It’s Only Going To Get Worse…..

The good times are over (thanks to the Jews). We should all have supported Hitler. He was right and we are all about to learn why….

White society is fucking retarded for letting things ever get anywhere near this stage. Oh well, all the do-gooder lefty idiots on the TV know best…

(Bang head against wall)

– BDL1983

18 thoughts on “It’s Only Going To Get Worse…..

  1. markdomneymarkdomney

    I agree with your comments about Adolf Hitler my background on mothers side is I come from an authentic National Socialist family both my grandparents were party members and my grandfather was in the Waffen SS.MY grandmother survived the war and left Germany in the early 50s as she couldn’t stand the country Germany had become.She passed away 21 years ago and until the day she died she only had good words for Adolf Hitler and what he achieved particully in the 1930s.She educated and taught me to never believe the lies and propaganda the modern media use against Hitler and his ideals.The world would be such a better place if Adolf Hitler had won.Heil Hitler.

  2. mothman777

    Spectre is saying that unless we non-Jewish races all intermix according to Marxist principles to become one race, except the Jews of course, unless we bow down to their edicts, then they will literally bring physical warfare between European nations, or cause war on Europe from elsewhere. She says Europeans ‘will not survive’ otherwise, and that can only mean the threat of physical annihilation if we do not eradicate our own species by racial interbreeding.

    We are intended by them to eradicate ourselves one way or the other. The Blacks do not want to see their race bred out, nor do the Asians, nor do the Caucasians, so why should the Jews presume to have the right to do such a thing, it is demonic to end individual races like this. It is an expression of hate and vengeance against all other peoples for the imagined crime of the ‘goyim’ having supposedly inflicted the diaspora on the Jews, when they have been forced to suffer the ‘terrible indignity’ of having to live amongst other races themselves, and rabbinical opinion to that very effect has in fact already been expressed.

    This enforced race mixing, controlled by Jewish politicians and bankers, is an act of malice, not of kind consideration. Should horses be mixed with donkeys, or zebras with sheep? Engels stated that ‘blacks should be eradicated and swept from the Earth’. Marx stated that the only purpose of all other races and peoples , both great and small, is to perish in a revolutionary holocaust.

    Marx also stated that in order for his economic model to succeed, it was vital that the (Talmudic) practice of slavery be continued.

    The most culturally and racially diverse nation on the entire planet, America, is also the most violent , disordered, dysfunctional and warlike, with military bases in almost every country in the world, and with the highest proportion of people from amongst its society in prison.

    No race should be forced to undergo such destructive immigration, as it is the Jews themselves , with their ISIS, and Al Qaeda mercenaries, who are creating the terrible situation in the first place that compels people to seek sanctuary elsewhere, when otherwise they would be quite happy in their own countries, amongst their own people, but the blacks and Asians need to be liberated from the IMF and it’s 30% per annum extortionate interest rates, from the entire process of usury itself, which creates a literal situation of slavery for them, and we need to stop the Jewish banks inflicting that on them.

    Yet willfully ignorant and selfish whites happily re-elect Jews into power term after term, so that they can harm the other peoples in the Third World like this, so everyone needs to wake up a lot more and stop the Jewish people in power from deliberately and maliciously creating this chaos. It is no secret, except in the state- controlled mass media, that the US and UK send regular plane loads of arms to ISIS, and that Israel treats all the ISIS wounded.

    I have suffered terrible violence from black people, actually much worse than that shown in this video, and the immigrants often have a very warlike attitude, and they take the best accommodation, using black officials put in place by Jews above them, and then they intimidate and smash white people out of the best housing, so as to create enclaves, having an extremely similar hostile attitude to that of the Israeli Jews against the Palestinians, having learned that from the Jews themselves, who often use them as their footsoldiers in this fashion against all European peoples, and though not all blacks will buy into this race hate thing against the whites, those blacks that do not will often help those other blacks that do in some way or other, just like some Jews outside Israel will publicly declare the actions of Israel wrong, so as to appear fashionably concerned and compassionate, then, behind everyone’s backs, plot to harm whites, and I myself have survived several very serious attempts on my life by incredibly hateful, malicious and insanely violent ‘gangs’ of Jews.

    That black people should be engineered by Jews to fight whites like this is a tragedy, and the blacks, I feel strongly, with compassionate repatriation with generous help, would be helped to revive their own cultures on their own land, if the Jewish military plans for world hegemony can be stopped, and ISIS and the like are no more. Those mercenary entities are fed mainly by the vast rake-off that the Jews take from the Gentiles by their usurious banking operations, stock market manipulation, fractional reserve banking, quantitative easing and the like, and all other vile financial chicanery that must be stopped.

