Flat Earth Theory – Investigate It & You’ll Quite Literally Have A Ball!

Nice theory. Pity it's complete bollocks.

Nice theory. Pity it’s complete bollocks.

I don’t normally delve into topics such as this, but because I’ve noticed a lot of videos doing the rounds on JewTube lately, I’m quite sure there is some sort of Psychological Operation at play here.

Time to dispel some bullshit:

For a start, we have clowns like Eric Dubay and the Jew Mark Sargent who are just sort of there at the forefront of the internet conspiracy community promoting this stuff. Since Mark Sargent is a Jew you can’t expect him to spread the truth, but Eric Dubay is not a Jew as far as we know. Eric’s case is an interesting one – he is a race mixing type, so he’s not a ‘White racialist’ as such, but he does promote some accurate information about Adolf Hitler, the Jews, the Holohoax and banking etc. Then what he does is stirs all the good information in with this completely bunk Flat Earth Theory. I think it’s all part of a Psyop to try make us all look stupid.

What happens is when people are in research and discovery of new information mode, they tend to have a fairly open-minded approach to most topics. This is a good thing and it’s the only way to learn. The problem we have is that people new to our sort of information are now likely to stumble across it lumped in with the Flat Earth crap, and then throw all the good info out with it! So, the point of this article is to take a stand firmly AGAINST Flat Earth Quackery. And yes, the Flat Earth crowd would probably accuse me of being in bed with NASA for saying they are full of shit, but that isn’t the case. I think NASA spin a fair load of bullshit too, but that doesn’t make the earth flat!


Flat Earth Nationalism – Get fucked. It’s beautifully subversive alright, if you’re a lying kike!

One article that really annoyed me was this one entitled Flat Earth Nationalism. If that is not an attempt at blatant shilling and subversion then I just don’t know anymore! Every point the author makes is rubbish and he even tells you his intent is to tie White Nationalism in with Flat Earth belief. Give me a fucking break you clown!

Now to some details and obvious reasons Flat Earth Theory is bunk:

1.) There is no accurate map of the supposed Flat Earth. 

All they have is a bunch of distorted projections like the map at the top. If all of the brilliant Flat Earth scholars out there can’t even produce a functional map, then I’d say that’s pretty telling. Mapping a FLAT Earth on a FLAT map (maps are flat, folks!) should be a piece of cake. All the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates would form a perfect right-angle grid. If earth were actually flat this would have been done ages ago!

This is what I said on the Christogenea Forum about the Flat Earth map problem:

……. Australia is not an elongated blob as it’s portrayed in the Flat Earth map. The reason the southern hemisphere gets all elongated is because they have to make the longitudes and latitudes coincide with known towns and coastlines, and to make the time-zones function. The northern hemisphere is more accurately depicted because on a flat earth map the latitudinal lines are closer together. The further south you go, the more elongated and strange it gets……….

………. The funniest thing is that when they come up with a map like the above flat earth one, all it really proves is that the flat earth model doesn’t work, and to correct all their errors the only working model is of a sphere!

2.) The stars rotate anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere.

Flat Earth Theory cannot account for that, only a global model can.

3.) The Coriolis Effect is real and it is something taken into account by ballistic missile experts and snipers.

If the earth were flat then this would be totally unnecessary! Simple as that.


4.) Flat Earthers always say that the horizon stays at eye-level no matter what elevation you’re at. Right? WRONG!

How good do you think your eyes are? Try standing somewhere moderately hilly where the distant horizon is irregular due to the hills. Now, isolate one bit of the horizon which is ‘flattish’ and you’ll probably agree to yourself that it looks like it’s at eye-level. Then find another ‘flattish’ section of the horizon of which you are CERTAIN is lower than the first bit. If you isolate that second section you’ll probably agree to yourself that it’s also at eye-level. I know because I tried it this morning! What this shows is that your perception of what is at eye-level is in no way precise! The only way to discern the fact that the two sections are at different elevations is to connect the whole horizon together. So when a Flat Earth clown is up a mountain saying “look the horizon is at eye-level when it should drop, therefore earth is flat”, just remember human perception of eye-level is far from perfect and also remember that the earth is VERY BIG. How much curvature do they think they are going to see? A mountain is still only a relatively small irregularity on the surface of a GIANT SPHERE.

