World’s Ugliest Jew Contest – Another Contender!

You may remember a couple years back I dished out an award, namely the “Expel The Parasite Award for World’s Ugliest Jew”!  The prize was a one-way ticket to Tel-Aviv, but unfortunately Joe Hildebrand refused the offer.

Ungrateful Joe.

Ungrateful Joe.

Anyway, no need to despair because we have a new contender!!


OK. Final warning. This one is bloody ugly. Cover your eyes if they are sensitive!

Here’s the rat:

You were warned!

You were warned!

His name is Maurice “Maury” Obstfeld and he is the Chief Economist of the Jewish organisation known as the International Monetary Fund, or IMF for short. He shows up on the TV now and then when it’s time to feed us more lies about the state of the world’s economy. When Maury’s friendly face appears on the screen it is impossible to doubt that the world is in tip-top shape! This is of course why Jews are always appointed by other Jews to leading global financial positions – it’s because everyone trusts them so much!

Anyway, let’s not let Maury’s important career influence our perception of how ugly he is.

Joe and Maury should be judged for their extreme ugliness on a level playing field:

A refresher pic of Joe, the original contender:

Unbelievably ugly, but is he uglier than Maury?

Unbelievably ugly, but is he uglier than Maury?

And here’s a few more pics of Maury to help decide:

The side-on profile.

The side-on profile. Strong rat-like features. The eyes are beadier than Joes.

He's about to start dribbling in this one.

He’s about to start dribbling in this one.

A close up. Hideous....

A close up. Hideous….

Evil Maury.

Evil Maury (about to commit a fraud).

Happy Maury (probably just committed a successful fraud).

Happy Maury (just committed the fraud).

Alright. That concludes the photo line-up because it’s more than enough for anyone to throw up over!


Let’s hear the verdict in the comments section – Joe or Maury – who’s uglier?

If anyone knows of any uglier Jews, then by all means let me know. “Round 3” is never out of the question!

– BDL1983

21 thoughts on “World’s Ugliest Jew Contest – Another Contender!

      1. Jacko

        Hey Brett. Are you attending Reclaim Australia on the 6th of Feb? I’ve been thinking about giving out pamphlets on the Jewish War of White Australia (and if I can find good articles maybe the Jewish involvement in the 1965 immigration act). Any thoughts on the potential effectiveness? I’ll keep an eye out for you anyway, are there any other anti semetic Adelaidians attending?

  1. Mark domney

    The eternal jews what a choice they are both butt ugly but I think maury takes the prize uglier than a hat full of Arseholes.

  2. Jacko

    Hey Brett. Are you attending Reclaim Australia this Feb? I’m thinking about brining phamplets on the Jewish War on White Australia (and maybe their involvement in the 1965 immigration act). I’ll keep and eye out for you. Are their any other anti semetic Adelaidians attending?

  3. tedcar

    A great many popstars are Jews…and that includes the wanker fronting AC/DC…
    ALL yes ALL of the WHO band are Jews…with Townshend recorded as having the biggest conk in showbiz.

    The Jews own the music industry,so it is easier to identify non Jews…there are so few of them.
    Jews own every BIG business…Supermarket Chains in all western countries are owned by them.INCLUDING LIDDL&ALDI in Germany…where all Jews were supposed to have been killed.
    The Australian PM is of course a Jew.He pretends that it means little to him.He is lying of course…they are particularly efficient in the art of lying…..

  4. Come Back Hitler

    Yep, they are ugly but what amazes me is how they actually think they are superior to all non-jews when they are so gross looking. Pretty much proof jews are delusional too.

    1. markdomney

      Without a doubt they are the most gross looking people on the face of the planet.There would be a lot of competiton for the award as there are so many ugly jews out there.Hitler was right and we have had to suffer through 70 years of lies and mistruths about the greatest leader in recent modern history the Fuhrer.Heil Hitler

      1. Come Back Hitler

        Yeah, Hilter was right Mark and thanks for replying to me. I didn’t understand all that was going on when I was young, but I have learned the hard way, through jew doctors ruining my health what pieces of cockroach crap jews really are. Thanks to the internet clarifying so much and exposing the truth about them, at least I finally get it now although all I am left with is anger, so. Another thing that infuriates me about the damn jews is all this oh poor us the “holocaust” victimized us, well boo hoo losers, because you know what (and I have needed to say this for a looong time) THE “HOLOCOUST” WAS THEIR KARMA, for killing, seriously, how many, 20 million or over 60 million Ukrainian Christians, and actually the “holocaust” was only 1/4 of what those pigs deserved! And isn’t that just like a jew, trying to get sympathy for the justice they deserved. Did any of them help ONE FARMER OR ONE FARMERS FAMILY, including any of the poor children that went through hell during all that time starving to death? Uh, of course not, but they expect us to feel sorry for them and guilty, guilty! for Hilter giving it right back to them? Unbelievable, As far as I am concerned the jews deserved the “holocaust” and it is time people started saying that to their ugly little faces. You know their ugliness symbolizes their evil. And I’ll tell ya, I can’t even look at a picture of Vladimir Lenin, he creeps me out so much and I believe he is one of the evilest jews that ever lived. He looks like the freekin devil, ugh. I think God has marked the sons and daughters of Esau to let us know who not to trust. And BDL 1983, I just want you to know I appreciate this website. Thank you for educating so many people because we cannot remain blind to the monstrous plans of the jews any longer. And plus this is a safe place to vent which I really need obviously, lol.
        P.S. I put the word holocaust in quotation marks because that is what they (jews) call it, despite the fact we should all call it just desserts.