    The Jews behind all this should be deported to Birobidzhan or somewhere similar, under military supervision, by the UN or Russian forces, having had Israel de-legitimized, and their Samson Option nuclear weapons stockpile confiscated, where they can live their own lives and not dominate and destroy our societies any longer.

    Their religion states in the Talmud that even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed. Their Zohar states that when the messiah comes, all Gentiles on the Earth will be killed and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma. Such a demonic ‘culture’ having a position of ‘leadership’ over our own cultures is entirely unacceptable, and such a vile cult should be banned by humanitarian law over the entire globe, and the former Jews made to live in quarantine until the last traces of their mental disease of hatred has been fully renounced by them. Only then will those souls be fit to rejoin world society once again. Until that time, the Jews will remain only a highly organized criminal menace with genocidal intent against all other peoples, just as Marx effectively stated himself. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise stated; “Some call it Marxism…, I call it Judaism”.

  3. Whitepanzer

    We are so, so fucked. With thousands of illegal apes invading and a White society that doesn’t seem to give the slightest shit about it, Europe is officially fucked.

    I guess we have to learn the hard way…sigh. This is our punishment for not supporting Adolf Hitler while we still had the chance.

  4. A-MacTire

    Anyone who can watch this and still support this invasion, and that is precisely what it is, NOT migration, is mentally ill.

  5. mothman777

    There is seemingly no point whatsoever for these countries to maintain individual national armies to defend their national territories anymore, and that is evidently the Jewish message that we are supposed to ‘learn’. Why maintain armies just to give territory away to all others, till no culture of each country exists anymore, especially when refugee status is deliberately and maliciously created artificially by the likes of Spectre? When all peoples are completely homogenized, then they really will have taken away any need for independent states. This is leading to a one world army, a one world government, directed against all the mongrelized Gentile people, controlled by the Jews, who will be at the top.

  6. GDSoldier

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of the road is upon us! I can only hope the blowback is brutal and without mercy, we are running out of time to counter this blatant invasion facilitated by the eternal hooknosed enemy. RISE UP EUROPA – 1488-SIEG HEIL

  7. Noachideous

    Just cancelled contributions to anything associated with the DickHead above. 3 16 k remuneration package ? CP 1948 Corn Poppy guy ? Refugeeism into racial Europe appears to be the World Vision and design of the jew for the benefit of greater Israel… Is the ‘reverend’ another jewplicitous knob gobbling noachide ?

    Help them in their own country Costello.

  8. Noachideous

    A pattern and design in the world wars ?….. If the first two world wars were fought for jew ‘israel’ in 1948 then what about a third., for greater yidsrael.
    The first was a symmetrical event about the number 1916…..with two years either side.
    By sum and product 16 amounts to 7 and 6 or the number 42…a number claimed, now, exclusively for the jew… Think AntiFa…. 16…etc……. 26 years later, or 66, or 36sum12 or 48, another war, in the shape of a temple menorah, centered about ’42, with three arms either side.

    Is it possible to assume that the jew would like to foment another and in the shape of a hannukah menorah, with 4 arms either side the number 42….

    A perfect year for that would be the year 2021… or 2 21 or 42…. The ‘Uncle Bully” year… signifying the end for the jew…. like old Uncle Bully in the vid below. It is 58sum21 or 79 years post 1942 or 16 and 63……or 666 and lucky jew number construct. That would give a start end dates of 2017 2025 should the jew try it on with its hannukah war. The allegory below hints the jew will fail….The foundations of jew Israel are fabricated of Pharisaic lies, hydrated with the blood of others……not jew……

    Once were warriors….. Uncle Bully.

    The allegorical vid saves on my machine as 3:24 or 180 24 or 42. It depicts a jewed family of a the Maori racial nation. The jew comes in all racial shapes and jewplicitous faces.
    UncleBully can be none other than the jew… It jews in the most evil way possible, then denies its crime, like most jews. DoubleBrown42 beer, DumbBasterd 42 Bully, Bullies conniving can of worms to the screen wall 2 times with 4 punches to the chosen cranium 42…… It has to be by design…..