5.) The mystical “Law of Perspective” is why ships disappear over the horizon. Right? WRONG again!

When a ship disappears over the horizon or a city disappears out of view from the ocean, it is not some “Law of Perspective” at work. If it was then the WHOLE ship would just shrink until it became nothing but a dot. The same principle would apply to a distant city skyline. What actually happens is the hull of the ship or the bottom of the buildings disappear FIRST, while the mast and the tops of buildings remain FULLY visible. This is not perspective. What it is is the gradual curvature of the ocean obscuring the lower parts of the ship or city skyline. You also cannot zoom in with an extra good telescope and see the hull of the ship again either, unless you start moving closer to it, obviously. The “extra good telescope” also won’t bring the lower half of the setting sun back into view either, because, believe it or not, the sun ACTUALLY does go to bed for the night!


The sun going bed-e-byezzzzzzzz….

6.) The sun is not a flashlight circling above Pancake Earth.

This is one of the most stupid aspects of Frisbee Earth Theory. Try and picture the earth as they do:

Flat Earth Hypothesis


So the story goes that the sun circles above the Pancake like a flashlight and where it shines is day, the rest is night. The problem with this idea is that no matter where you are on earth the sun is ALWAYS above you. This means, at the very least, that the sun would be visible (on some level) all through the night! A telescope could zoom in on it, right, just like any other star? Hell, if we can see stars, then surely we could locate OUR OWN SUN at night also? It’s a pretty wacky theory isn’t it?!

Another obvious point here is that say you were standing 100 metres away from a friend who’s holding his flashlight pointed downwards. You can’t tell me that you couldn’t see your friends flashlight shining toward the ground? It doesn’t have to be pointed AT YOU for you to see it’s light! And these fucking Frisbee Earth Theorists are not talking about an average flashlight here. They are literally saying that a light as powerful as our sun cannot be detected during night when it’s on the other side of the Pancake!!!! Get out here with that bullshit, you fucking retards.

7.) The moon is spherical and it reflects the sun’s light. It is not a flat self-illuminating disc.

Yes. The “Earth is a giant Pizza” crowd also believe the moon is a flat self-illuminating disc. Well, no it’s not. The moon is also spherical and it is blatantly obvious by looking at these pictures:

Earthshine reflecting off the Moon, as seen through a telescope. The bright region is directly illuminated by the Sun, while the rest of the Moon is illuminated by light reflected off the Earth.

Earthshine reflecting off the Moon, as seen through a telescope. The bright region is directly illuminated by the Sun, while the rest of the Moon is illuminated by light reflected off the Earth.

Same as above with less visible sunlight reflecting of the OBVIOUSLY spherical moon!

Same as above with less visible sunlight reflecting off the OBVIOUSLY spherical moon!

The moons phases.

The moon’s phases.

It’s funny how the crescent moon appears the same as if someone were shining a torch on one half of a tennis ball in a dark room. You don’t have to be smart to figure out that the moon is a sphere. This is how external light looks when it shines on spherical objects, and most definitely NOT how it would look if the moon were a flat fucking cracker biscuit!

8.) According to most Biscuit Earthers gravity doesn’t exist either. Let Eric Dubay inform us here:

By the way, I’m not the best person to explain the science of gravity. If you want information on gravity, explore the original comments on Dubay’s video until you see this one:


Click “show replies” and read what Michael Hansen has to say. He knows what he’s talking about, whereas the Del Bedinotti’s of the Flat Earth mob have no idea what science even is. What I know is that the rotation of the earth (massive object) produces a relatively weak force known as Gravity, and this is what attracts all matter to the earths surface. It is also why air stays in the earth’s atmosphere as opposed to pissing off into space. Funny how it gets thinner as you go up! Gravity weakens the further away you go. That’s why the air gets thinner – it’s not a fucking DOME that encapsulates the atmosphere, folks! There are a ton of physical laws for buoyancy and the different densities of different physical materials too, but I’m not going into that matter now. (Eric just told us everything in the video anyway, hahahaha!)

