You Are NOT ALLOWED to Escape the “Jewish Net”


Watch this video about Germans who simply want to live independently from Jewish Marxist bullshit. This is how the Jews are going to treat anyone who wants to escape from them:

The Jews and their lackeys are absolutely, positively insane. How can they possibly demonize people who simply want a rural farming style existence, away from all the bullshit of multicultural city living? Quite easily in fact – just label them as evil “Nazis” and go from there. This insanity has to end at some point or the whole world will be officially fucked.

Now, as good as the idea of finding autonomous living spaces is, the Jews are not going to stop agitating against it, as long as they are in power. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be looking to establish autonomous living spaces, we should, but we should also live under no delusions that we are somehow going to magically escape the “Jewish Net” without confronting it! The Jewish behemoth must be confronted head-on and there is no dodging that fact. Living as independently from the Jew as possible should be taken as a given, if we are serious!

Video found here

– BDL1983

3 thoughts on “You Are NOT ALLOWED to Escape the “Jewish Net”

  1. GDSoldier

    The parasite is starting to starve. and thus this is a survival instinct. The more this sort of shit happens the closer it comes. Keep pushing us ratfaced kikes – we look forward to your annihilation…. Patience brother, for the day of he rope approaches and we shall not be denied our glory. 1488/SIEG HEIL comrade!

  2. Noachideous

    Jew Ebola’s wailing again.
    The allegory of many cultures have made notice of the fact that the female is more susceptible to the serpent’s tongue than the male. The desire for a happy familial consensus is surely the reason.

    Jew Ebolas fashions this happy familial consensus about a genocidal jew lie….. It is a rational function of the clearly enunciated hatred of non jews that is to be found in the demented texts of this ‘judasism’…..

    But don’t read those texts… goyim… Judaism advocates that you be killed for doing so… Same if you’ll not kneel as the ubiquitous ‘noahide’… the only mechanism by which the goyim may have a future in a jewhiss world to come….. lest you be killed for your recalcitrance.

    One Brendon O’C had his arm broken by proxy in gaol… No kneeling noahide that one…. Guess what date it was…… 11 9 20 12… In gematria it amounts to KILL…….. Now who would do such a thing on a date amounting to KILL… and who exhorts recalcitrant goy be killed ?

    Over at the ADC, 14 3 , two former prime ministers act in an advisorial capacity to the kikes of Ebola…. perhaps…..

    The jew always works by a proxy for the purpose of plausible deniablity….

    Here’s extreme endomorph Ebola wailin’ on into the fact that he can get most assuredly get the girls on his faceschlub page.

    “Among supporters of the Online Hate Prevention Institute women out number men almost 2 to 1. Where are the rest of the men who are willing to stand up against racism, bigotry and other forms of online hate?

    This isn’t just a curiosity, it’s a call to action. If you know people who are willing to take a stand against online hate, please invite them to join us. ”… the place wear real goy males go to submit…. as ‘noahides’…. and thus have their place in the world to come assured… by jews….

    Ebola……He is most assuredly a ……….jewplicitous…….. DickHead …….

  3. Noachideous

    Jew organisations like the OHPI and its cabalique faecal jew affiliate ‘Andy Fleming’ 1 6, sum product 7 6 , 13 42 , sum 55… raise your second and fifth digits… Slack Bastard 19 2…. derive 18, derive 38 then 24, 24 sum 18 or 42 as much as FightDemBack is 246 or 48 or 12 or twice El, or 66 or 36 sum 12 or 48… like the ‘holocaust’ 6 and 6…… would have us believe that John Williamson’s True Blue now refers to the burgeoning multicultural hordes swarming out of their largely homogenous racial nations and into ever shrinking European racial nations as part of a
    clearly enunciated jew agenda whose intention is to eliminate all racial nations….. Europeans first, especially first.

    Williamson’s tune “TrueBlue” identifies only two racial nations… the indigenous and the European.

    The cybernetic, biomechanical monstrosities over at the BnaiBrith’s OHPI are feigning to get all ’emotional’… on all accounts…..Like most jews, the OHPI ones are hoitin’ on the inside.. a lot….and again. You just know that it is mostly due to laughter….. Those that ‘jew’ others find their shit funny.