    Time, Chronos, Odin1488 as the AllFather16, 42 of Truth, Veritas, Aletheia is no friend of the deceiver…. Time is certainly no friend of the jew destroyer of races, nations….. in whose name the jew lies……and declares itself….. ‘chosen’……

    1. mothman777

      You got it right. Christianity is a Trojan horse Jewish psyop. The Christians say they know Jesus is the promised messiah because he fulfilled so many (but not all) Jewish prophecies. Here is one the Christians don’t like to acknowledge, from the Zohar, that when the messiah comes, all Gentiles on the Earth will be exterminated and their souls then sent to hell under the Angel Duma. Why should any sane person want any such messiah? Didn’t the alleged Jesus say that he had not come to deny or oppose any word of the law or prophets? Besides, he never existed, the real messiah of the Jews is yet to come, to fulfil the Zohar, but the fairy tale Jesus has been doing a good job at getting people to kill each other in the meantime anyway. See the ‘The Diegesis’, by Rev Taylor 1829.

      What is good or spiritual or even necessary about burning all non-Christians alive for all eternity without ever stopping anyway? It is complete insanity, unquestionably designed to incapacitate people by sending them completely insane. Hitler meant to eventually lead people completely beyond Christianity anyway, and not just to present them with a modified version with the Judaic flavour reduced. His electorate were in the main Christians, so he had to be very careful how fast he intended to reveal everything to them. But no social or spiritual progress can be made whilst that screaming insanity is allowed to remain in the minds of people like a vicious cancer.

      1. BDL1983 Post author

        You need to start again in your assessment of Christianity. Jews have always hated Christianity, and Europe under Christian rule expelled them at least 109 times, from memory. They also hate Christ, and for good reason – he represents their undoing. Christs ideals are the opposite to Judaic ideals, period. Look into Christian Identity if you want to know the full truth: It takes time and effort to fully understand it, even I still find new things I thought I would have already realised, but didn’t…….
        “Hitler meant to eventually lead people completely beyond Christianity anyway” – That is absolute bullshit and pure conjecture. Let me guess your source – Table Talks? Albert Speer? I’m sure it is something released under Jewish auspices after Hitler’s death, because there is nothing anti-Christian in any of Hitlers speeches or Mein Kampf. In fact, they all affirm the rock solid Christian principles of National Socialism. No point looking for conspiracies because everything Hitler said was honest and accurate. He had no intentions whatsoever of lying to or deceiving his people….
        “His electorate were in the main Christians, so he had to be very careful how fast he intended to reveal everything to them” – Yeah, you know Hitler’s intentions better than he did. If you just insist that he was craftily misleading his people then you can make up your own bullshit about what you think Hitler intended. That is your personal conjecture based upon some crap you read somewhere and in no way is it fact.

        1. mothman777

          The entire conception of ALL others being eternally only fit for rejection by God and everyone else is a JEWISH conception, but that would make them very unique and make them really stand out as especially evil, so they got Jewish agents to invent Islam and Christianity for various reasons, one being that Gentiles would then be in no position to accuse the Jews of being evil in regards to that eternal torture in hell of all others, and let’s look at this objectively, if these religions are to be taken seriously, then their claims are to be taken seriously, so what is more evil, some world domination and major genocide by the Jews, which is entirely brief in effect when seen from the viewpoint of eternity, OR, sending someone to be ETERNALLY rejected by God and everyone else, AND made to suffer unspeakable and unbearable torments and tortures and deprivations for ALL eternity. And where did this concept of eternal hell and constant burning alive come from? Where did Jesus get it from,? It would not be a Jewish idea would it by any chance?

          The Jews can also use this to make sure that just as they themselves are the true enemies of God, then they can drag others down with them, and make them unfit also to be with God due to their willingness to see that horrific fate inflicted on all others too, and now that those Gentiles have no real God (The Jews invented Jesus and Allah) then the Jews can really mess with them and torture them absolutely horrifically and genocide them all without any spiritual repercussions, precisely because they also now are more or less totally evil bastards too, as well as the Jews (except for coffee mornings and giving out ‘vaccines’ to Third World kiddies to cripple and sterilize them all. Also, the Jews can now get Christians and Muslims to annihilate each other.

          I stand by what I said, and will have to respond in more detail about what I said on Hitler’s ultimate intentions on Christianity later on, hopefully this evening, as that requires me to search through my files and see exactly what my sources were, and I can only say this, that if Hitler really did intend to remain Christian and for his people to remain as such, despite the alleged new National Socialist Bible that they say they have ‘just’ discovered a very few years ago, with a de-Judaized Jesus and teachings in it, then even with the eternal hellfire bit, Hitler himself would ultimately have been a spiritual ignoramus, and his worldly social policies would have been very little more than hypocrisy, if, at the end of it all, despite protestations of noble intention, he was still willing to see all others burned alive for all eternity.

