If This Doesn’t Give You The Creeps, Nothing Will!

BEWARE – this video is sickening.

Fucking hell. What can you say about that? If this is seriously something people will go along with and accept, then we are fucked, barring divine intervention. I know I’ve said it before & it’s still true – if the Almighty does not step in at the critical moment, then we are done. The goose is cooked. How any White Nationalist who’s been in this thing for a while could still put their hope in a ‘political solution’ is beyond me.

I’ll be writing something soon about how White Nationalism, in the secular sense, is a complete joke. This will be posted at my White Racial Identity site when I’ve written it…..

– BDL1983

PS – if anyone is wondering why I hardly ever post here anymore; well, it’s because I can’t be fucked commenting continuously on boring news stories like I used to, and would prefer to spend my time studying Christian Identity, which is the absolute truth! 

If I didn’t discover the truth of CI, I wouldn’t have started my White Racial Identity site (obviously) & this site would have been shut down a year ago due to the futility of ‘Secular White Nationalism’. More on this shit in the future….

9 thoughts on “If This Doesn’t Give You The Creeps, Nothing Will!

  1. AryanWolf88

    I couldn’t make it to the 1 minute mark. That disgusting pile of shit made me want to fuckin’ puke. Beyond sickening.

  2. Sylvester

    It’s sad homosexuality was removed from the books as a mental disorder. If people want to do this stuff, fine, let them do it in private. It’s another thing to parade it around for the entire world to see


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