Twitter, White Racial Identity, and Comments….

Time to die.

Time to die.


I have had my day with Twitter. I am completely sick of it. Therefore I have made the decision to kill my account in 48 hours time. The reason for this is that it is nothing but a distraction from reading or writing something decent. All you wind up doing is wasting time arguing with random anonymous Twitter “handles”. Fuck that! There is nothing worse than dealing with a world of intellectually regressive arguments, so why bother? I don’t care what some anonymous Twitter idiot has to say!

Anyway, ACTUAL people who have ACTUAL names and faces can drop me a line in the comment section here if you want to contact me, then we can go from there. Basically, if I can’t verify that you are a real and genuine person, then I have no interest whatsoever in discussing or arguing anything with you. I’ve decided that my new policy on interacting on the internet is going to be: either you will be prepared to VIDEO Skype with me so we each know who we’re dealing with OR you can just piss off. That’s it. End of story.

White Racial Identity

White Racial Identity

White Racial Identity

I’ve also decided that I don’t need two websites. So what’s going to happen over the next however long a period of time, is I’m going to re-post all of the original content from White Racial Identity here, along with whatever else I deem necessary. After I’ve gone through the whole site, it will then be deleted. Merging everything back into Expel The Parasite is the way to go, that way I can focus my energy better.


Trolls: “Fuck off” or “Get fucked” will be my first response, and that’s only if I decide to publish your bullshit. After that you will be permanently banned. Most likely your first comment will go straight to trash anyway, so you needn’t bother.

Dissenting comments: I will only respond if you are prepared to prove your identity (or I know who you are already), like I said above. Besides, VIDEO Skype is not that hard to do. Otherwise, why should I take you seriously?

Good comments: Welcome!

– BDL1983

15 thoughts on “Twitter, White Racial Identity, and Comments….

  1. GDSoldier

    Two birds with one stone! It’s gonna be an interesting year for sure brother. 1488-SIEG HEIL

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Yeah, decided it’s time to streamline the internet activity…. I think you’re the only person who gives a shit anyway!! “Interesting” is one way to term the year and what’s in store… Damn jews! 14/88

  2. vikingbitch

    Say what you want about Prince, but he nails it right here in this piece about the Internet being dead. He compared it to MTV. He knew the score about having his brand stolen from the Jew via “social media”, which really is the usurping of our Germanic social capital.

  3. Noachideous

    Faschlub’s good if you can stay on for long……. Noachideous FortyTwo was active for about for 2 weeks or approximately 14 days…..before it was 86’d, RedPoppied, RP or 1816 34 for 1948. The Isreally kewl, well funded and charitable OHPI 1948 Dr Ebola and his censorious ‘anarchist’ krew…. pause….a mightily edgy… Yo… to youse oboler der…… at the very Kosher Monash University MU 34 66 1948…..a big 158×65 100 shekel note to youse all..end pause…,,,, indicate via a minimal amount of pagination over at the SB ‘Tard’s Faschlub, that they may have been somewhat uncomfortable at getting a mention on the UPF page so as to enlighten the UPF’s incredulous wide eyed audience.

    The ‘tardweezils must’ve wailed in a discordant rodentine concerto to the fomenting home broode at Faschlub to have it shut down quicker than the arm of a triggered RaTrap. The slippery jooze extended a demand for three pieces of scanned yID and for not a single piece of their 30 shekels of quicksilver…in usurious return.

    The attempt was made to have faschlub, if it ever was an internet based place of public learning, safer for the jew as much as those same syphilitic establishment jews seek to make public schools for ‘goyische’ children safe for those who yearn to finger, harm and molest the sexual integrity and health of the Child as a vulnerable innocent.

    Kudos to UPF for letting the rantings of an ostensibly insane yet well informed and sincere MadKelticMagus stand until that Time……
    “God, or Time for the rationalists, has created human races and tribes, and the races have different cultures, different ways of challenging life.”

    Time in European allegory is also depicted as the Father of Truth, Herself Female, usually eternally virginal, in a state of respectful undress…
    These ritually self abusive Kosher Klowns delude themselbs into thinking that the ‘jew’ is the singular purpose of the creation…’Chosen’ by Time…….Thus the exterminationalist jew sets determinedly about seeking an end to the Time of others…….. The Kalergi klown and obsequious cocky shit jew toole parroted its masters voice and declared that Time and space should end for racial Europeans.