          Himmler used to carry a Bhagavad Gita with him, and encouraged all his SS troops to become vegetarian, in line with vedic principles of compassion towards animals. Though this was perhaps a little strange, since in the vedic culture, because leaders often need martial qualities, they alone among all the castes are allowed to hunt animals and eat fish, poultry and meat, so making his SS men vegetarian might have risked making them a little weak in the field, though they would of course have had much finer and more compassionate intellects as a consequence, as actually was demonstrated by their very decent conduct on the whole throughout the war, especially when compared with the utterly demonic behaviour of the Jew-controlled ‘Allied’ forces, ‘allied’ being a total misnomer, with ANY war against the Germans being totally demonic, when the fact of the Bolshevik intent to take ALL of Europe and the USA is taken into account. Only the Jews Churchill (his mother was Jewish), Roosevelt and Stalin managed to pervert the minds of the peoples whose countries they controlled on behalf of the Jewish people, and cause them to attack their on true allies, the Germans.

          Remember how Hitler even had Korans published and distributed to the Muslim soldiers fighting alongside his soldiers? He would go along with these religions as a matter of political expediency, of course, as too much of a break with tradition would have set all the people against him, leaving them merely to be butchered by the Jewish Communists.

          Just consider where Christianity comes from, the idea of a JEWISH messiah, as surely, the racist Jews would NEVER ever consider having a Gentile messiah to lead the Jews would they, seeing as how they term ALL Gentile souls in the Talmud as PIG souls? And the Chabad Lubavitchers who control the world’s most powerful heads of state today expand greatly on this, stating how Gentiles are from three lower hellish spheres of creation, being merely substance from Satan, literal excrement left over from the creation process, eternally non-living, eternally and irredeemably evil, eternally guilty of all types of sin even before entering into the womb, and the eternal enemies of the Jews. So why would Jews have a Gentile messiah? They would not do, of course.

          Don’t the Christians say that Jesus was predicted in Jewish teachings? Answer me that. And why would Gentiles with their own vastly more compassionate religions need to adopt such a sadistic pile of crap as Jesus anyway? (Something to do with being burned alive at the stake, being garroted to death, being slaughtered in battle, or being burned alive repeatedly for all eternity in the afterlife, not much of a ‘choice’ really).

          The Gentiles had their own often quite valid approaches to the Divine Absolute, on various levels. The Nordic, vedic, Sikh and Buddhist teachings for instance do not have any teachings of Jesus or any eternal hellfire, or eternal separation and torture in any eternal hell of even one single soul. Your metaphysical understanding is very shallow, so is that of all the Christogenea teaching, it is still yet just for mind-controlled people who are willing to be played, one way or the other.

          Get rid of the sick mindset about the necessity to send even a single soul to suffer in any hell for all eternity, as that very concept is at the very root of the entirely unnecessary and spiritually counter-productive hate and anger-ridden mental illness that is Judaism, and ALL Jewish sects are involved in that, not just the allegedly non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jews, amply proven by the fact that not one single Jew out of the 4,000 Jews of a great many different sects and persuasions who stayed away from the WTC in New York on 9/11 came forward to denounce any ‘synagogue of Satan’ so-called fake Jews behind those attacks, or warned any Gentiles beforehand, or tried to stop the resultant wars in the Middle East afterwards. They ALL stood together as one totally dedicated military unit, and still do today. Personally, I agree with Dr Karl Skorecki, that Ashkenazim really are just diaspora Jews who returned to the fold, as Jews would never ever allow Gentile souls to mix with them in mass numbers at the top like that, or what would be the point of their plans for world domination by Jews, and the complete extermination of ALL Gentiles, down to the last man, woman and child, or their strict race laws, which prevent Jews marrying non-Jews in Israel?

          1. svenlongshanks


            ‘The entire conception of ALL others being eternally only fit for rejection by God and everyone else is a JEWISH conception’

            Do you think you are perfect? Do you think this universe is perfect?

            This universe is far from perfect and we are clearly flawed.

            God has to be pure and we are by our very nature impure, how could there be any contact between pure and impure?

            What you are suggesting is that this logical deduction is Jewish.

            ‘And where did this concept of eternal hell and constant burning alive come from?’

            That comes from you, it doesnt come from the Bible and it doesn’t even come from Orthodox church teaching.

