Follow My Twits Ya Dickhead!

The fun awaits.....

The fun awaits…..

Just so people know – I started a twitter account a couple days ago, more for the hell of it than anything else:

My Tweety Twit Account

Who knows? Considering how many people use it, it may come in handy to drum up a bit more internet traffic. Simple fact is though, no internet activity is really private anyway, so we evil racist Jew hating types may as well utilize the media tools available…..

The twits themselves are in the side column near the top (special twit widget), so if you’re on tweety and you like what I’ve twitted, or if you feel like complaining about it then go ahead. If you whinge I just won’t listen!

My twits will cover whatever I feel like; not necessarily stuff related to the content of Expel The Parasite or White Racial Identity, but mostly!

– BDL1983

2 thoughts on “Follow My Twits Ya Dickhead!

  1. fuhrerious88

    I’ll contact you on Twitter mate. I never did social media as its usually gay. But I went on Twitter a few months ago and I find it great. There are a lot of Jew wise people on there. And it’s great for breaking stories.


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