    So Chosen by Time is the immortally ‘honest’ jew that certain of its metaphysical symbolism is crafted in the six based Senary counting system……

    To count this with two five fingered hands, use your right hand for counting ones and the left for the ‘sixes’…… When you’ve counted Five Ones on the right, make a fist again while at the same time extending a finger only the left for the six…. Continue cyclically. When you run out of fingers… use your toes….
    For instance….. The initial gematria of the subversive jew BnaiBrith is BB or 22 in the Decimal counting system…. In Senary this equates to 34, that is, you’ve counted by fingers 3 Sixes and 4 Ones on the way to 22 while counting in your noggin to 22……. So there are 3 fingers on the
    left hand sticking out and 4 ones on the right…….. Or simply divide 22 by 6 to derive 3 (18) with 4 ones left over. Now recall via 34 and 66 are derived 7 12 and 12 36 or 1948……. Yo….
    The numerological point in time and birthdate by design of the exclusively ethnostatist, theocratic entity being the OHPI’s major philanthropic benefactor, motivation and hate source.

    It becomes clearly obvious that the BnaiBrith are mocking their European hosts…..again…… as jews always do…. about the fact this jew organisation is working by deceptive means in this largely European Racial Nation to achieve its hosts’ elimination via either racial adulteration or
    contrived War leading to the mutual elimination of both proxies who are incited by the jew to war against each other. All for the benefit and delight of the jew…….

    As always. The first refuge of the liar and the thief accused is feigned indignation…. The ADC are ubiquitously and tiresomely ‘shocked’ and ‘outraged’ by one thing or another of their own making…..

    For instance……..The 223 NATO is a standardised calibre for proxy use by ‘goy’ in ‘allied’ military small arms. The numbers mean something…. as always….
    Via the standardised method of sum and product of 223 are derived 7 and 12…..Now where have these numbers derived from 34 and 66 amounting to 1948 been seen before ?…
    Yesssss… of coursssssse… Melbourne’s very Kosher Red Poppy 1816 or
    34……Monash University MU 34 ….. in relation to the slithering jew snakes that connive to bring the parties together in a courageously caring manner so as to have Racial Europe war against the Arab world for the benefit of jew Israel……… How gay is that ?!!! As gay as 42 Noahide Rainbows in a single 24 hour day,,,,,, that’s how gay…….

    It is and would be mightily edgy if this not particularly plucky round were renamed the 223 BBMU Calibre…..after the BnaiBrith’s strong links with Monash University whose WornTongue jewhiss departments are active in engaging racial Europeans not born jew in a punitive manner consistent with Rabbi Shimon Cowens’ shameless Noachide imperative.

    So remember peoples who will inevitably and with contrived judaic malice aforethought become the targets of this firearm, and your lungs are aerated by multiple rounds of .223, that you died for the benefit of Lillian Freiman’s BnaiBrith… and all the malfeasant Darkness that ‘greater’ jew ‘israel’ stands for……

    It was suggested earlier that ethically challenged jewel Oorstraelien Dr Ebola select a Rifle in a Kabbalistically contrived calibre and ceremoniously fuck off to the ME and fight his own Wars…… The .223 should perhaps be that calibre.

    WTFU European Man…. There is no Honour in fighting and dying as proxies for these jewplicitous Pharisaic Filthe…. who will contine to piss on the memory of your European Ancestors while they stand victimitudinously by your side as ‘ally and ‘fiend’

  4. Noachideous

    Those who covet the things or the Time others have demonstrate an almost psychotic attention to detail……. It is because they machinate and connive within what they believe to be the safe space that constitutes their own tortured mind…. It may well prove to be that our minds are in fact not our own…

    More than any other, the jew constitutes such a creature….. Those whom the jew perpetrates against must necessarily develop a similar yet attention to detail, for the purpose of self-defense in countering this perennial and insistent blood and Time sucking parasite.

    The jew represents an entity that feeds on the Life Force of the other……..