            This life will seem like the blink of an eye in eternity, but what we do in it will effect our experience of eternity, the same as what we do now will effect what happens to us in the future.

            The orthodox teaching is that both those in Christ and those who reject Christ will be in the presence of God for eternity.

            Whether that closeness is bliss at being in close proximity to God or eternal shame and wailing and gnashing of teeth at your own stupidity, is up to you.

            Christian Identity follows the strict biblical teaching that ALL White people have living souls and all will have eternal life.

            Burning in a lake of fire is reserved for the Devil and all his angels, along with all which does offend ie. Offences against nature – mullatoes, bastards, mongrels, anything which is not still in the perfect form it was created in.


            ‘then they can drag others down with them, and make them unfit also to be with God due to their willingness to see that horrific fate inflicted on all others too,’

            Nobody likes seeing other creatures in pain, but just as the force of evil will try to get you to act on your hatred for your own kind, it will also try to get you to act on the pity you feel for bastards/mongrels such as palestinians.

            It is all a test to get you to reject God and become like Satan instead of Christ. It is terrible that so many will just disappear back into the soil never to live again or go back to being a part of te creator that formed them originally, but that is how evil Satan is. The evil in the world really is evil, those bastards have no chance whatsoever due to the choices their ancestors made and their ancestors made those choices because they followed Satan and not God. It is Satan your hatred should be reserved for, the personified adversity that we face.


            ‘The Jews invented Jesus and Allah’

            The Jews did not invent Jesus. The Jews did not even exist as a people with that name until 1/10 of the tribe of judah (which in itself was only 1/10 of all the tribes of Israel) returned to Judea from Babylon around 450BC along with many Arab and Canaanite wives. In 250BC those proto-Jews merged with the Idumeans/Edmoites from Idumea/Edom and absorbed the entire nation through race-mixed marriages. This nation is cursed by God, there are Psalms written cursing them, God himself says how much he hates them and Paul quotes how much God hates this people, in contrast to the genuine Israelites who did not intermarry with them.

            Flavius Josephus details this in his histories, so does Strabo and today’s Jews have it in their encyclopedia that the Edomites became known as the Jews from then on. These were the Jews that Christ condemned, said they were devils, race of vipers, the antichrist, killed all the prophets from the beginning with Cain and Abel. This people known as Jews never wrote any part of the Bible. Josephus tells us only the Essenes were pure bred Judahites and they followed the Old Testament laws only and rejected every other sect from Judah.

            The Jews, followed the commandments of men, as Christ kept telling them, as well as telling them they had a different father to him, were not his sheep etc. The only thing the Jews ever wrote was the Talmud, centuries after Christ. Herod was one of these Edomite Jews and so were most of the high priesthood, the sadducees, the pharisees and all the government, just like today in fact.

            So you can see that the idea that these Jews somehow wrote the book detailing all this and identifying them as the devils that they are, cannot possibly be true.

            Despite what the Jews themselves may claim to the gentiles, which incidentally does not mean non-Jew but just means nations. The tribes of Israel are called goyim plenty of times in the Old Testament by God the father himself, so whether you believe in him or not, you can still see that Israel were Goyim in the Old Testament.


            ‘I stand by what I said, and will have to respond in more detail about what I said on Hitler’s ultimate intentions on Christianity later on’

            I can tell you now that you wont be able to find anything from him talking negatively about Christianity that wasnt published after his death, or was produced unofficially.

            Germany was the centre of Christianity and they saw the war as a holy war of Christ against godless commnunism.

            Unlike Islam, Judaism and other so-called faiths (none of them include a faith in a promise like Christianity does) Christianity does not force anyone to do anything. It has to come from the heart. So giving out Kornas to Moslems is exactly what you would expect a Christian to do in those circumstances with the Moslem SS.


            ‘Just consider where Christianity comes from, the idea of a JEWISH messiah,’

            There never was any expectation of a Jewish messiah, that is why Christ never even bothered trying to teach the Jews anything. He kept telling them they were not his sheep.

            The only Jew involved was The Jew Iscariot, who sold him to his Jew brothers. The other disciples were all Benjamites from Galilee of the Gentiles.

            Christianity comes from White people, from a time when we still held most of Asia and had hardly colonised northern Europe.


            ‘. The Nordic, vedic, Sikh and Buddhist teachings for instance do not have any teachings of Jesus or any eternal hellfire, or eternal separation and torture in any eternal hell of even one single soul.’

            You seem very caught up in your ideas of hellfire which are not biblical, but come from a later manifestaion of the establishment church.

