Malcolm Turnbull’s Highly Probable Jewish Ancestry

This is an old article from 2008 which suggests that our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is more than likely Jewish – hardly surprising considering he is a former barrister and was also the chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia from 1997 to 2001. Big Jew banking firm = tick in the Jew box. Former Lawyer = tick in the Jew box. Now Prime Minister serving the international Jewish crime network = tick in the Jew box. And the following article = tick in the Jew box.


Malcolm and some Jew – I’m sure he will make a great Prime Minister……..

From The Australian:

It seems that Australians are learning more about Malcolm Turnbull almost by the day.

Yesterday came another revelation — the new federal Opposition Leader may be Jewish.

Courtesy of the local newspaper in Mr Turnbull’s electorate in Sydney, The Wentworth Courier, comes news that his mother, the writer Coral Lansbury, suggested to him before she died that she had Jewish heritage.

Mr Turnbull said one long-running rumour — that she had told him on her deathbed that she was Jewish — was not true. But he confirmed to the newspaper that Lansbury did tell him at some point that she had Jewish heritage.

“She said that to me when I was a kid,” he said. “It wasn’t any type of deathbed story or anything like that. I was with my mother when she was dying but she had always said that some of her ancestors, which were a mixture of people from the UK and Europe, were Jewish or of Jewish background.

“Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know. She wasn’t always the most reliable source of information, I’m afraid. And she may not have been sure herself.”

Mr Turnbull said that if he did have Jewish ancestry, “and I have to say, I think most people do, then that’s great”.

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Another happy snap of Malcolm and a friend....

Another happy snap of Malcolm and a friend….

This is why expecting anything from the political system as it is, is a complete joke. Jews run the whole system, lock, stock, and barrel. When one Jew arse kisser is given the boot, they just bring another arsehole in! Same old story…… Yawn.

– BDL1983

17 thoughts on “Malcolm Turnbull’s Highly Probable Jewish Ancestry

  1. Noachideous

    The words of the turnbull with reek then with the jewplicitous stench of judaic halitosis, like the rest of ’em…….

    Those who “Stand with Israel”, stand, like ‘Israel, to piss on the graves of my AngloCeltic Ancestors, in Australia, known as ANZACS. They did not, nor did my English GrandFather GF 76 42 knowingly fight for the jew and its unclean ‘israel’ in 1948 derived of the numbers 42 and 58. They were all deceived, and are now mocked by the kike…… kikes like Dr Ebola at the Online Hate Prevention Institute..1948 and the jews that infest the ABC 66……. and at the BnaiBrith and their collaborating former prime monsters…… A crime in any Man’s language and moral code…..

    The jew would have us believe that a few others justify the wholesale destruction of racial Europe where ever and whenever it is found….. This jew faecal matter is peddle like porn in schools.

    How many jews were on the production crew at the ABC for the ‘Spirit of the Anzacs’ shoot ? LK ? It must been a laugh minute for ever single one of the mendacious fucks….. Wake the FU !

    Remember the 888 246.. or 888 666-420 Corn Poppies CP 1948 ? Jews pissing again……

    See the Blood on the jew flag at the ADC 14 3…… 42 face schlub page of Sept. 12 ? It is not jew blood…..The jew has others as proxies fight its wars… Israel was paid for with the blood of deceived others…. not jew…. The jew knows this but wails with the feigned indignation of a perpetraitor blowhard pretending to be an eternal victim…. The purest distilled evil.. peddled by existential exemplar of the merchant snake oil con artiste……..

    The rainbow is big with jew because it is only visible from an angle of 42 degrees… apparently

    And everything on this planet Earth is always and only ever about the singularly magnificent ‘jew’… Seven colours for seven laws….

    Its enough to make you wanna puke your guts up…. Even the Gods and the Grand Architect himself…. wants to puke their metaphysical guts up…..and I’m no Mason, nor ever will be.

    The halitosic Jew….. their never ending cable laying’s enough to make ya spew……

  2. Clark Kent

    This is a great article ,anything exposing the Lying subhumans is a good thing , what a shame Hitler didn’t have 5 sons like the kharzar pig Rothchild ,ah its nice to dream ,anyway the jews are not in our Constitution and for a good reason ,they hate all goyim /non jews ? WTF so why bring them here ? Anyway the sooner is-ra-el is taught a lesson the better ,,and the sooner we kick turnbull out and take our country back the better , the death penalty has never been lawfully repealed so lets use it . Maybe we could Gas them ,first time for everything hey . Heil Hitler .