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          Thanks, I’m glad you like the site! The “Holocaust” would be a small portion of their just desserts IF it actually happened, but as we know, it didn’t happen. Holohoax is the correct term.

  5. The Khazar Hunter

    The reason for the strange facial phenotypes (noses are not the only thing) of these Ashkenazim impostors is due to a nonstop tour de force of interbreeding that went on for close to seven centuries. Kind of stopped by the 19th century. But the genetic damage was already done. The facial situation was not the only problem there. The worse of it all was the damage to their brains. The fact is that this subspecies parading as humans also have the proven register of expulsions all over Europe. That alone says pretty much about their criminal and sick behavior since their beginnings. Judeans what? Ask that to Emperor Hadrian and the six generals summoned back then between 132 and 135 CE. Historically speaking is known that false impersonations go the same way.

  6. Noachideous

    Other than the flatulent unmasking of the Grand High jew at 1:06, all else is superfluous. The ‘goysiche’ juvenile Males and Witches led astray are all transformed into Mice. Time is a feature of the narrative….. Formula 86 is also poisonous to the malevolent misfit who might seek to use it for deceptive and malicious purposes against unwitting innocents. The jew transforms into something else… something….. repellent. Even to Mr Stringer.

    There’s a new jew movie out by the name of “The VVitch”….. SET in 1630 or 3 16 or 1948. It is 95 minutes (45) long by some accounts. Is its purpose to jew the reputation of the White Witch and all existence not born ‘jew’. A viewing certainly leads one to think so. The Goat, The Hare, The Witch, The Raven…… 2.7, 2.8, 2.23, 2.18………. 14 88 46 36…. All Saturnine or Odinine, all subliminally intended to be interpreted as ‘EVIL’ in the subconscious of the ‘goyische’ viewer…….whose long racial traditions in the metaphysical remain existentially dormant, subsumed by jew contrived, simple minded hedonism and materialism , yet still blindly receptive and spell bound by the broad casting of subliminal jew transmissions.

    Is this “Satan” a jew contrived homonym of the Pagan Saturn, who finds a Norse interpretation in ODIN….. ? Jesus Christ, a Celtic name according to some occultists, tested for personal integrity by Saturn, Father of Truth, is often depicted in allegorical artwork with Halo… are AngEl’s……. Hael ODIN…..

    Mostly….. the barking jew colostomy bag splits its animated sides with laughter to reveal only that… the piously sanctimonious two faced jew………. is, as always……. utterly…….full of Shit…….

  7. Noachideous

    Was recently looking for links between the Hildebrand klown and head Turd pusher of Noahide imperative in Australia, Shimon Cowen….who appears to demonstrate strong connections to the kosher moral puniverse that is Monash University MU 13 21… 34 66..1948… Yo……

    The only connection made by the search engine was to this ‘ardoch foundation’ where Moe presents as an ambassador heavily invested in ‘helping’ what will inevitably be ‘goyische’ kiddies with their congenital ‘racism’ if of ‘privileged’ European heritage.

    Check it out…wear gloves……. the entire site stinks of a subversive kosher collaboration that targets the innocence of the ‘goyische’ child so as to induct them stealthfully into the jew religious paradigm that demands the elimination of all racial nations…..Europeans first.

    How convenient that a member of the Dr Ebola’s BnaiBrith ‘Online Hate Prevention Institute” recently migrated over there for a session with the ‘underprivileged’ kiddies, who if European are accused of suffering ‘White Privilege’ according to the very same organisation in its mind bending operations replicated throughout the racial European world.

    Why are the BnaiBrith consistently courting the favour of Australia’s police Forces ? Because the text of judasism reveals that all who refuse noahidism are to be punished or killed….. That requires a monopoly on deadly force…… Hence the attempt to use the Police as a Proxy for Judaisism.

    These jews speak with a forked tongue….. always……….

  8. Noachideous

    The number of the jewhiss messiah is 424……. The above website is a good summary of how the jew has turned a simple numerological confluence about the number 42, into it being all about them… and only them….. even to the extent that judasism demands that ‘jews’ bring about through deception, the subjugation and extermination of all other racial and cultural expressions on this Planet Earth.

    Why would the AHRC choose to make a video designed to have as an obvious outcome, young European Australians go quietly into the Eternal Night, precisely 4:24…… the number of the jew messiah….. For those who observe the numbers and symbols, this jew filth is splattered all about the place and the minds of innocents. The kiddie fiddling kike corrals them ‘safely’ in public schools specifically for that purpose. Why does the AHRC advocate consistent with the jew religious imperative, for the elimination of racial nations, when the polar inverse is the more noble and universally respectful outcome.

    Is the AHRC significantly populated with jews and their snivelling shit eating noahides who quaff deliriously at the malodorous quoit of the kike ?

    The video is sourced via, and just want to add that these are probably well meaning and innocent indigenous Black Fellas being used and abused by the jew for much, much bigger things than the Stringers probably realise. The jew is the eternal abuser of innocence…..

    What say those who wipe their self chosen arses with the media that is peddled as the very kosher Daily Telegraph 420 ? Is it a simple matter of the fact that , as we move closer to ANZAC day, there are 420 PoPPies that separate 888246 from 888 666 or 24 18 or 42 ?



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