            The Nordic wisdom was superceded by the Christian, whatever there was worth keeping of it we kept. To thing we would do anything else flies in the face of logic and the evolution of the world as we see it today. Trying to go back and find it is like trying to go back to being a child again.

            The wisdom is still there in the teachings we still have that are alive today.

            Vedic and Buddhism have been in the hands of the animal races for well over a thousand years now and you will not find anything in them that has not been corrupted completely by them.

            Sikkhism never even was White, so I dont know why you bring that up.

            Your ancestors were not stupid, they would not have followed an alien religion and even if they did, within a century it would have been showing exclusively White traits to it, let alone 2 thousand years later.

            We are lucky will still have the holy scriptures, without them we certainly would be lost, as all the establishment churches no longer follow them and think they know better, but as we see in the rest of the world, our intelligence and understanding of spiritual matters gets worse and worse each year, we cannot even remember phone numbers anymore, let alone the entire Bible like our ancestors could.

            The Bible contains eternal truths, ignore it at your peril.

            1. mothman777

              I have seen the Christogenea Bible, and it contains mention of eternal punishment in hellfire. All that talk of only white people having living souls is pure silliness, someone is messing with you big time there. Do you think AH believed that only white people have living souls, or that mixed race people go to eternal hell? Of course he never did. Read the actually compassionate and even admiring statements by AH on other races, and see how many soldiers fought for him from other races. Read ‘Black Nazis’ by Veronica Clark. Whoever is teaching you the vile racist hatred that you mention as your belief is a nutcase, full stop.

              I am not for Marxist racial homogenization of all Gentile races, and believe in the restoration of not only the white race, but also the other races, to share in a federation of independent nations with free National Socialist style economies, that all trade with each other usury free, and give each other’s citizens only temporary visas to visit for education, diplomatic work, tourism, to be medical, agricultural, scientific or technology students, or to be temporary migrant workers etc. whenever they are of other races or of non-compatible religions, enabling them to be free from exploitation and financial or literal slavery and war, with all peoples having mutual respect for the fact that whilst all cultures and races are best not homogenized, as such produces only chaos and madness like that of America, they can still get along, and do that in the understanding that beneath the skin, all are souls made from the substance of the real God.

              I would like to see compassionate repatriation with generous terms for all people of other races, so that Africa becomes for the black and Arab peoples, and so on, so that races are preserved, but not trodden down any longer. Blacks will never be happy on the whole as long as they live amongst whites, and there will always be strong resentment against whites by the majority due to the Jewish propaganda campaign blaming whites for slavery, when the slave trade was run by Jews buying black slaves from black slave traders in Africa, with 95% of all transported black slaves being purchased by Jews alone in America, and we know that 95% of Jews go by the names of Catholics etc, so the real figure will be much higher than that. It is far better that this hate is stopped completely by giving all blacks their original homeland back, and restoring them all to it, where they can feel secure and happy, and have no white people around them to hate any more, which will be good for their mental, physical and spiritual health, and ours. Much greater compromises will have to be made in terms of land allotted for the Native American Indians in America and Canada also.

              I believe strongly in a sustained eugenics program to restore all Gentile races to full health after the enormous damage done to all Gentile races by the Jews, who have taken the best of all other races, generation after generation, and had them all annihilate each other in pointless wars that have been engineered purely to genocide them all and weaken the remainder to be more suitable slaves for the Jews. Such a eugenics program would be entirely well-meaning and beneficial to every soul, so that every single member of all Gentile races will have full access to a healthy, handsome, beautiful, intelligent and emotionally happy bodily vehicle.

              Even insects have living souls, as do all creatures in every species, though they are all only made fully alive when they return their principal attention to their natural, beginingless, eternal constitutional relationship with the eternally indwelling Supersoul Godhead who exists eternally within the jiva soul of every single one of them. That is the actual structure of the cosmic spiritual body, so the real God could never cut even a single soul off for all eternity, and neither would He ever torture even a single soul for all eternity. Only criminally insane people think things like that eternal hell business up, to literally drive people quite mad with fear.

              I honestly think you have fallen for a Jewish psyop man.

              How would you people be superior to the Jews if you people are now the authors of the Bible with all it’s insanity? I have seen the Christogenea Bible being more or less identical to the standard KJV Bible on issues that reveal it as clearly criminally insane, principally sending what is sure to be a great many people to be burned alive repeatedly in hell for all eternity. There is no ‘sin’ that could ever justify even one single soul ever being made to suffer that. How could you not see that? How could you remain so willfully blind and callous? Legalistic arguments and supposed bloodlines are irrelevant to me when considering this most central issue. Any soul who thinks he gains by watching whilst others are needlessly condemned to eternal suffering in eternal hellfire has failed all true spiritual tests. Why don’t you ask your Jesus to come and speak to me about this? I bet he is some big fat stinking rabbi on the astral plains pretending to be Jesus.

