Who Are The Jews??

This sums them up & sheds a bit of light on why they aren’t overly popular….. At least not with me anyway!


That evil Jew in the corner pops up no matter where you look.

– BDL1983

3 thoughts on “Who Are The Jews??

  1. vikingbitch

    Here is the deal though, people only wield power over you if you let them. So many “whites” and I use that term loosely, bought into the bullshyte peddled out there via Talmudvision etc. in an effort to “get over” on each other, their neighbors, their spouses, their kids, THEIR OWN!

    Covetousness is a cancer fueled by greed. If everyone stopped comparing themselves to each other, their families, their husbands/wives/lovers, their significant others to ‘others’, etc, the Jews would hold no power.

  2. DigitalWind3

    All people believing about the existance of a white race or orange race! .. cause you believe to jewish Lies: white race existance. White race does NOT exist it is just a pure marxist expression…it is just a zionist Lie. The only one aryan race is the Germanic race. You can’t distinguish any race by skin color only. The lie of white race is convenient only to mongrels, jewish minded and zionistes.


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