  3. Noachideous

    A bit more on rainbows and psychological operations by the jew that target indigenous Europeans.

    There is reason to believe this a jew psychop…….

    The first colour to become visible with the human eye is the colour RED……….at precisely 42 degrees… Others emerge at slightly lesser angle….. The jew has a fetish over circles (kikels) that derives from the number Pi, amounting to 3.14 or 42……. It is, the creation…. all about….. the jew…..

    Well before the narcissistic jew imagined itself the singular purpose of the creation, and as a result set about exterminating all other forms of bipedal life that most closely approximate ‘the jew’…… others knew of that number…. Thus… the jew set out to destroy them to…… The jew is the singular and only permitted manifestation of the Divine on this earth… Their physical and metaphysical beauty proves it……. After all, a handsome, beautiful or pleasing to the eye example of any other race is a mere second rate approximation of even the most unpleasant example of …….. ‘the jew’….

    Anti-Semitsm is clearly a function of goyische envy and jealously…… We are nothing next to them……..obviously…..

    A …….Red ………Circle…….., both representing the ‘Divine’ number 42 ?…….. Its another jew setup to make Europeans seem ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’ to the uninformed…..

    Judaism is always an appeal to the baseness in mankind…………

    On another possible origin of the word……. JEW….
    The gematria of the word JEW is 10 5 23…. or 15 23… or 38…..

    The number 15 amounts to the letter O… or a circle……. pointing to the number 42…
    The letter 23 also points the number 42 by virtue of the fact that is it double U..or 2 by 21…..

    The number 38 amounts to 24… summed with 18, meaning life or chai for the jew…provides 42.

    The jew made a movie “The Number 23” starring JimCarrey… JC or pointing to the number 13 via sum of 7 and 6 or 42…… Search it via image search…. The jew delights in writing on, or disfiguring White goyische faces……. It accounts for jew immigration into the nations of those people that the jew hates…… most notably Europeans, or White people that are not born jew. The jew is ‘writing’ on White goyische faces……again……

    It is always the way of the jew, and an expression of jew hatred for the existence of the other, to mutilate and disfigure those who, by virtue of the fact that the other exists at all, makes the jew feel bad… and less relevant than his religious delusion describes……..

    Another jew false flag….. 66… designed to be blamed on racist, hateful and thus evil whitey….
    Why is it so ?

  4. Noachideous

    So it follows then, that if the jew BnaiBrith were intimately involved in the design of this as seems to be the case with the pushing of the CornPoppy CP 1948 in the 1920s, and that the number of RedPoppies point quietly to 888 666 or 38 18 or JEW LIFE…42…. then the blood of the indigenous AngloCelt that flows freely from Castle England is that which provides sustenance and mirth for the Blood drinking JEW…. as it does in all European racial Nations.

    Snip….. Is alcohol code for the other ? The colour RED 18 represents life for the jew……
    “When Jews drink alcohol (blood?), they often make the toast ‘L’chayim!’ which means ‘to life!'”

    Getting the poisonous fucking JEW out of Europe…….. out of government, out of all war memorials, out of the ear of innocents and out of European life all together.

    How many times does the same lesson need to be relearned.

  5. Noachideous

    On this Day….for the UPF, by the Power of Three….. and the Bogan Revolution.
    10 10 2015……… 20 30….. 23…..

    Smoke ( jew lies) on the Water, Thunder Struck (Thor,Truth Thoth) the realisation…., lies blown away……. Fourth Floor (66… 36,12…48)……. The beginning, the unison, the emancipation from confusion, borne…..of treacherous Uncle Bully….BnaiBrith ADC… FauxMasonic jew lies……

    Observe 2:30….. No jew writing on racial European faces here…. Are those three arms at 2:30 ……..23, 38 or 42 degrees ?

    Fuck the jew…..their lies…….their murderous, genocidal jew israel not True Israel and all their ubiquitous Pharisaic Filth……….

    The Great Highland Bagpipe…. TGHB…… 2782…… 1488…1428… 314…… the eye of ODIN…… 42

  6. Noachideous

    More on the origin of the word……. JEW….. Pyramids at Parliament and the Prime Ministerial JEW PALACE in Oorstraelyah whose well Chosen occupants move in the vertical by 42 Elements specifically designed for that purpose.