    If the alpa-bet contains 26 letters when counted in decimal then it must necessarily contain 42 letters when counted in senary as in 4×6+2. Write the alphabet down…in Senary gematria. It provides a valuable insight into the by design nature concealed within. The jew has said that its deity has 42 letters in its name. Thus, for the jew in English speaking countries, the 42 lettered AlphaBet is used to manufacture Words, and these words combined constitute carefully crafted Lies and Deceptions as heard, seen or interpreted by the uninformed Minds of innocents so targeted for the purpose of asset stripping or outright theft, or usury by the kike. Jew words represent emanations borne of the Dark side.

    The Alphabet may likewise be used to manufacture words and speech, heavily invested in empirical evidence that aspire to asymptotic Truths designed to reveal and characterise the nature of jewhiss trickery as injurious to the health of others by ‘virtue’ of the imperatives described in the malfeasant jew ‘religion’…… as applied to others not born ‘jew’…..

    Consistent with the theory that members of the BnaiBrith and the OHPI fight their own fucking wars, and lead by example, a more gematraically suitable weapon for Dr Ebola has been discovered…… With this, he will surely be regarded by his own as THE psycho-babbing suited up, belted up Dr Ebola, Mr T for TetragrammaTron from Punchy… You can kut da cnuts and enemmees of yidsrael in half with far more eeze with dis dan wid da udder bro……all the while bellowing out a massive rebel Yo to impress yr buddies ober der at the BnaiBrith. It could be said that you’d really den be “Fightin’DemBack” 48 Ebola….. Yo….. again and without end…..

    That weapon is the M60 general purpose machine gun…. belt felt for single armed aesthetic effect while yelling to yr audience like a Yiddish Yambo…… “I didn’ do anything” and chambered in the military equivalent of 308W, the 7.62 BBMU…. It is poiufect for the BnaiBrith leader always first to leave the trenches….. and for the following reasons.

    The gematria of JEW in decimal is 10 5 23 or 38…. the calibre is 308 or jew…… It is suffixed by the letter Double U… U being the 21 letter of the alphabet and double U… thus 42…… Yo….
    It is designated the M60…. or 1360…… closely approximating the 6M or 613 of the ‘holocaust’ and also the 613 mitzvoth of the jew…… Excellent it is for laying down heavy fire on holocausted goyims wid da help of da BnaiBrith 1948 buddy as helper and spotter, if not going single handed while yelling out in yiddishe Ramboi stoiyel……. 613 also amounts to 1948 by 42 58 as detailed oilier….. Its calibre is 7.62 BBMU…… from 7.62 we derive 7 12… itself a reminder of the BnaiBrith and Monash Universitee’s 34 66 or 7 12 or 1948…….

    So there you have it , the Boiz from the OHPI of the Brith……. suited up, Belted up and ready go a holocausting the goy…… demselbs,…. and not via the safety of an AngloCeltic proxy whose gonna get pissed on by them same and now presently stay at home boiz from da Brith …………later…….

    What do you reckon Monash Universitees’ Wahleed Aly and Slackarsed ‘tards of the BB MU ? Do you think that’d be a fine Top 10, 4.2 + 5.8 or 3.4 + 6.6 Project ? For dems to fightdemback their own wars in the middle east ? for the benefit of 1948…….and the finest jewhiss principle of leading and bleeding by example ?

  5. Noachideous

    The “Flag of Europe” was designed by a jew………Levy……. It has 12 Golden stars in a 12G or 12 7 kikel…. If the numbers 12 and 7 are derived of 34 and 66 or 1948 and its aspect? ratio is .6666666 and EU amounts to 5 21 or 26 or 42 in the Senary, and GOD amounts to 7 15 4 or 26 and the jew imagines itself to be the existential manifestation of god, or indeed GOD itself……….Then surely the EU and Europe exists to serve only jew Israel…….. Further to that cause, the jew is attempting to uncreate racial Europe by sucking every last bit of Life Force from it such that it exists and a mere inanimate automaton, a Golem for the jew, whose purpose is only to serve the will of the jew…. Hence jew advocacy for an influx of the individuated multicultural hordes who don’t give a shit about anything more than ….. ‘show me the money’…… Money a ‘divine’ creation of the jew manufactured out of thin air, representing the parchment onto which the rabbids write the name of their demented interpretation of the Divine and that parchment placed or withdrawn from the mouths of the golem according to whether the jews desires it Life or Death……. Hence….. the 158×65 100 shekel Oorstraelien note.

