Just ‘Cos You’ve Got The Power!

Another great song from the world’s greatest band:

You might be a financial wizard,
With a sack of loot,
All I see is a slimy lizard,
With an expensive suit,
Go on and run your corporation,
Go and kiss some ass,
You might buy half of the nation,
But you can’t buy class

You bastards think it’s funny,
Lyin’ and thieving all your life,
Think all there is is money,
Got your future strapped up tight,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right

You can take my fingers babe,
You can take my eyes,
You can take my past and future,
It won’t make you wise,
You can have me thrown in jail,
You can steal my booze,
You can even read my mail,
Step on my blue suede shoes,

You bastards must be clever,
Got it mapped out in black and white,
But don’t forget you’ll never,
Get a dog to walk upright,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right

Go on out make another deal,
Feed your big fat face,
Go on out and cop a feel,
Get on somebody’s case,
You surely would be satisfied,
If you could have it all,
But time ain’t on your side,
You’re going to the wall

You think that life’s all dollars,
Greed and lust and spite,
But I wasn’t born to follow,
Like to get my sleep at night,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right

– BDL1983

7 thoughts on “Just ‘Cos You’ve Got The Power!

    1. GDSoldier

      Well it appears someone has handed over a LOT of power over to bloodthirsty hooknosed nosferatu yids on our behalf and we are now left with the task of regaining that power, if not then our people are in a fair bit of trouble. The Final Solution is screaming out to be heard, we need the sheeple to turn off the electronic jew and listen! 1488-SIEG HEIL

    2. BDL1983 Post author

      Yep, and that’s where our race is at fault. We have almost voluntarily given all our power over to the Jews. It can be pretty depressing dwelling on it though….

  1. GDSoldier

    Let’s not dwell on that, we have forgotten some very basic things due(jew) to the brainwashing matrix we currently exist in. Remember the basics, such as a sharp sword has solved MANY problems in the past and can do so in he future. 1488-SIEG HEIL

  2. Noachideous

    THEY……. 20 8 5 25 ……. 58 pointing to 42….. JEW in 1948…
    THEY ……is… the…… JEW…. and its works…all… calculated…… EVIL…..
    Interestingly enough……1:58 long……

    Vale Roddy Piper……….

    The Gandel Ablution is coming to town…for another warm defacatory dump together with its legion hordes of buzzing Phlies… Only 50 sniggering tickets left…… In the absence of White Chickens, the frenzied jew attempts to cleanse it self of its crimes against the US….. by scape gloating goy chickens………for their……..’antisemitism’……

  3. Noachideous


    On the character and personal integrity of two, and probably many more former prime ministers, judas goats and others who have led European racial nations to their current predicament with their fawning, cowardly obeisance to jew ‘israel’……..


    John Howard… and ‘Bob’ Hawke……. Judas Goats…. Two of the Many….”elder statesmen” cut from the cloth of the notional judas iscariot…..

  4. A-MacTire

    Another Motorheadbanger I see! Brilliant tune, with fine lyrics by Mr Kilmister, and some of Campbell’s best lead work.


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