    The Kosher Klown peddling the Seacrets above now reckons the Great Pyramid was designed and built by the jew….Said Klown calls it ‘Josephs’ Pyramid…. And goes onto to demonstrate that because he can do some Math….. Maat Thematics…..likely derived of the Egyptian goddess of Truth, Maat ….. then it must be true….coz he’s a ‘jew’……with a monopoly on Math, magnificence and thus, the singular permissible iteration, indeed, the entire divine purpose of the creation, the universe and everythink.

    So were the jews really just pouisemacewtin’ themselves in another apoplectic eruption of ritual self abuse then ?

    The jew is a renowned murderer because the jew is a liar and a thief first…..It Covetssssssssss…
    The text of judasism reveals that to be a good jew, it is a requirement and entitlement of the jew to expropriate and claim as its own every work of others. Possibly even the Race of those it seeks to destroy out of malice and envy.

    It’s not easy to find the mathematical angles that make up the Great Pyramid via search engine…The Kosher Kabbalist hasn’t mentioned them …..

    The shape of the Pyramid is as a Roof whose four planes peak at an apex.
    The lines formed at the intersection of the planes would be known as the ridge lines
    The 4 planes intersect to create four lines or ridges. The angle made to to the horizontal square base is the ridge angle
    The angle between the base plane and the roof planes is the roof angle.
    The right angles listed commence from the geographical center of the base found perpendicularly below the apex, and extend outward then upward to the apex angles.

    Ridge Tri Angles, to the second are 90 degrees, 41 degrees 59 minutes 51seconds and 48 degrees 0 minutes 9.99 seconds.

    Right Angles, rounded
    The contained ridge apex angles are 90 42 48
    Contained roof angles are 90 52 38

    Paired right angles to make isosceles
    42 96 42 ridge
    52 76 52 roof

    Isosceles angles within Planes
    58 63 58

    Of interest is that all the angles that ‘hang around’ the apex of the pyramid appear to point via gematria to the JEW 38, right where the JUW 3.18 or 54 believes it should be.
    The angles are the 38 degrees of the roof angle, the 48 of the ridge angle, or doubled to include the full isosceles triangles providing 76 and 96 The number the sum and product of 96 are 15 and 54, or the letter O, a kikel, and 54… JUW…10 21 23 , the missing letters of the Theben alphabet as described over at Majority Rights as a possible Maat Son warning relating to the 3 Ruffians or 3R or 3 18 or 54 or JUW es who murdered the Masonic Hiram Abiff…..
    There is also the 63 angle, pointing to the number 18 via 666…. meaning chai or life for the jew.

    The .au 1948, Masons, Sons of Maat ?………..Corn Poppy CP 1948 guys ? or just another barking mad menagerie of duplicitous, establishment jew DickHeads….. DH 48….

  7. Noachideous

    With the jewdicious use of tasty numerological morsels that constitute prime esoterically derived jew bait, I am going make an attempt to have the sneaky and covetious jews at ADC 14 3…42 of the BnaiBrith 2 2 ….. 42, Dr Ebola of the OHPI 48, Shit Talking jewurnalists at NoseCrap NC 14 3… 42…DailyTelegraph DT 420, baby bnaibrithians FightDemBack FDB 6 4 2…. 48, totalitarian zionist, goy hatin’, diseased genocidal jew ‘anarchists’ SlackBastard…..19 2….38 (JEW) 18…24 18….42…….., The k’baller seacrets schlub…. claim that the Norse Deity ODIN 42…… was none other than a snot gobbling, scheming, mendacious, expropriatin’ ‘nose’ deity…… or jew………. Because everything remember……… is about …….. the jew……….

    The name ODIN amounts to 15 4 9 14 or 28 14 or 42 in gematria… The Norse, like the Egyptians could do Math 2….. The jew media would have us believe that the Norse were One Eyed, numerically and esoterically illiterate pirates……that is all… We are led to believe that only the ignoble jew can do Math as much as we are misled to believe the lie that the jew is the singular purpose of the creation…..and that the 6 million of the holler cost is not a abusive numerological event used to brown beat the ‘goyim’ into submission, and children into worshipful guilt ridden obeisance.

    The Egyptians had to be destroyed, so must the Norse and their affiliated peoples. 42 was, is and only about the jew…….

    Odin is tradionally known to be in the good natured company of Two Wolves and Two Ravens.
    Providing 2 23 and 2 18 in gematria.
    From this we derive 46 and 36……
    These 4 individual numbers that make up the 2 fit nicely into the Sun Cross, or ODIN cross, one above the other… providing 46 36…………… This number square has interesting properties…… The sum of 4.6 or 24 and 3.6 or 18 amounts to that universally Divine number 42, pointing to 1948……
    Via other means with this number square…….. 4+6 or 10 sum 3+6 or 9 provides 19.
    and by the vertical addition of these numbers…4×3 or 12 sum 6×6 or 36 provides 48

    4 pairs of legs on Odin’s horse ?