        2. mothman777

          I quote in full a news article from the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, which reveals fascinating information on how Hitler attempted to create a new, non-Jew related Christian faith. It is strange, that if this this article is based on any real truth, and not merely on some belated war propaganda to make Hitler seem ‘satanic’, that such a Bible was not heard of and widely mentioned back when the so-called ‘Allied’ powers wanted to put the newly formed German National Socialist regime in a bad light, as I would have thought they could have got some real mileage out of using such an account to make all those Jewish-controlled ‘Christians’ in the military forces of ‘Allied’ armies and their ‘Christian’ civilian tax-paying supporters think they were actually spiritually righteous in fighting National Socialist Germany as if they were fighting forces of the (imaginary) Satan himself.

          Looks to me like this Bible is a major departure from what ‘Christians’ call Christianity. I think this article, if true, proves my point that Hitler was leading people away from what is normally termed ‘Christianity’, towards a more pagan spiritual understanding, and I would totally support him in doing that, though I feel strongly that this new Bible would by no means have been the final installment in such an endeavour, and I feel sure that the Jewish idea of eternal rejection of a lower class of beings, the Gentiles, which is imitated in the KJV and all other standard versions of the Bible, would have been seen as entirely non-compatible with the noble spiritual sentiments of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, whether or not such a penalty as eternal hellfire remained still present in his Bible, though, having not seen a full version of this Bible, I cannot say what he may or may not have included in it as regards teachings on eternal rejection and punishment in some eternal hell by God of all (non-National Socialist?) Christian souls. I feel certain that he would not have wished to be as vicious as the Jewish themed and manufactured Christian Bible had been, just as when banning research and development of any radioactive Jewish atomic weapons by German scientists, he instead authorized research only into non-radioactive weapons when looking into weapons that might use some form of atomic power to produce a non -radioactive explosion, and his bodyguard wrote a testimony stating that Hitler forbade any development of what he called ‘the Jewish hell weapon’. It would be interesting to have both the Christogenea Bible and the German National Socialist Christian Bible before me so as to be able to make a proper comparison. I know the Christogenea Bible is very similar indeed to the standard Bible as regards teachings on eternal hell and punishment in it, so the utter brutality of it is entirely unsuitable to me or anyone else for any truly genuine spiritual purposes, as the real God does not reject even a single soul for ever, let alone torture them forever. He would have to be a complete nutter to torture someone for ever, and that being said, from that alone, I conclude that the real God is not anything to do with either Christogenea or standard Jewish- themed Christianity.

          ‘Jewish references erased in newly found Nazi Bible

          Last updated at 14:47 07 August 2006

          An institute in Germany has unearthed a Nazi bible ordered by Adolf Hitler to replace the old and new testaments expunged of all references to Jews.

          Hitler’s race theorists even rewrote the 10 commandments and added two more for good measure in the book called ’German with God’ which was – alongside Hitler’ s autobiography – meant to be required reading in every home in his Third Reich.

          Thou shalt not kill, coveting one’s neighbour’s wife, thou shalt not steal and all other others were scrapped by a regime that stole, murdered and plundered its way across the world.

          Hitler admired the ceremony and majesty of the church – he admitted as much in Mein Kampf – but hated its teachings which had no place in his vision of Germanic supermen ruling lesser races devoid of ‘outdated’ concepts such as mercy and love.

          But he knew the power of the church in Germany and even he could not banish it overnight.

          He was even forced to abandon the systematic murder of the handicapped and insane before the war when outspoken bishops began to speak against it.

          Instead his plan was to gradually ‘Nazify’ the church beginning with a theological centre he set up in 1939 to rewrite the Holy Bible. He appointed lackey professors to work on a thoroughly Nazi version that would remove all references to Jews and all compassion.

          Their brief: ‘The cleanse church texts of all non-Aryan influences.’

          The first to go were the 10 Commandments. The Nazi 12 run:

          “Honour God and believe in him wholeheartedly.

          Seek out the peace of God.

          Avoid all hypocrisy.

          Holy is your health and life!

          Holy is your wellbeing and honour!

          Holy is your truth and fidelity!

