Radio Stormer: Report from ‘Reclaim Australia’ at Adelaide

Daily Stormer
April 5, 2015

Picture from official ‘Reclaim Australia’ website.

Picture from official ‘Reclaim Australia’ website.

Fresh from the ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally at Adelaide, Brett Light reports on the day’s events including:

What sort of people were there, Patriots, Nationalists or both?

What the speeches were like

How the people at the rally far outnumbered the untermenschen protesting it

Why it is important to go to demonstrations, even when they are not explicitly racial

How the Police treated the Reclaimers

Adelaide is one of the more heavily colonised areas in Australia and holding this rally there has been seen as a great success for Patriots.

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I’m pretty sure the show turned out a lot better than previous ones due to my new microphone working brilliantly! I can actually listen to my own voice now and not want to puke… Haha!

– BDL1983

2 thoughts on “Radio Stormer: Report from ‘Reclaim Australia’ at Adelaide

  1. Noachideous

    Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about.” -G.K. Chesterton…. via

    The photograph leading the article is a continuation of the sentiments expressed in the artwork. Who of AngloCeltic origin would declare that they fought knowingly for the elimination their own kind and racial Europe ?

    Only those who prostrate themselves in the service of the jew and for the lowest possible price.

    With ANZAC day on the way the Big End of town will all be a blubbering with the crocodile tears of jew complicity.

    Former Prime Ministers now ‘advisors’ reveal that they were always obeisant back slithering goblins in the service of the jew, and by inference engaged via deception and betrayal in the collective destruction of those predominantly European derived Australians they feigned to represent.
    The same social programs of disenfranchisement directed against European derived Australians are seen in indigenous Europe. It is racial… and the evidence suggests the source to be the murderous hive mind of that psychotic and ‘singular purpose of the creation’….the……… jew.
    Amongst its own and those it owns, the sniggering jew would declare that the desires of dead ‘goyim’ don’t matter. Jew BnaiBrith “courage to care” is as fake as the concern of a Munchausen by proxy afflicted mental case. It is the mendacious showmanship and ruse
    of the egregiously humungous and poisonously pious Dr Ebola, a teflon tongued, mercentile yet cheap snake oil peddlar who appears to exist as one of at least three malevolent cabal 54 juw 3R….uffians quietly harbouring designs with intent to thieve something of irreplaceable value from those it bludgeons and bleeds so as profit and feed.

    The behaviour of the utilitarian jew is as biomechanically dispassionate as the monstrosities seen by RoddyPiper (1816) in …They Live….. They (20,8,5,25) Evil (5,22,9,12)….point *42*..via ……….. 58 48….. It makes rational sense that the gematria of OHPI and EVIL amount to the same number (48) in the jews’ own pseudoscience. It is a collaboration in kind.

    The BnaiBrith identifies as jewhiss ‘freemasonry’ and the serpentile snivellers who operate out of its well funded and charitable persecution complexes are actively involved in enforcing the repugnant, metaphysically and ritually unclean religion of tolerance known as ‘judaism’ on those
    judasism declares to be the soulless goyische lesser thans…..
    Racial diasporisation is designed to confuse so as to destroy a racial nation’s vigour and ablity to resist jew predations.. At the very least, Judasism demands jews seek dominion over others, or for the recalcitrant a complete genocidal elimination in the physical and memory of those not born ‘jew’. Yet the jew presents a jewplicitious schmiling face to the world while feigning to be ever a hoitin’ on the inside as a function of ‘pouisemacushun’ and ‘hatred’at the hands of the ‘goyim’ who exist largely as innocents and without any religiously described imperative to pre-emptively harm the jew in the way judasism urges the jew to harm the deceived other.

    The text of judasism represents an incitement to have the jew fleece, disenfranchise and murder those not born ‘jew’. Others are expected to remain thoughtfully ‘tolerant’ and thus harmoniously facilitate the blood sucking practices of this ‘judasism’.

    The two former politicians are best described as ‘noachides’. The purpose of their existence as evinced by heterogenous racial outcomes and their return to the teat that has and continues to feed their relevance, can only be personal profit and to collaborate as kapos with the jew in the
    elimination of their own ancestral peoples as a racial group….if indeed they are something other than jew.

  2. Noachideous

    jew OHPI 48, a jew psy-op targetting racial Europeans in Oz and suspected of answering to jew israel of 1948 and the sannhedrin in jerusalem declares goyische dead to be jew ‘theirs’.

    The evidence suggests that the gloating jew and their israel were the prime beneficiaries of ww1 and ww2 , and by design. A big end of town who is more than likely a serpentile jew and expected to be wise to realities of the wars, whines with palpable hypocrisy reminiscent of ‘the jew’ about the ‘despicable’ twit who tweets more than likely out of abject ignorance borne of believing the jew lies of the likes of the OHPI of the BnaiBrith……

    It is the complicity of those like the ‘communications minister’ and the fake janus faced piety that is in fact much more ‘despicable’…….some would go as far to call it ‘evil’……. Nice suits and expensive fragrances would have those who see only the outward physical believe it to be inwardly and metaphysically clean also.

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