Holocaust Suffering is Passed Through DNA

You want insanity? Well, you got it!

Jews were forced to work. It will remain in their genes forever.

Jews were forced to work. It will remain in their genes forever.

As the last of the “survivors” of the alleged Jew Holocaust are dying off, the goyim need a new reason to continue to pay Jews unlimited amounts of money forever.

It was a difficult problem for the Jews, but they worked out the perfect solution: the idea that the suffering inflicted on them by Adolf Hitler is being transmitted through their DNA.

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This is how insane it’s getting. The Jews will never stop with their shit, never.

– BDL1983

10 thoughts on “Holocaust Suffering is Passed Through DNA

  1. Khalil jaser

    The jews will only stop making the gentiles pay is when you Exterminate them. When they inflict pain and to nonjew, it’s impossible for the nonjew to get a penny out of the jew. But vise versa they make you pay and your grandchildren for something they make up. That is the weakness that the jew always exploits in the gentiles. EXTERMINATE THE PARASITE JEW..

    1. GDSoldier

      LOL and the sideshow rolls on, the sheer gall of these ratfaced vermin is truly breathtaking. Stress hormones in breast milk !!! Oy vey !! This requires exactly 6 million shekels per ml of breast milk consumed by kikelets from their vampire nosferatu mothers. Muh breast milk trauma ! Muh DNA changes !
      If a line in the sand is not drawn soon, then this stack of lampshades is gonna come crashing down upon these shameless hooknosed parasites. Complete eradication is and always has been the only answer to this eternal question. 1488-SIEG HEIL

  2. AryanWolf88

    “Jews were forced to work. It will remain in their genes forever.”

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious! Seriously, does anyone still buy this holohoax bullshit? This is beyond even insanity.

  3. Anne-Marie

    I have an honest question to ask, and I hope you don’t think that I’m being rude. If Jews only make up 0.2% of the world’s population, how can they be controlling the media in the manner which you claim?
    Eagerly waiting your reply,
    Anne-Marie St. John
    P.S. The data to which I refer has been collected by fair and impartial testers (my company!) who are not connected to any newspapers or news channels – of this I am completely confident. Also, as of today I employ precisely one follower of Judaism, and she is a very sweet young lady who has never exhibited any greedy or antisocial behaviour, and does not belong to any Masonic societies. A-M St. J

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      “If Jews only make up 0.2% of the world’s population, how can they be controlling the media in the manner which you claim?” – Quite easily in fact. They own it (mass-media throughout the west), therefore they control it. The Jews are a very ethnocentric group and they operate as an organism with their own interests always at the forefront, which is perfectly natural, but in the Jew’s case it is very destructive to non-Jews because of it’s parasitic nature.
      Media control:

      An old article which illustrates the point that not only do Jews run the media now, but they did in the past too:
      More good information:
      The Chinese know the Jews control America; they are correct in their assertion:
      And I could find a million more links……. but, you’ll have to do your own research. I hope that helps!

  4. Noachideous


    The above appears to be a demented, jew approved version of the Lemoyne artwork. Judasism is an inversion of decency, an appeal to the baseness in mankind. ……. jew……… Filthe……..
    Truth, Beauty and Innocence defiled……..

    Julian Lee’s ‘ Love Your People’ at the header of http://whitelawtowers.blogspot.com.au/ suggests the Races are perfected by Time, the Father of Truth…. The jew …. Filthe….seek the elimination of both…… Even Time itself……

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You’d think that the world’s eternal Marxists would know that!! But no, Jews have special suffering genes which they pass on….
      “You can’t make this stuff up folks” – Alex Jones

  5. Noachideous


    The DickHead 48, above, us all, reckons the evidence, (none of it forensically verified) for the number 6 million is so strong that 14 Countries (gematria 14 C or 14 3 or 42) have decided that any assertion the 6 million is a mere semiotic device derived of gematria, is an unlawful assertion requiring punitive correction…….. as in 6M or 613 like 613 mitzvot from which is derived by numerological contrivance, the number 1948.

    Dr Ebola speaks with a forked tongue, and would be required to perjure hymself in a True Saturnine court of Law……. Dr Ebola is a jew…..a allegorical rapist of the Saturnine Daughter… an UncleBully 42. His lies, his semiotic Filthe and the lies of the BnaiBrith diminish the societies they infest…….

    Judasism is an appeal to the baseness in mankind…..The Jewplicitously unctuous Ebola, slitherer extraordinaire, is but one of its most vociferous respondents. A true believer in and pious peddler of the ubiquitous…………Shit of the Jew…..


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