    The OHPI is a jew run, foreign national funded psy-op designed to lure European racial nations to collective suicide…… The jew calls is ‘promoting diversity’, but only for Europeans, even if indigenous…. Noticing that it is a jew run organisation and its outcomes consistent with the genocidal urgings of judasism….is ……..’anti-semitism’……

    The word “JEW” is a noun and a verb… It is foremost a doing word….It is what defines the jew and broadly separates the jew from the other. The jew is remembered with visceral disdain for what has done and the likely probability that it will keep on doing.. and jewing.

    At the OHPI you’ll not find the word Truth mentioned once… so far…It is because the jew Ebola fears it and as a BlackKaballist, KosherKlown 22 BB and malfeasant deceiver , Ebola has no desire to evoke it. Truth is like poisonous holy water to crooked jew….

    The jew can never be “True Blue”…. It ‘jews’ all that is True, and defiles all that is clean, pure and innocent…. Hence the KinderLaden…… Cuckoldry……. Jews are ever eager to move as close as possible to the vulnerable goyische Child…….. The jew cares for the well being of the innocent as much as the paedophile ‘loves’ the Children it abuses.

    The jew represents metaphysical Filthe………in all its manifestations…
    The jew is a perpetraitor and a predator……The word….. jew… makes the skin crawl….

    So degenerate in its narcissism, its depravity and entitlement to the entire world is the jew that it labels the actions of all who seek to protect the integrity of their own, and especially that of vulnerable innocents……… Jew Haters…… So that you will defer and yield and give the jew access to that which it covetsssssssssssss…..
    Deference to the jew represents the abandonment of duty and responsibility to protect those that require it most.

    Bald Eagle on Europeans, Indigenous and ‘muh munney…. wanna better lifers’…. the multicultural hordes who care not one iota about anything else….

    On awareness and on being “White” People………… And on European racial nations perhaps seeing and being spatially, and racially aware as “Orange” People. The jew will wail… and how they do wail….. that this is an incitement to violence….. rather than a state of mind… cognisant of the presence of a murderous racial nation of religiously motivated, genocidal perpetraitors. Watch your Six. Watch your ………JEW…… Notice his Mask……

    The color code, as originally introduced by Jeff Cooper, had nothing to do with tactical situations or alertness levels, but rather with one’s state of mind. As taught by Cooper, it relates to the degree of peril you are willing to do something about and which allows you to move from one level of mindset to another to enable you to properly handle a given situation.

    Cooper did not claim to have invented anything in particular with the color code, but he was apparently the first to use it as an indication of mental state.[5]

    The following is from The Carry Book: Minnesota Edition, 2011:[6]

    White: Unaware and unprepared. If attacked in Condition White, the only thing that may save you is the inadequacy or ineptitude of your attacker.When confronted by something nasty, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! This can’t be happening to me.”

    Yellow: Relaxed alert. No specific threat situation. Your mindset is that “today could be the day I may have to defend myself”. You are simply aware that the world is a potentially unfriendly place and that you are prepared to defend yourself, if necessary. You use your eyes and ears, and realize that “I may have to shoot today”. You don’t have to be armed in this state, but if you are armed you should be in Condition Yellow. You should always be in Yellow whenever you are in unfamiliar surroundings or among people you don’t know. You can remain in Yellow for long periods, as long as you are able to “Watch your six.” (In aviation 12 o’clock refers to the direction in front of the aircraft’s nose. Six o’clock is the blind spot behind the pilot.) In Yellow, you are “taking in” surrounding information in a relaxed but alert manner, like a continuous 360 degree radar sweep. As Cooper put it, “I might have to shoot.”

    Orange: Specific alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention. Your radar has picked up a specific alert. You shift your primary focus to determine if there is a threat (but you do not drop your six). Your mindset shifts to “I may have to shoot that person today”, focusing on the specific target which has caused the escalation in alert status. In Condition Orange, you set a mental trigger: “If that person does “X”, I will need to stop them”. Your pistol usually remains holstered in this state. Staying in Orange can be a bit of a mental strain, but you can stay in it for as long as you need to. If the threat proves to be nothing, you shift back to Condition Yellow.

    Red: Condition Red is fight. Your mental trigger (established back in Condition Orange) has been tripped. “If ‘X’ happens I will shoot that person” — ‘X’ has happened, the fight is on.


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