’ 7 Laws of Noah.

    On the flag of israel… The two lines are often considered to represent the Brook of the Nile and the Eurphrates River, the full extent of greater israel…..reputedly. The lines may also represent Eleven, the numbers 7 and 42 in Senary. The number 7 amounts to (6 sum 1) or 11 in senary and the number 42 (36 sum 6) or 110 in senary. The six pointed star, as stated by David Lane if I remember rightly, only came to be regarded as a symbol of EVIL when the jews got hold of it… like everything else. If the STAR 19 20 1 18 or 58 represents 6 (6 13 mitzvot 6 58) then the star 6 product 7 (11) amounts to 42…..or….. if the star and two lines are representative of 6 and 42, then by sum amount to 48 … or FDB or OHPI ….. Yo….. Dey be ‘Fightin’DemBack….. all of Dems….for ‘israel’…

    Two atomic columns over Japan for semiotic shaping at the end of WW2.

    For JDN… 13 stars each of 6 points…… 6 13 derived of 42 58 from which is derived 1948.

    Further… the number 7 is the number of GOD, then by sequential senary conversion, starting at the number Seven are derived 7 11 15 23 35 55 131 335 and so on, representing other divine numbers. The letter O is 15, the letter W is 23 or twice U or twice 21 or 42.

    On the hundred shekel note with the 1948 aware judas goat monash on it being 158×65 in dimension, a possible clue to its origin. Two numbers 35 and 23…. sum and product of each amounts to 15 8 and 6 5 respectively.

    I continue to be of the view that all members of the Online Hate Prevention Institute OHPI 48 and the ADC ADL of the BnaiBrith and their lickspittling noahides be formally and properly banned from the Australian War Memorial…… and all racial European War Memorials….. The reasons are self explanatory for all…. as a matter of principle and Honour. Who, aware of their jew treachery, could possibly want them there. It is an affront…… to everything……..

  3. Noachideous

    There’s an error in the analysis of the initials PH as detailed below.

    Most of what is done here with the numbers is from the view that the ‘jews’ present as a people who could be considered to be collectively “Nutz” as borne out by history, and constitute a ‘nation’ of psychotic, deceptive, scheming Uncle Bullies, liars and murderers, who, like all con artistes are more concerned and sensitive as to their public reputation than real deeds.
    Hence the two faced duplicity, the focus on ‘defamation’… and the need to constantly and insistently whitewash how they’re perceived in the hosts targeted public mind.

    This establish ment one ‘ere seems perplexed as to the identity of the mythological ‘jew’…. Well….as a guide, here it is, below, to different tunes this time. The GHB amount in physical gematria to 38 29 or 24 18 or 42. Or even 11 11 or 22. Just as much does ODIN amount to 42. The JUW who’ll not be blamed for nuthin’ begins to materialise then enter the frame at the 23 second mark. At the 54 second he’s there again, and as you can see, he is thoroughly enjoying a performance that the JUW believes exists entirely for his benefit as ‘god’s’ existential manifestation.

    The Piper or Pi per or 3.14 per 42’er plays 3 Reels or 3R 3 18, 54 or JUW in the year JUW 96 or 54, and the initial gematria of the Piper amounts to RP, 1816 or 34 or 34 66 or 1948….So….. Mr Jewy jew, hears the call of the 42 Pipes, thinks, as always that its, again, all and only about him… as “The JUW”… God’s Chosen people ? ………….. Yr an idiot………j wire jew.

    On the Maat Thematical error in the esoteric analysis of Pauline Hanson’s existence as a future resident in the jew palace and her significance to the tormented rabbinical mind. It is the result of attempting a further understanding of the symbolic nature of the colour RED and its meaning to the jew in their insane scribblings..

    So far, that understanding suggests that the blood of the dupe and the innocent tastes sweetest and represents chai 18 or life….. The blood of the informed would be distasteful, contaminated by Truth and as pleasurable as feeding on carrion.

    I had been reading of the jews ‘Red Heifer’ construct and its role in jew sacrificial conjurations.
    That the initial gematria of Red Heifer amounts to 18 8 or 26 or GOD may explain its significance to the jew. The jew often capitalises the R and H in Red Heifer. George Soros may imagine himself to be GOD…. as in GS 7 19 or 26.

    It is inevitable that those who study the numerology of the jew, always with the protection of metaphysical surgical gloves, will be confronted with a storm of numbers that through examination begin to coalesce into some form of semiotic order of relevance that the jew has interpreted to be all and only about… …the jew….

    The initial gematria of PH is of course 16 8 or 24…. It is this, combined with the gematria of RED 18, that amounts to 42, or as much as does 888 666. The jews may even believe her to be a portent and a Witch sent to torment them, eventually, with Truth.


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