    You’ll notice that every establishment jew’s a highly edjumacated jew of some sort or another.. It’s all part of the teflon suited ruse to have a look ‘up’ to them in snake oil peddling awe and wonderment……..

    The ‘good’ Dockter ADC 14 3 over here has been circling about in a more of less quiescent holding pattern over its fly blown pile of steaming lies and deceptions…. More recently and out of urgent necessity, the good doctor’s quacked out another sedacious Quaalude the put the golemic masses back to sleep when the risk is that they might have been aroused to the dissonant clash of conflicting narratives.

    It easiest to stick with numbers here because it avoids the miasmic minutiae MM 26 MartyBr yant 132, BAC 213 of endless discussions that amount to nothing more than he said, she said….. However… if the murderous jews having done over the Russians were on their way to your have a go at your particular people, it is entirely rational, good and proper to seek their obstruction and removal out of the influence of those they seek to harm, as they do…. always….. Although the jew will wail that it is hateful, frightful and with saddened pious countenance, declare shock and outrage…… allowing jews to rule over others is akin to a kindergarten staffed with Rock Spider and Pedo’s…. Innocents end up harmed through no fault of their own….

    Now all Ken Livingston needs to do is to declare that jew Israel was required to be created in 1948 and that WW2 from 1939 to ’45 is in the shape of a jew temple menorah with ’42, at the centre……… Then watch the holy sparks of the ‘divine’ fly in earnest……..

  6. Noachideous

    The jew is wailing again as the jew is wont to do.

    Like the jew, zionism wears two faces….. The creation of the jew state in 1948 as planned via the two contrived wars brought about by a spell binding media, then greater Israel………. And the destruction of ‘goyische nations not jew…….

    Leading to a dominionist totalitarian noahidiocy in the non jew world.

    The jew in the article is wailing disingenuously so as to give some illusion that the jew suffers too. It should be recognised for what it is…….. malignant……. virtue signalling…… designed to induct others by means of stealth and deception into a jew designed outcome, aided and abetted by an entire barking mad menagerie of judas goats the world over.

    For the jew, diversity equals dominion….as required by the text of the jew religion of ‘tolerance’.

    The jew appears to translate its metaphysical semafores seamlessly between the senary and the decimal.
    The ‘new’ matildas are more likely the jew matildas. By the numbers… evidenced by the importance of initial gematria to the kikes of Dr Ebola’s OHPI….. The letter J amounts to 10 in decimal, and the letter N 14……. If the number 14 is assumed to be senary, then it amounts in senary to 10…. or the letter J…….. thus……. Jew Matilda………. an nest of jackals, hyenas and carnivorous jewy jumbucks in fluffy sheeps clothing.

    The jew’s lecturing is so piously prolific that its almost as if the jew imagines itself GOD.

    Evidence pertaining to the origin of the word JEW is enough to have others think that the jew is indeed the victim of its own delusory device.

    The word JEW amounts to 10 5 23 or 38…….. just like the world DEATH 4 5 1 20 8 amounts to the same. Curious it is that each and every people known to have entertained the jew and its words for long enough suffer that same fate…..

    Now if JEW or 10 5 23 is assumed to represent senary and is converted to decimal………..then the numbers 6 5 (12+3) or …… 6 5 15… or 26….amounting in gematria to 26 or GOD or 7 15 4 are derived………So the word JEW is interchangeable with GOD….. in the mind of the jew anyway…….The jew must likely feel itself…….. ordained with the responsibility of who lives and who dies….and who is rewarded and who is punished….. in the fucked up world run of the jew……

    In the Theban or Witches alphabet there are three letters that do not have equivalents in the English…. These letters are JUW…..10 21 23 or 54, the ones who’ll not be blamed for nuthin’….when there’s a whole load of unlawful RiP work going on…. If the word JEW……… or 10 5 23 is assumed to represent decimal, then in senary it amounts to 14 5 35….. or……54.

    So the jew is a ‘god’ of sorts…… a bringer of and delighter in the un-natural and un-timely death of others….. wherever it is ensconced….. As the European world is gradually finding out themselbs.

  7. Noachideous

    Abe’s balls are metastasizing….. The purpose of the BnaiBrith is to harass and hector those ‘goyims’ who have no desire to believe in or practice the lies of judasism. They’re allowed to do this wearing the disguise of a ‘charity’ funded by the jewhiss state. It is probably unlawful and unconstitutional…. but the likes of Little Jonny Howard and Bobby Hawke are advisors to the BnaiBrith on how best to fuck over Australian goyims in Oz……… The image of the concentration camp Kapo comes to mind.

