Are You “Racist”?

This is all you really need to know about the term "racist"...

This is all you really need to know about the term “racist”…

The word “racist” is a bullshit term or a “slur word” if you like, to make us shut up when questioned by brainwashed lemmings. Whenever accused of being “racist” all you need to do is go “well yeah, so what?” Then they are forced to either have a real discussion or walk away disgusted. If they walk away disgusted, then that’s because you disarmed them by not caring about being called their #1 “shut up” word!

Besides, why would anyone care about being called a name invented by their enemies? Not only did a communist invent the term, but a Jewish one at that! What a surprise – another Jew communist sowing destructive crap in our midst!

The Jews do nothing but destroy.

– BDL1983

12 thoughts on “Are You “Racist”?

  1. irishenforcer

    I just go….and? the looks on their faces is priceless they cant continue because they thought that would end the discussion when I basically say please continue they have nothing to go with lol just this lost confused look….

  2. Michal

    You Racist, why you racist HA ?? Are you racist ? You racist !!! That’s mean you doing something right !!! Proud racist !!! All jews and their black – brown skin genetic brothers will be wipe out from Earth FOREVER !!! The long waited jew messiah coming in form of fire !!!! There will be heaven on Earth forever and the Kingdom of Our Father YHWH never Ends !!!

    Sieg Heil !!!

  3. Noachideous
    With the help of the ‘anarchist’ Slackarsed ‘tard….. the…., ‘academic’s’ coagulation that is….
    EUreekasheeit,,,,,,, peristalts out another sloppy Putresecent Pharisaic Piety.

    ………..Ker Plunk………….

    3 CR…. 3 ,,,,3.18…. 3 JUW es…… Who’ll not be blamed for nuthin’……not machinatin’ against host populations, not talkin’ and spewin’ moar jew lies to bring about their demented narcissistic Judaic nirvana….. Not Nuthin….. We must…. Fight Dem Back….. 642 48 …… Yo…..

    Most of these ‘academics’ are heavily invested in the so called ‘social sciences’….. These ‘sciences’ are pseudo sciences that appear to be a domain that is particularly attractive to calculating jew conspirators and their lickspittling goy subverters because they lend an aire of ‘learned’ legitimacy and fake wisdom to jew deceptions that are necessary to bring about the jew religious vision…. The Kosher Klown and university accredited pseudo scientist constitutes another member or the new noachide ‘priest’ or wanker class, who, because of his eminent qualifications, is ever prepared to assume the weighty burden of making via lecturing and rebuke, the under or un edjumacated, usually White, masses ‘better’…… Tikkun Olam is what the jew calls it perhaps ?
    The prime Much Chosen by Proxy imperative of the moment appears to focus on the elimination of all racial nations. Should any individuated member or a racial minority fee unwelcome in its role as a usurper and change agent, it is granted legally protected licence by the Israelian government to wail ‘racism’ and ‘hate’ with impunity…. The individuated racial minority member cares not one iota about the fact that it is being used and abused as a whore for the by the jew who pimps for it, it cares only for the fact that it is more relevant now, than it would be should it live amongst its own kind and their own racial nation….. The jew always appeals to the baseness in mankind…. For some, this amounts to celebrity and ….. munney…

    A case in point….. The DickHead and jew tool above would be just as comfortable lecturing indigenous AngloCelts in the UK as it is here….The agenda, and there is an agenda…. is racial. The maggot has neither shame nor honour… It attests to the reasons as why it is in the role. It is more relevant here than amongst its own indigenous people, and has succumbed to the jew appeal, to his base nature…… The ‘commissioner’ is now invited to wail with feigned indignation as taught and licenced by the jew who designed, patented and copy righted the technique.

    Judaism, or more properly judas ism….. is a ‘religion’ ( of repellent Filthe) that demands of jews that they seek and assert dominion over the not fully human ‘goyim’.

    Lest the ‘religion’ of ‘tolerance’, confusion, murder and inciteful mayhem……be proven false……..

    PS… The 6 Million of the Holler Cost amounts to 6 M or 6 13 like the 6 13 Mitzvot of the jew…… pointing to 3 16 or 1948….. The 6 million of the holler cost is more likely a symbol or a numerological icon than a quantitative number…. That is why they defend it so vigorously… and that the numbers chiselled on plaques may change quantitatively, but the six million never changes qualitatively.

  4. Noachideous

    Its that time of the yair again…… The jew never mentions that it is a requirement of the dominion seeking jew religion that ‘jews’ necessarily destroy the racial nations who are unfortunate and foolish enough to tolerate them. Lest the jew religion be proven false.

    What are the racial requirements of the kike as applied to the ‘goyim’ ? The jew Nathan mentions none of this… wails only about ‘nasty’ words, but never places them in the context of legitimate, lawful dissent against religious jew outcomes. It is a document designed to deceive legislators into acting as proxies against the interests of the ‘goyim’ and in favour of judasism…

    “The diasporisation of man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual centre..”
    transcribed from page 419 of a book by Max Dimont entitled The Indestructible Jews.

    No need to repeat… can read a short discourse with a suspected shifty jew or wannabe noahide knob goblin who went by the name Greasiest Yarmulke below at around 19 January 2013 12:56…..

    The jew is always appears uncomfortable with the reality of the fact that they adorn their chosen craniums with the Saturnine Cube, with 6 sides and 8 points of intersection ,yet cunnilinguially rapes as a religious ritual Truth, the Saturnine Daughter….. The vomitous jew feels itself… the perfect ashlar, hewn by the Chronological hands of Time as the single purpose of the creation…..

    The murderous, genocidal jew is forever attempting to seek a permanent end to the Time others may spend on this Earth. The jew religion demands it of ‘jews’. Having no desire to participate in their Filthe is called ‘hate’ by the jew.

    Giving the jew a voice that may be heard by the ear of innocents and thus providing an opportunity to practice its repellent ‘religion’ on the heads of others is akin to having a Kindergarten run and staffed by Rock Spiders………


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