    Are you sure default jewel citizens and Uncle Bully BnaiBrith jews that the world is only about ‘jews’ ?…. Your ‘israel’ places no value whatsoever for existence of others……….and actively seeks to destroy self determinate racial nations of the other………. Others unseen would seem to disagree.
    Your attempts to destroy the racial nations of others is a vector by which you seek to herd the individuated masses into your ‘religious’ paradigm that would place you and your narcissistic babblers in a position as if the existential manifestation of ‘god’….. right here, right now.

    The numbers 43 and 66 are separated by the number 23….. The jew is even now overwriting the Aryan faces of all the Norse Gods with genocidal jew multicultural filthe that is a simple function of narcissistic jew hatred for everything not jew, in both existence and memory… as thus diminishes the demented jew image of itself as singularly ‘divine’…….

    How many times is Uncle Bully rewarded by 4 legged chair for his jew violence perpetraited Courageously and Caringly against innocence and Truth while in the House of the Father ?….. Precisely Three…….

    Munchausen by Proxy afflicted mental case and metaphysical maggot Dr Ebola and the piously preposterous ‘Fanny Smaks’…..of the jew ‘masonic’ OHPI….BnaiBrith filthe all….who willfully and with malice aforethought, necrotise entire nations so that ‘my people’ may quietly feed to completion…..and your judas collaboratin’ goyische lickspittles….. who unlawfully and sneakily seek to impose the religion of the jew on the unsuspecting goyishce masses…..You need to consider that you are yours are no more than a ‘nation’ of blood spattered, murderous Frauds and Pretenders, an invention, who feign Care and Concern with the greatest of opportunistic zeal and courage for the those of Islam, when really, you want them here and in the racial European world so that European is goaded so as to fight a proxy war for you and yours in the Middle East against their kind, for your benefit… and Greater israel….

    So that you may still be around hav a nagila and piss, in complete safety, and with BnaiBrithian Courage to Care, on the graves of both …… as you and yours do now….. with your 42 centred, temple menorahic WW 2 , your CornPoppies 316 1948 and perhaps the next ‘hannukah’ war centered about 2021 (42) beginning in 2017 and ending by design, in 2025. That would make a loverly hannukah menorah in the time domain… wouldn’t it Ebola and Smaks ? With a pouifect Uncle Bully 42 in the center…. Not only that, 2021 would be precisely 79 years away from 1942,and there are 7 holders on the temple menorah, and 9 on the hannukah…..and the sum and product of 79 are 16 and 63, summing to 79 again.

    No one really nose quite what the BnaiBrith is……… until it is gently squeezed by those attempting to discover its true nature…Any thing approximating the Truth applies pressure and perforates its veneer of pious sanctimony. The ADC 42 of the BnaiBrith publish, or lobby kosher local government, revealing in full splendor, that it is in fact…..a putrescent, ideological colostomy bag of lies and deceptions….. that work quietly for a ‘kosher’ global governance and the necessary destruction of all racial nations via jewplicitous, faecal weasel words like ‘racism’, ‘hate’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’

    I have an idea for you jewel citizen Ebola….. why not pick up a Rifle in an appropriate caballistically contrived calibre… move to jew israel, and fight your own fuckin’ war……

  8. Noachideous

    November 4…… WhiteSplaining….. More OHPI jew filthe from jewel Israeli citizens, pending DNA confirmation…… lecturing others, usually racial Europeans to STFU, and let the jew, and only the jew, and… perhaps……. the approved individuated multicultitudes ………..speak…..

  9. Noachideous

    Our deceiving esteemed, unelected Prime Monster is only this last hour seen and heard channelling the ‘goyische’ mind via the number 7 in response to the Paris incident… Septiseemius Prime appears to be urging Oostraelians to go harder on Syria, for ‘leadership change’ or similar…… He don’t like Assad, would have majority Anglo Celts war against Assad, so that the Syrians might return home…….
    Cough/Sneeze…..” ABullshit’
    The disingenuous emoting out of the “They Live” media is as pathetic as it is Kosher…..

