Don’t Touch The Untouchables…..

The invaders are now officially an ‘untouchable’ class. They probably were before anyway, but nonetheless it’s worth watching this short video of what got Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo fired:

I mean, really? Her dreadful tripping act is clearly worse than the endless daily rape, murder, and robbery these ‘people’ will enrich Europeans with….. Fucking hell, will the White race ever learn?

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “Don’t Touch The Untouchables…..

  1. Noachideous

    Looks like the jew is attempting to have John Friend rendered untouchable.

    John Friend has a legal case against the public establishment who terminated his opportunity to earn an income.

    Judaism requires that jews force their religion of filth on those not born ontologically exceptional, or not jew, Clearly JF is no kneeling ‘Noachide’…….. So his publicly funded employer, populated by snivelling obeisant blowhards and proxies for the kike, folded to the collective will of the jew and had him punished…. Judasism demands the death penalty for those who’ll not participate in the jew religion and be noachide. Thus, in legal terms judasism represents an incitement to commit murder, for doctrinal and ‘religious’ reason… The will of Judaism is made manifest by ‘jews’…….its identees.

    Thus judasim is a religion of murderous and jewplicitous……. Filth……

    What does Uncle Bully 42 Dr Ebola 1948 over at the OHPI1948 have to say on this ?

  2. Noachideous

    He would say this….

    Ebola is a smart CornPoppy CP 3:16 1948 ‘Furrier’ who profits as a jewel citizen Israeli Australian from the efforts of inanimate dead ‘goy’ things….. Then mocks them and their kin in a manner similar to the Lillian Freiman, BnaiBrith contrived semiotic devices that must surely bring a chuckle to their schmiling poker faces every time it is remembered………….in private and when no one else is watching that is…..of course….

    Such an ostensibly caring establishment jewel citizen that Ebola………like most of ’em….. A veritable Diamond among a sea of worthless goyische glass.

    The OHPI 1948…… Furrier of AngloCeltic ANZACs… for jew Israel in 1948.

    When you read the SanDiego paper comments… the jew is garnering and harvesting a good deal of shadenfreude from the situation….. The jew is an emotional tick…..a metaphysical parasite….. Its most dangerous parts are its mouthparts and the poisonous lies heard by others.


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