True Heroes Never Die!

The world should have listened. He was right!

The world should have listened. He was right!

On the 20th April 1889, a child was born in the Austro-Hungarian border town of Braunau am Inn. His name was Adolf Hitler and he would go on to become one of the most inspirational and significant figures in all of history. No amount of lies and slander directed against this great man will ever change the fact that he was right.

He changed the world in his time.

His spirit will change the world in the future.

His mission is not complete….

Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!

And in case you haven’t seen what Adolf Hitler was really about, you better watch this:

And this:

Heil Hitler! 88

– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “True Heroes Never Die!

  1. markdomneymarkdomney

    My grandmother is German mothers side and she lived under Adolf Hitler and her husband and her were both party members he was In the Wafen SS and fought and eventually gave his life for volk and Fuhrer.She brought me up and taught me to never believe the lies told about this great man and every year on 20 April I celebrate his birthday.You will live on forever in our hearts and minds Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer.

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