    Friday the 13 th ? The sixth day in the esoteric week commencing with the rising of the Sun of Sunday, the first day and its Setting on Saturday the seventh day…. amounting in gematria to……….6 13…. or 1948 ? Its another Kosher contrivance designed to hydrate the vine of jew Israel with the blood of the deceived… so that the jew might drink…..blood….. and Live….another few days…….

  10. Noachideous

    Under pain of death for recalcitrant ‘goyim’, Judaism demands that all not jew the world over be forced to comply with 7 laws of noah, administered by the sannhedrin out of Jerusalem in jew Israel.
    Racial nations are a natural impediment to the demented jew utopia. Racial Nations tend toward self determination and self rule and rightly so. So them goyims must be destroyed or deceived into the grave via auto-genocide, lest the jew be seen for what it is…. After all. the jew is the singular divine purpose of the entire creation… in its psychotic collective mind.
    If you’ve no desire to participate in the jew religion, the jew will attempt to have you declared Nutz… first….
    While the jew can kill you….. and is granted wordy religious licence to delight in doing so, it causes trouble for the jew when Israel’s not fully mighty and lead to pogroms if others of the murdered goy’s racial kin find out that the jew is the perpetraitor.

    So the jew will generally attempt to ‘kill’ 11 9 12 12 or 42 you in the metaphysical first, in the name of the Divine…. Hence the ‘mental illness’ attribution. Psychology is generally regarded as a degree for those who are too dumb to do the hard sciences, but regard themselves a too ‘good’ to get their hands dirty….It is shit……an industrial, maudlin pap degree…. All too often, the psychological pseudo sciences are found to be infested with jews… Probably for psycho-political reasons, and the fact that the jew Dick Head 48 feels entitled and yearns to be in a position of priestly authority over the goyim as a judgemental ‘deemer’….. or more properly a ‘wanker’……

    So courageously caring Dr Ebola at the…..48… a probable laughing jewel citizen (pending DNA confirmation) ‘griefer’ himself of ANZAC’s with their BnaiBrith , merchant peddled Corn Poppies CP 1948, your associates’ attempt to have those who refuse to kneel as a ‘noahide’ declared nutz….. is entirely unlawful…. but very , very jewish in its calculating mendacity.

    All European derived nations are likely to have similar antidote that will help derail jew attempts to pigeon hole or incarcerate Anti-Noahide dissenters… Look for them…..

    Just a reminder… the two former Prime Ministers, treasonous collaborators, were always it seems in the service of the jew. Hence auto-genocide via ‘multiculturalism’ for the majority AngloCeltic and European derived racial nation that is Australia.

    We should keep the Poppies perhaps as a reminder of jew treachery.? The jew will soon be attempting to remove them because they ‘offend’ the sensibilities of those the jew is using to destroy European racial Nations. The jew calls it Ancestor Worship…..
    AngloCelts use poppies for entirely innocent and sincere reasons, while the jew pushed them because the blood thirsty jew knew both Wars were for the benefit of jew Israel in 1948…….. It is ‘griefing’… isn’t is Dr Ebola ?……for their ‘sacrifice’… ? You and yours are actually laughing at their loss…Pissing on their graves and memory……. This is why I regard you, and your establishment buddies, Prime Monsters included, as two faced…………Filthe…..

  11. Noachideous

    If the responsibility of The ‘australian’ prime minister is the protection and furtherance of the majority interest, then ours just another in a long conga line of collaborators and frauds who toil in the service of others…..not racial Europeans….

    Same in indigenous racial Europe.

    It would appear to be that the manufacture of jew Israel is perpetraitored against and paid for with the blood of others according to a timeline that is a function of a numerological sequence.
    For instance, commence with the numbers 50 and 50…. summing in every instance to 100. Decrement the left and increment the right providing 49 and 51……. Via sum and product one derives 13 and 6 then 36 and 5 providing 1941. Every out put begins with 19. Continue in this manner until you run out of numbers….. Don’t know what to do with pairs like 20 80….yet.. The jew probably does though.
    Another sequence beginning with 20 appears using the same process commenced on numbers summing to 200 as in for instance 76 124.. amounting to 13 7 then 42 8 or 2050.

    34 and 66 sum to 100, like 42 and 58, the only other 4 number pair in a sequence summing to 100, and by the same method that point to 1948.
    If the numbers of ODIN are 42 and 34… and by those numbers are derived 1948, is this statue permitted to stand only so that ODIN is forced to witness the destruction of his people by the jew and their proxies ?

    And for the same reason the jew advocates the use of Papaver Rhoeas or RP 18 sum 16 or 34 or 1948….. to remember its fallen goyische ‘allies’……….. ’cause the jew likes a good blood filled belly laugh ?

