A criminally underrated ballad.

“I wrote the words before the music. It’s about the Battle of the Somme in World War I… Nineteen thousand Englishmen were killed before noon, a whole generation destroyed, in three hours – think about that! It was terrible – there were three or four towns in northern Lancashire and south Yorkshire where that whole generation of men were completely wiped out.”

– Lemmy Kilmister on the song 1916 from his book below:


1916 is the title-track and last track from Motorhead’s 1991 album. As for the rest of the album, Motorhead’s usual rule applies:


– BDL1983

2 thoughts on “1916

  1. Noachideous

    Shame Less and without Honor, ASIO’s presently looking for tradie kapo’s and collaborators who’ll sit or squat to shit on their own and the memory of their ancestors.

    The Evil Kosher Klowns with the schmiling faces mentioned below will provide the impetus and direction.

    The numbers reveal that the OHPI.org.au is an espionage and psycho-political asset of the jewish state attempting to make manifest global jewish religious imperatives in Austraelia.

    They likely answer to the sannhedrin in Jerusalem.

    For the un-initiated, the number 1948, forecast birth date of jew Israel appears derived of jew interpretations of gematria via the numbers 42 and 58 as in 6 13 (mitzvoth) and 8 40……….. 42 and 58 sum to 100. Hence the 6M or 6 13 semiotics of the hollercost.

    A feted fellow by the name of Monash was a well known ‘Australian’ identity whom the numbers reveal was well aware of the fact that Australians forfeit their lives and those of the ‘enemy’ for the benefit of his jew Israel in 1948.

    A 100 dollar bill was printed to ‘honor’ that fact, and his knowing duplicitous collaboration for the benefit of the jew hive. The dimensions of the 100 dollar bill are 158 by 65……… Monash university was founded in 1958……Monash born on 1865.

    The OHPI are engaged in the same familial treachery and are using the cover of a ‘charity’ and displaying initial gematria amounting to 48… and 15 8 Pi or 58 (3.14) or 58 42 or 1948…..

    The organisation’s hate driven purpose it to psycho politically ‘terrorise’ AngloCeltic Australians into a jew religious, dominionist paradigm that would see all European racial nations eliminated and the racially diasporised outcome subject to the will of the jew.

    “You’ll always lose in Melbourne” …they (58) say…. M… El… bourne…. 13 (5.12)6 or 1948… There’s writhing hordes of machinatin’ and connivin’ of jews in Melbourne more likely

  2. Noachideous


    The gematria of ELM amounts to 6 13 …….. like the mitzvoth of the jew.

    The European Elm , like Racial Europe, is unwell as a function of a disease to which neither appear to exhibit defensive natural immunity…. In the Elm Tree, the vector for the disease is a Beetle…. In European derived nations it could be said to be the presence of the jew and the ‘fungus’…… jew memetic Filthe.

    Jew memetic Filthe is ubiquitous in schools and the media.

    A more appropriate and allegorical name for the disease in the European Elm Tree is thus…. Jew Elm disease.


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