Australia First Party Protests Harvey Norman Over Their Hiring Policy

Our protest on Saturday. Note "RAPEfugees" on the banner. That was good!

Our protest on Saturday at Harvey Norman Gepps Cross.

Billionaire Gerry Harvey decided recently that he’d prefer to offer jobs in his Harvey Norman electrical appliance store chain to none other than 12,000 Syrian RAPEfugees, rather than give some jobless Australians a chance. What a low-life scumbag selling his own struggling countrymen up shit creek! We thought we’d give him a piece of our mind so we stood out there with our signs, passed out a few leaflets etc, for about 45 minutes or so. I know it’s only a small thing to do, but at least we did something to try and get the right message out there in the real world!

The public response was 80-90% positive I’d say, apart from a couple disinterested ethnic sorts, which is to be expected, and a couple of disgruntled granny’s who were too crazy to care what anyone’s got to say anymore regardless! Store management wasn’t overly thrilled to see us there, but they didn’t care too much provided we didn’t harass the customers. We just agreed with management since we weren’t harassing them anyway, and carried on as before. And that was it, pretty much. Then we had a few beers afterwards.

Sydney Protest November Last Year:



– BDL1983

10 thoughts on “Australia First Party Protests Harvey Norman Over Their Hiring Policy

  1. vikingbitch

    It would be interesting to investigate if the corporations in Australia who hire refugees receive tax breaks. Businesses in the USA that hire refugees and ‘resettled’ workers get tax breaks and other financial incentives for hiring.

    Hiring refugees is a real racket.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Well, yes. It is stuffed. But I don’t know what else us younger people can do… The least we can do is a few protests and show a few others that we’re not fucking happy…. When the shit truly hits the fan we might have a few more friends rather than enemies! I hope you stood by your principles when you were younger. That’s all you can do really..

  2. Hitler Was A Hero

    Or pool your money together and start your own business and hire only your own countrymen (and women). The problem is the same in the US, especially in the east. Many idiots hire immigrants or people from Brazil, Haiti, Mexico,Jamaica etc because they can pay them less and do. We need more business owners who won’t play the sleazy democratic jewbagel game.

  3. Frank

    Great site. You’re doing some excellent work, brother.
    I have an unrelated question. On your Truth Militia page, some of the links for the shows (mostly the earlier ones) are down. Do you happen to have any backups for these episodes?

  4. Clark Kent

    Jews should be kicked out ,they should never have been allowed to come here ,they are nothing but holocaust lying filth ,every day I thank god I wasn’t born a jew .

  5. Noachideous

    As a matter of contrived perceptional convenience, they don’t likes and have disavowed the adulation of the Danny………… for now….

    The OHPI 48 and the ADC 42 are two of the most treacherous organisations to operate freely in Oorstraelia today, one pretending to be ‘charity’ and both comprised almost to a man of eligible jewel citizens.

    Probably for the goings on here.

    Have a look at the obsequious works of one Kelvin Crombie. “The Anzacs and Israel – a common destiny by Kelvin Crombie”.
    Its the ANZACs who do all the dying Kelvin….. It appears to mean nothing to you that others die as proxies so that jews my live.

    No common destiny there fella, or for Anglo Celtic ancestors….. Where’s your courage to care Kelvin….?


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