6 thoughts on “Time For A Laugh!

  1. June Emuna Helen

    I found your nazi page by accident. I am not sure if I ever saw such a ignorant person writing online, ever. And I have seen much low behaviour in my political time.
    Jews have really lifted this world in many ways.
    What did you ever do for this planet, other than spreading your darkness and your hatred?
    As far as I can see, you are as spiritual as a meatloaf.
    No wait, a meatloaf got a certain spine compared to you…
    I think I must dissapoint you by saying I cannot find any dignity or anything to be proud of in your character.
    And you can continue playing with your KKK friends or whatever the fk you’re doing with your worthless life, but I will pray for you to see the light ASAP.
    May Hashem find you and guide you out of that utterly sad blindness of yours.
    Don’t be another waited spot on a sheet on two legs, but man up and use your spiritual skills, we all got them in us.
    Life is a test for us to find our path, that kind that make us grow, florish.
    Don’t sit in your little dark square and spread Hitler propaganda to a world that moved on.
    The fuhrer of the damned is dead and you need a serious wake-up call.
    Now, who ever fk you up or over so bad you landed in this mess is not for me to psycho analyze, but I suggest therapy for you, try a few times and do it for your own good.
    Get to know some jews and really, don’t bring Jesus to shame with this christian talk.
    Jesus/Yeshua was a jew, are you even aware of it? 😀
    It’s too incredible to make me laugh properly….
    O you got much to learn lil man… So much.
    Teshuva time for you lost kid.

    Have a rockin shabbat!

    Happy new year.

    Laila tov.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Oh well, if you don’t like this site then don’t come back. The term ‘ignorant’ should only be used when someone is ignoring the blatant reality of what is going on. I acknowledge the problem the world has with Jewish power ruling everything, you don’t, therefore you are ignorant.
      Therapy? – Yeah, because noticing what goes on around you is now virtually a mental disorder according to the Jews; nice one!
      Christ was not a racial ‘Jew’, he was a Galilean Judahite. The Jews of today descend from the Canaanites (from Cain), later the Edomites, and they are mixed race bastards, the Pharisees whom Christ condemns in John Chapter 8. Are you aware of that brainy-act? So don’t go talking to me about spirituality when you know nothing about it!
      “Get to know some jews” – Hahahaha, fucking great idea! Because they are always such wonderful enlightening characters!!


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