9.) All the other observable planets are spherical so why wouldn’t earth also be?

This is Saturn through a telescope. Looks spherical to me:


Enough said.

10.) No-ones ever documented the “Antarctic ice wall” or any ‘edge of the earth’ for that matter.

That’s because there ISN’T any Antarctic ice wall or ‘edge of the earth’ that ships sail off. It’s another no-brainer!

11.) The known distances between destinations in the southern hemisphere are so much SHORTER than depicted by Flat Earth models that it’s laughable!

The direct flight paths in the southern hemisphere prove this point beyond any doubt. BUT because so many airlines have a lot of their business around the US, Europe, and Asia, the vast majority of flights are CONNECTING FLIGHTS and not direct southern hemisphere to southern hemisphere flights. This is called having good business sense. Airlines want to make money and everyone should realize that, but not the Pancake Earthers! They attribute the relatively tiny number of direct southern hemisphere flights (cross-continent) to an airline conspiracy where they secretly know they are flying on a flat pancake, BUT to disguise the deceit, they cunningly schedule in these DIRECT southern hemisphere flights as “hoax flights“. It’s all to fool you, nothing else!! Hahaha!

12.) The sphere clearly works better than a flat model and that’s because EARTH IS A SPHERE.

Yes. I’m afraid for the Pancake Earth theorists that it just isn’t a Pancake!

No good. It's only a projection.

No good. It’s only a projection.

Final thought – Think about the above projection you Flat Earthers. Picture a basketball globe with that projection wrapped around it. Distances, latitudes, longitudes, time-zones, shapes of continents make sense ONLY when wrapped around the basketball globe. This tells you that you are dealing with a globe! If it was flat then you wouldn’t have to do projections at all. It would just be a straight forward map. Instead, it looks like someone’s got the correct globe earth model, ripped its southern hemisphere out, flattened it, then STRETCHED it round the northern hemisphere and said “hmm, there ya go! Flat now!” Nice try eh!

Flat Earth Theory?


It’s a load of bollocks.

– BDL1983

21 thoughts on “Flat Earth Theory – Investigate It & You’ll Quite Literally Have A Ball!

  1. vikingbitch

    Wow. This bullshit sundae called flat earth theory is topped off with a bimboid in a bikini with fake boobs.

    So WN (White Nog).

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Pancake Earth sure is a giant load of bullshit!
      It doesn’t seem quite right that she pops up on a stupid ‘Gravity Doesn’t Exist” video…. Nothing to with it, but I suppose they have to try and add SOME appeal to something so stupid?

  2. Noachideous

    Nice image of the planet Saturn…….


    The jews get some what coy when it is suggested that they feel themselves…. “chosen” by Saturn, Chronos, El, Father of Truth of Veritas………. Particularly when they appear to be a ‘racial’ nation united only by a predilection for the repellent and penchant for lies, deception and killing.

    Search “Magic Cube of Saturn”…… It is a three by three number square of 9 letters summing in total to 45, with any three numbers up, down or diagonal summing to 15 or the letter O. Nineteen (6 13) 42 45 48… All important dates to do with the make undead date of jew Israel on 1948…..

    Hash’em ? another name for the jew deity…. The Hash… tag of Twitter takes the form of the matrix into which are inserted the 9 numbers of the Saturnine magic square. Jews perpetrate acts of great evil against the other in the name of Saturn, yet does that make ‘Saturn’ evil….. or the jew perpetraitor and False Flagger ?

    The gematria of EL or Eternal Light ?… is 5 12 or 60…. Saturn is the sixth planet, and the jew, perhaps, has given Olde Noachideous a drivers licence DL 4 12 or 48 number of 14 48 EA or 5 12 51 or 5 12 6 or ELF……. If ‘light’ is the feather of Maat and Light in the visible is synonymous with notions of enlighten… ment or Truth… then……. Better an Elf than a Goblinesque Orc…… eh …..snot gobblin’ purveyors and workers of jew borne darkeness and confusion…………


    The jew is offering complimentary lessons on nasty gematria over at the OHPI 48……. If David Lane was a student of ODIN 42, then it is quite possible that 1488 translates to 1428, 42 or ODIN… and not ‘Heil Hitler’ as the lying jew would have the gullible goyim believe.