          Honour your father and mother – your children are your aid and your example.

          Keep the blood pure and your honour holy!

          Maintain and multiply the heritage of your forefathers.

          Always be ready to help and to forgive.

          Honour your Fuehrer and master!

          Joyously serve the people with work and sacrifice.

          That is what God wants from us!”

          More important for Hitler, however, was the eradication of Jewish words, including Hallelulja, Jehova and even Jerusalem – it was instead termed the ’ the eternal city of God.’

          “The book will have to serve the fight against the immortal Jewish enemy!” said Hitler in a memorandum to the institute in Eisenach.

          Hansjoerg Buss of the Nordelbischen Church Office discovered the Bible in an archive search.

          It was printed in 1941 by a company in Weimar and was shipped out to thousands of churches across Nazi-occupied Europe. It is understood most have been destroyed.

          The name of the office Hitler created to shape the Bible in his image was the ‘Institute for the research and removal of the Jewish influence on German church life.’

          One of the major tasks was to ignore Jesus’ Jewish roots and turn him into an Ayran. Other words specifically banned by Hitler’s race-haters were Zion, Hosanna, Galilee and Moses.

          One order found in the archives for a special exhibition in Eisenach of the institute’s bizarre work came from Walter Grundmann, the anti-Semitic director appointed by Hitler.

          He wrote in 1941: “The Bible must become Jew-free and the German people must see that the Jews are the mortal enemy who threaten their very existence.”

          Hymn books were also trawled and ‘Aryanised’ with no references to make the party elite balk during the few times they were ever likely to find themselves in a Christian church.

          At its height, a team of 50 worked on re-writing hymn books and the Bible. But it was all a charade as far as Hitler and his S.S.

          chief Heinrich Himmler were concerned.

          Both dreamed of being overlords of an essentially pagan society where the only virtues to be praised were iron hardness and a capability to obey any order, no matter what.

          “Human kindNess and the moral compass as set by the Bible were laughable to them,” said Ulrich Messner, a Nazi expert.

          The King James Bible is a little under 800 pages in paperback form. The Nazi ‘Bible’ was 750 pages, after the references to Jews had been banished and Nazi “improvements” added.’


          1. BDL1983 Post author

            I’ve had this argument before in this post: Go through the comments there…. Your perception of Christianity comes from the lies spread by the people now known as jews. Forget the universalist ‘God’ because that’s not Christian. Until you understand that the Canaanite/Edomites are the literal seed of Satan, now known as the jews, you will never get how the Bible works. Jesus was a Galilean Judahite, not an Edomite Jew – big difference there. Either you acknowledge the fact of a dual seedline or I have nothing left to say here….

            1. mothman777

              You never said whether or not you think the Hitler Bible is real.

              I don’t think anything I have said about Christianity comes from the Jews, it comes from my own feelings and my own analysis for the most part I am sure, and if other people concur with any of my views, only a very few of which are stated here, some of which I may have raised with you or one of your colleagues in an earlier discussion, then they, like me, have come to the same conclusions independently through common sense.

              I took up Christianity myself for a few years, saw it could not be true in the light of my yoga experiences, and saw the total contradiction between many statements in the Bible and Christian practice, and I don’t see some of my points made by anyone else at all, let alone the Jews. I accept that Christogenea is somewhat different to the Christianity I was earlier introduced to. I still don’t know if Christogenea uses a similar Bible to the alleged German National Socialist Bible that has been ‘discovered’.

              Races of men have been on this Earth for hundreds of millions of years according to vedic knowledge, with advanced cultures even back then, so I don’t buy any of the entirely limited biblical ‘history’ of mankind. Several different groups survived the Great Flood, not just those on Noah’s Ark, so I don’t see that I should be compelled to wrap my entire life around Christianity of any type, even that of Christogenea.

              I choose to remain in what I consider to be the more reasonable vedic understandings, and so, I guess I would have been one of the Indian guys sympathising with Hitler’s movement, and I am pretty certain my last life was as an Indian, as when I was a boy, I naturally had Indian habits from my past life, though I am now in a Caucasian bodily vehicle. I read the discussion on paganism you had through the link you gave me, which raised some very interesting points.

              I will never accept Jesus though, and I honestly believe that no Christian of any type will ever attain the true spiritual realms until they have some change of heart during one or other of their future lives, that enables them to leave that sadistic viewpoint of the necessity of having to send all others to hell for all eternity. I will leave it here if you wish as I am done discussing now really, and have said what I wanted to say, so thank you for your conversation anyway.


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