    The jew must surely quote the numbers as some sort of conjuration or invocation of the Divine to aid in the service of its deceitful cause…. The kosher clown’s 76 apparently….. or 42….

    ADC amount to 14 3 or ……42…… and ADL amount to 14 12 or…. 26….. or GOD…… 42 is the Senary representation of 26….. Thus the jew is once again…… GOD….. God is indeed everywhere and walks among us in the form of the jew…….

    Remember the (42) 888 246 poppies from the Tower of London ?….. The word ‘of’ implies multiplication…. as in half of 2 is 1……… …….. The initial gematria of this judaic semaphore is 20 of 12 or 2×12 or 24….. The initial or complete gematria of the word RED is 18……….. Thus from this point of view… 24 sum 18……..the 888 246 Tower of London poppies also amount to 42. It is in fact a kosher celebration for the jew…….. It cannot be anything else. Only Monsters would do this…..

    The BnaiBrith were involved in the manufacture of that component of remembrance… at the very least…….. That the slippery fuckers are still permitted to opine on matters relating to the destiny of Europe is in itself a crime of monstrous proportions…..But the jew is after all…………… A Monster……and THEY LIVE …. amongst others as ‘victims’.

  8. Noachideous

    Boats have featured at the Norse Gaels……… Olde habits die hard in Oz….and the mayhem is a joy to watch. Here’s how we Boat about….. Down Under……. It’s racial, its in the blood and largely the province of the racial European.

    The PC 16 3 or ’48 crowd, led in every which way by the fucked up jew will try to destroy that with ‘diversity’… It’s ‘Tikkun Olam’ ya know…..

    Europe’s Blood and Culture is for everyone….. jew first.

    The initial syllabic gematria of……. Vam Pire….. amounts to VP or 22 16 or 38 or DEATH or JEW.
    The Ancients knew……. the jew……. Blood is RED, RED amounts to 18…. and 18 represent chai or Life……. for the jew……..

  9. Noachideous

    The jew has assumed the position of a giant judaic squat monster, and your
    mind is its chamber pot. The jew desires that your flustered attempts to avoid the jew storm be rendered flaccid and in vain.

    Recently Head TelleTubbie 20 20, 3466, 1948 and un-Australian squatter borne of the BnaiBrith, Dr Ebola of the OHPI 48, has been waving his stinky winkie about and wailed on into the goyims with threats to give them a good schlapping should they not Noahide to his satisfaction at her faschlub page.

    If you’re of racial European heritage, it should be viewed as a threat to have Dr Ebola’s boiz blow hard with indignation while attempting to bugger yr bagel in the courts, should you have no desire to participate in its squalid vampiric religion that demands the establishment of yidsrael in
    1948, the destruction of all racial nations, Europeans right now, and then impose the 7 Laws
    (7L or 7 12 or via 34 66 1948) on the everyone else.

    Judasism gives the jew religious licence and permission to corrupt the courts through various means should it suit their malign purposes.

    Eber noticed the jew whining about ‘hate’ all the time ? As it happens HATE amounts to 8 1 20 5 or 34 or 1948… So you could say that the source and state of HATE is at 1948…… Yo….. Now that’s a fine start for an ‘antifa’ rally mantra…..But the ‘antifa’ won’t say Bew to the jew, because they’re all in cahoots with the jew plan to HATE on Whitey…..most.

    In jew screwed Oorstraelia, these HATE at 1948 laws are called 18C laws… They’re designed to silence the targeted racial group, Europeans, so that youse can’t say Boo to the juwes for fear of a good financial raping by the stinky claw of the digital kike… It is also designed to empower racial minorities so that they too can stomp on whitey as proxies for the BnaiBrith….

    Because remember…the first jew marketing mantra the individuated multicultural horde hear when they walk down the Red kosher carpet is ……. It’s all about you……..

    18 C amounts to 18 by 3 or 54 or JUW…. So they’re JUW laws crafted for the benefit of the jew world order, by the jew itself to ensure the JUWes remain the ones who’ll not be blamed for nuthin’…Its gematraic lineage is probably this below, and is again likely an invocation or conjuration for the benefit of the kikel agenda. At best they’re laughing at the goyim….. as jews are known to do, when its safe to do…..

