A Reminder That Jews Are NOT White!

In fact, they are an evil mongrel race.

In fact, they are an evil mongrel race.

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Even though it is definitely true that some Jews do look white-ish, the fact is they are still mixed race. One drop of Jewish blood makes a Jew! The fact that most Jews certainly do not consider themselves White is very telling.

The Jews know their identity.

Do we?

– BDL1983

10 thoughts on “A Reminder That Jews Are NOT White!

  1. vikingbitch

    According to Wikipedia’s definition of white, I would not be classified as “white” as I am half Slavic(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_whiteness_in_the_United_States). Whiteness in this link includes Middle Easterners and North Africans.

    At the end of the day, wtf is Whiteness?

    I classify myself as Germanic Slav. End of story for me. Wikipedia and any other entity that tries to classify me can go eff themselves as far as I am concerned. Really. Over it.

    I have traversed through a plethora of blogs related to WN and over and over again I keep having loggerheads with people who are supposedly “white” and who supposedly are my “allies”. Yeah fucking right. With friends like them, who needs enemies.

    My dad was Protestant and my mom is Catholic. I hate both religions and I do not go to church. Why? So I can sit in pews with a bunch of people who hate me and who I hate as well. Fuck church.

    I know I am not Jewish and that I have had issues with Jews since forever, and this was/is not of my doing. Italians see me and hate me too. I like some Czechs and some Germans. I generally like British or English people, as well as Dutch. I have befriended Irish people but somehow things go to shit with them for me.

    I have attended Catholic school and that sucked for me. I attended public school and that was much better. I taught in the ghetto and that was an eye-opening experience for me and some people there I genuinely liked.

    So do I know what I am? Have an identity is important and addiction is soaring because people have no clue WHO THEY ARE so they fill the void with booze, pills, weed, whatever.

    It is what is. How do you find the way back? All paths are hard and all will have detours and rough patches. You choose one path, stick to it, and make it right.

    “White” is a construct that has done damage to some, myself included because as someone whose parents came to the States with no money, I was not “in” or “white enough” and I guess I never have been.

    I am what I am. Do not hem me in and do not fuck with me. Leave people alone to define themselves. That is really the Northern European way and that is the way I have chosen and I am sticking to it.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Forget Wikipedia for a start. White is just a modern day term for the race that should be known as the Adamic race. I use the term ‘White’ most of the time because people know what I mean. Nordics, Germanics, Celts, Slavs etc are all ethnic branches of Adamic kind. A mixture between the various Adamic ethnic branches doesn’t produce a mixed-race person. In fact, today most ‘White’ people are a mix of ethnicities anyway. The only pure Nordics or Germanics you’ll find are generally in Scandinavia…. But anyway…
      This explains it all best: http://christogenea.org/podcasts/christogenea-europe-may-24th-2015-what-white-world-bastards It is also why Christian Identity is the ultimate truth.
      “I am what I am. Do not hem me in and do not fuck with me. Leave people alone to define themselves. That is really the Northern European way and that is the way I have chosen and I am sticking to it.”
      – Just remember, the Almighty Creator has already defined what we are. People haven’t done very well when left to define themselves….

      1. vikingbitch

        I believe that God does give us free will. Some people use it to self-destruct, some people choose not to self destruct. My attitude is if people want to self-destruct by tribal mixing, race mixing and engaging in behaviors such as drugs, booze, illicit sex, and all those things, there is not a damn thing we can do about it nor do I care to because it is their choice. You can choose to self-destruct or choose to suffer. I think many people who choose to race mix are just self-destructive. Oh well. When people choose usury over their tribe’s well-being so as to engage in “competition”, well then they are engaging in self-destruction.
        I cannot control others. I can only control myself. I cannot define others. I can only define myself.

      2. Chris

        Adamic race? HTF Adam was the first black man on earth and he was created by Enki (a white man) as a slave specie.


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