    Should the jew be able to peddle its numerological symbolic deceptions in schools, knowing that
    6 M(illion) or 6 13 is derived of the numbers 42 and 58….or 1948… yet ‘goyische’ young and their uninformed teachers will regurgitate that number literally and internalise it as if forensically proven fact, and believe it to be true ?….. and be deeply affected by it…… for the benefit of the jew.

    Mind Fiddling
    jew Rock Spiders………..

    We live in a sick society… That sickness starts with the Much Chosen by Proxy jew….
    Where I live, it is a requirement to wield a ‘working with vulnerable persons’ ticket when for instance one contributes Time to the creation of White ‘musical youth’…..
    To the rockspiderlein jew I say………… Fuck…….You …………….jew…….. and your ‘requirements’.

    The world over, Europeans speedwalk and mince as fast as delicately possible away from murderous jew weasel words and insinuations……. and their responsibilities to defend against jew perpetraitors. Emboldened by those Europeans who cower hard at the sound of jew lies, the racial minorities agree, and are ever eager to see Europeans accelerate the process of displacement and disenfranchisement………… Surely… to the great shame of European Ancestors…

  12. Noachideous

    Recently discovered a limited edition copy of…. Parliament House Canberra.. A Building for the Nation…. copy 166/1000….

    Whose Nation ?…….

    A chapter entitled, The Semiotics of the New Parliament House, is penned by a highly edjumacated jew……whose highly edumacated sibling has served as the US ambassador to jew israel.

    The semiotics of the page selection for that particular chapter are important, and are as much by design as certain elements of the building’s numerology and ‘sacred’ jew geometry.

    The chapter begins on page 42 is completed with two pictorial plates to end on page 48….

    It contains the usual insincere and deceptive jew wailing about the now revealed to be repellent symbolic reciprocity between the War Memorial , the urinary jew Parliament and the peristaltic wurds of the prevailing jew establishment. You can consume it all at the google link perhaps.

    When the ‘Australian’ Government dumped the White Australia policy, it effectively enacted a policy of genocidal jew malevolence against European derived Australians who at the time were prevailing majority.

    It continues to this day… as much as it does in indigenous racial European nations.

    The ‘refugees’ are not in racial Europe because the jew cares one iota for them refugees… No….. They are in racial European nations because the jew hatessssssss and seeks by the concealment of a proxy, the elimination of all others not born ‘jew’…..

  13. onemeremember

    I wrote to High Court asking about what had to be done to bring “entitled” Australian Politicians of Jewish Heritage before the court under Section 22. Here is their response – “”The High Court can only consider matters in proceedings which have been properly instituted in the Court.
    The matters you refer to could only be considered by the Court by a reference from either house of Parliament under the provisions of the Commonwealth Electoral Act.”
    THAT is what has to be done.

  14. Noachideous

    Have you got some links to the particular legislation 22 and what it relates to .

    Let’s say that a class action of Australian YT’s wanted to pursue the Australian Government in the matter of an Australian YT “genocide”.

    The respondent would have to be the Australian Government and the question to be adjudicated by the court would be the matter of whether consent for immigration outcomes consistent with “genocide” as described by the UN was ever measured or obtained in the dismantling White Australia Immigration policy.

    We all know the matter of consent to a YT genocide was never canvassed as that outcome and the matter of its premeditation and wilful intent would have been thought preposterous at the time…. and mainly due to YT complacency and inattentiveness regards the JQ. But not so preposterous for some Oostraelien Jewel “Citizens” ….. in the context of its “religion” , where the successful elimination of recalcitrant Races and Nations from the historical record is always a cause for a kosher celebration.

    It requires a YT Nationalist lawyer, preferably retired, with enough assets to provide for a protected and secured retirement income with the time motivation to run it ….. The income of the retired Legal type is not to fund it …. only to survive the inevitable onslaught of those jewel citizens and noahidiots connected to governance in Australia who are active and wilfully engaged in the YT genocide project.

    As a class action it could be funded by the signatories, who’d likely be many. The AntiFa, who appear to exist only to serve that which was made undead in 1948, would most kikely go doxx crazy to punish the many working class supporters of a YT specific class action against the Australian Government in the matter of YT genocide.

    Any media involvement in the doxxing of silent signatories to these legal matters could be shut down very swiftly through the courts as attempts to interfere with the case in question through intimidation via punitive financial means by proxy …. the purpose of doxxing in the first place.


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