    BnaiBrith amount in initial gematria to BB or 22….. By sequential senary conversion, we find that 22 amounts to 34 and if again converted to senary it amounts to (5×6 sum 4)…. or 54 or JUW………

    So we need a media based public conversation … To discuss whether these HATE 1948 laws are designed with malign intent to deny other Oorstraeliens what legal ‘professionals’ might call ‘Natural Justice’…….and are thus invalid due to religious bias……

    What do you reckon Ebola ? Or pehaps the self ordained anarchic pope of rebellious piety and “Bio Ethicist” BirdBrain at Red Poppee…. Monash Universitee over at SlackBastard… 19 2…..38.

    Is it right and ‘bio ethical’ that BnaiBrith establishment jews be permitted walk and squawk freely amongst the descendants of those who they mock and squat with their 888 246 ….RP 18 16 …. 34… 1948 Lillian Freiman ..BnaiBrith confected …CornPoppies CP 3 16 … 48……

    Would you like to discuss this on the ABC’s QandA in a live debate with a panel of European Nationalists perhaps ?

    Or perhaps any other of the Filthe of the ‘journalist’ class at Monash Universitee that are characterised by their congenital cowardice in telling the truth…. which constitutes the very reason for their future or present employment.

    The 100 shekel note with the jew who led AngloCeltic sons in the 14 18 war for the benefit of jew yidsrael in 1948 is 158 x 65…. For reasons best known to the malignant establishment jew, this amounts like other semiotic constructs to 223… or 7 12 via 34 66 to 1948…….

    1948 representing the fulfilment of a ‘prophesy’… as much as Mel Gibson’s Apocalyptic sacrifices by the priest class to the ‘gods’ on a known day of eclipse at an entirely cyclical time of celestial confluence. More of the same stink at the squatmonster link below.

  10. Noachideous

    The ADL 26 and ADC 42 jew gods is getting all hot and bothered by the parentheses…..If the jew imagines itself as the singular manifestation of bipedal ‘god’, and a manifestly vicious, jewplicitous and loathsome deity at that, then it will accept the most meagre of metaphysical morsels that confirm its grandiloquent delusions of deity.

    The 3 parentheses represent such a delicacy for the monomaniacal jew.

    The jew Temple Menorah TM 20 13 or 26 42 or GOD consists of 3 candelabra perched either side the central holder that may represent ‘god’.
    Coincidentally, 26 sum 42 amounts to 68 and the sum and product of 68 amounts to 1448….. The troll worthy Temple has 6 about the central (16) and the Hanukah… 8…..(18) or 16 and 18 or 34 66 and 1948….

    So it is entirely rational for an entire deluded broode of frenzied Pharisees to exalt in having their magnificent and ontologically exceptional names wrapped in the parentheses. After all, by the initial gematria of 3 Parentheses 3P or 3 16 is derived by sum and product 19 and 48…… or 1948…..

  11. Noachideous

    If there are 12 5 pointed mullets on the EU flag then it is numerologically equivalent to EL or 5 12 or 60……. El being a hebrew ? name for ‘god’.

    You’ll see the numbers 49 and 53 bandied about in the media a lot these days in what may amount to a form of signalling and semafore . It is worth doing the math to determine that both numbers sum to 102…… If the word DEATH 4 5 1 20 8 amounts to 38 in decimal, then it amounts to 102 in senary.

    Just as much as three different weapons, owned by ‘GOD’ MB 13 2 26 and amounting to 34 by 3 might derive 102 in senary or DEATH 38.

    If the number 666 in decimal amounts to 3030 in senary, then you might be considered an insane bias confirmationist to suggest that it formed the semiotic basis of the 303 British round, but not so much perhaps if one recognised the similar existence of the 30-30 W round.

    Or ….. If 26 and 42 are the numbers of ‘god’…… and if it is suspected that the two world wars were contrived events, brought to you by (((god))) for the creation of jew Israel in 1948, and pondered as to whether there exists evidence surrounding the date 1926 that might confirm
    that suspicion………

    And concluded that in the occluded……Indeed there is ……. The end of WW1 is considered to be 1918 and the start of WW2 1939. Not including the dates ’18, ’26, ’39…. There are 7 years between 18 and 26 and 12 between 26 and 39……. leaving the symbolic numbers 7 and 12 derived of 34 and 66… amounting to 1948. Then perhaps yr not quite as Nutz as the Andy Fleming of the totalitarian jew friendly Anti Fa would have others believe you to be.

