“Expel The Parasite” Not Dead….

Just a short note to tell people who actually like this site, that it isn’t dead or anything. I’ve just not had much quality time to write stuff. I’ll be back on here properly in the near future! In the meantime, listen to some tunes…..

Actually, come to think of it, the main point of this post is to push that damn stupid Flat Earth shit off the top of the site. It’s all true what I said in that article, but I just can’t stand looking at it anymore! (It appears every time I log on the bloody computer and I don’t feel like recycling some old article at the top.)

Back soon….

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on ““Expel The Parasite” Not Dead….

  1. GDSoldier

    Amen brother, I lol’d hard at your demolition of Flat Erf, but if I hear someone else tell me bout this crap like it’s real AND I care, there will be carnage! FFS!! Pancake retards.

  2. Noachideous


    Until such time as Henry reveals to his significant audience that jew Israel had to be created in 1948 so as to fit some convoluted and contrived ‘prophecy’ concocted by the demented rabbinical class……… his sincerity in all of this is questionable.

    The first inkling of it here was the fact that there are 6 faces on the jew tefillin cube with 8 points of planular intersection.

    The kabbalah secrets goy confirmed it with this manufactured ‘prophecy’ of 1948 propounded by this Rav Ashlag Klown.

    The word STAR amounts to 58 in gematria via 19 20 1 18…. WAR amounts to 23 1 18 or 42.
    By 42 and 58 is derived 1948…….. S and W via initial gematria amount to 19 23… sum 42.

    The initial gematria of George Lucas is G L or 7 12, pointing to 1948 via 34 and 66.

    Judaism and its nationalistic expression, this ‘israel’ is an entropic force for Deception, Darkness and Dissolution…. Yet the deluded jew , destroyer of open and free inquiry, resplendent in its own squalid ‘magnificence’, imagines itself as an eternal source of Light and Truth…..

    Fuckin’…… NUTZ………


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