    T’ El… or To El, the Truth about the Poppies of the BnaiBriths Lillian Freiman Dr Ebola……..http://ohpi.org.au/ceo-and-managing-director/ and.why they amount to 42 and 58 or 1948…..or 34 and 66 or 1948……..if you can…. or perhaps why Monash University was founded in 1958 and the 100 dollar bill of Monash is precisely 158 by 65… , 1865 the birth date of Monash, 1965 of Noachideous.

    Should Monash University be renamed Corn Poppy 42, Papaver_Rhoeas 34 or Red Poppy university, for its jewhiss numerological affiliations with Judaic mockery of Allied War Dead ?


    Where’s my interview Phillip Adams ? Pertinent points of discussion to be jewish semiotics in popular culture. You all might be ‘highly edjumacated’ but others are quite careful not to conflate of confuse that, in jews, with inferred levels of personal integrity…….. On the contrary…..

    As a point of Honour and Ancestral respect…….Ban that slippery, urinary BnaiBrith Ebola Fuck from the Australian War Memorial…… NOW…….

  3. higharka

    I’m glad to see someone linking this sudden influx of flat earth theories to nationalism. It seems reasonable to conclude that some of the $55 million the Mossad recently spent on “pro Semitic internet operatives” went to building this movement.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      So, $55 million Mossad spends on pro-jew internet operatives and all of a sudden we have flat earth ‘nationalists’ popping up. I’m taking your dollar figure at it’s word, but regardless I think someone is pushing a Psyop here to make the “White Nationalist movement” look even more stupid than it already is. Although, don’t forget that there are some internet personas out there who ARE stupid enough to genuinely believe Flat Earth theory which is REALLY wacky shit….

      1. Preservation Plantation

        Eric Dubay has a very strong case expounded by facts, experiments and logic of instinct.

        Whilst I am in total agreement with the nationalist pro white movement. The flat earth seems more plausible to me then the tripe used to indoctrinate the masses.

        Great website but agree to disagree on this issue.

  4. Noachideous

    Out of reciprocated mutual respect, the individuated multicultural hordes as unwitting jew proxies, in all their ignorance of agendas greater than their immediate puerile need for relevance, ‘munney’ and a ‘better life’ (more munney) than they could not achieve amongst their own….., might consider leaving the cultural arts of others alone and absent themselves. They add nothing musically that cannot be achieved by a racial European, and detract significantly from the visual aesthetic. The mainstream ‘christian’ churches are ubiquitous in this tom foolery……take a look at the ‘jesuits’ at EureekaSheit…. Matrilineal Granny here was out of Inverness. Many of Scots origin decry the decline of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo into a veritable zoo like , perverse ‘celebration’ of multicultural irrelevance and absurdity…… More “Shit of the Jew”……

    The GAEL….. The Grand Architect EL…. ?
    kELt…… ?


    Tartan, plaid, or P Laid or 16 Laid or by sum and product 76 Laid or 42 Laid often takes form of two intersecting line constructs and is possibly symbolic of the Saturnine and Odinine squares (ODIN has a single eye). There are 9 noble virtues of Odin.
    They as virtues cannot be of the mind of the jew…. The jew has no such virtue.. Only hateful, treacherous mendacity.

    Some have asserted that the planet Saturn was once visible with the unaided Human eye.

    The jew often excels in the superficial sense because of the jewish ‘chip’ on its so often expelled shoulder…..

    The jew will all too often confiscate the cultural arts and religion of the other as if its own, chew it up and then spit or shit it out and down the memory hole. It may be so with what is presently known as ‘Free Masonry’…. a hollowed out, pretentious judaised shell of what it once was meant to be.

    The jew certainly looks generically European…. yet will remain forever a masked….. ‘jew’.


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