    So you could perhaps be forgiven for thoughts that the Dark Lords’ 4 12 48 of Sssslitherin’ 6 13…or 7 12… might actually exist in the form of the BnaiBrith , and acts as if the earthly lodge of the lubricious Lord Voldemort 12 22 or 34…. 66 1948, and that he does indeed live and breathe deception so as to feed actively with his Death Eater 45 minions amongst and on the Blood and Life Force of others…… not jew…….

    BBC amounts to 223 and is used as a weapon to eliminate the indigenes of those unfortunates who internalise is jewplicitous spiels cast broadly.

    Kike wise, the Australian Broadcasting Commission… ABC amounts to 123, by sum and product 6 and 6 or 66, 12 36, 48 like Dr Ebola’s OHPI, its lissajous symbol in fact a stylised jew star…..and a depraved porcine flinger of Kosher Castings at its undernourished yet privileged Euro goyische target audience.

    Not all occultic activity represents EVIL… 48. Most assuredly when subverted by the JUW, does such activity become LIVE EVIL…. 4848 96 54 or JUW and its perpetrations meted out without relent against the unwitting and the innocent.

    Is the scheming fork tongued ‘anarchist’ known as Andy Fleming AF 16 or 7 a jewed ‘mason’, a taker of oaths constrained, not free to be an ‘anarchist’ at all ?.. and thus another kosher noahide ? who gobbles down hard on the phallus of the Pharisee if not jew itself ? The word SlackBastard or SB amounts in gematria to 19 2 or 38 and 29….38 sum 29 amounting to 67….or
    42. Or 24 18 or 42 or… again.. by 42 58 to 1948.These numbers would be important to any jew subverted organisation because 38 29 sum in themselves to 11 11 then 22 or 34 66 1948. By senary conversion of the number ‘eleven’ is derived the number 7… or G… The Governor Galoot of SlackBastard.

    The local Masonic branch has more recently coined an unfortunate yet accurate…. acronym DUM.. or Diversity Unity Mateship, most likely because it amounts to 4 21 13 or 38 and published on a symbolic page 4,5. The sum and product of 45 points to 29… pointing to 38 29……or ultimately 34 via 22 then 1948. If the number 45 is interpreted as representing a senary number as all having numbers less than 6 may, then 45 senary amounts to 29 decimal yielding 38 29 or 24 18 or 42 by that method.

    The powers that be Gas Light 7 12 in many ways, even by the numbers. Not only does this writer wield a Drivers Licence 1448EA summing to 14 48 6 or 68 via 26 42…. Kneel before yr deified Noachideous, jews… particular vocationally required ‘pass’ of some import wears the number 3845….or 38 29 or 42. As Professor Jewlius might ask again…. Why is it so ? …

    To the Masons.. I would say this. If you really are Sons of Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and her 42 negative affirmations….. then live up to that expectation and refuse to kneel as ‘noahides’ to the lying jew, a master deceiver, fake facsimile of the Divine, who like everything else, claim masonry to be a contrivance of the JUW, despite the fact that the jew, new to the game, is always an impostor, fraud and a murderer because the jew is a liar and a deceiver first.

    If 26 and 42 sum to 68, then don’t be a Bad Boy Bubby by sum and product of 222 deriving 68 and 1448. Cease and desist at being a MoFo 13 6 to the delight of the yidiotic jew…. who likes Being There….. to watch. Expel the jew parasite from the lodges…… for all eternity.

    The Races and Nations are the creation of Time… You must surely know this Masons….. The jew seeks, or will as a function of its demented narcissitic delusions of Deity… destroy it all…. and turn this Earth into a JEW or DEATH STAR… a metaphysical black hole because the jew is all and only about ‘the jew’ and …..Dominion over subjugated others….. as a function of the same.

    Eber seen the word TRUTH mention once amongst the mad scribblings of the psychotic hate wailers at the OHPI 48 ? The concept is poisonous to the treacherous fucks… that’s why.


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