AFL set to launch “Gay Pride” game….

Two or three years back I said that this would be next in the AFL…. Well, it seems my prediction has come true! Oh deary, deary me….

From The Herald Sun:

GayFL - Oh great, this will please the masses.....

GayFL – Oh great, this will please the masses…..

AN AFL gay pride game to tackle homophobia has been added to the football calendar.

The Herald Sun can reveal footy’s first “Pride Cup” match will be played between Sydney and Fremantle during this month’s NAB Challenge.

There are plans for a permanent fixture celebrating sexual diversity during the AFL premiership season.

St Kilda is at the front of the queue to own the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex concept.

League chiefs ticked off the Swans and Dockers clash this week after a push by major sponsor NAB.

The 50m arc, goalpost pads and goal umpire flags will be decorated in rainbow colours to celebrate the match.

The AFL already devotes home-and-away rounds and matches to denouncing racism and celebrating indigenous and multicultural communities but has previously baulked at a themed game aimed at stamping out homophobia.

“The AFL is proud to be hosting this game, and in doing so we are saying to our community that we want to be part of change in Australia,” AFL football operations manager Mark Evans said.

“Diversity and inclusion is essential to our game. We say ‘no matter who are, where you are from or who you love, we can all love footy’.”

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I just had to post this story because it’s so funny picturing all these heterosexual (supposedly) men going along to the football watching rainbow fucking goal flags and 50m arcs!! An absolutely sick joke, but actually not a joke. What is a joke is society as a whole, and just you wait, they’ll find a way to put up with this shit because they won’t have anything else to do if they can’t go to the footy on the weekends!

– BDL1983

3 thoughts on “AFL set to launch “Gay Pride” game….

  1. GDSoldier

    The sad thing is that nobody will even give a shit, as long as the footy is on. Never mind that the AFL is now promoting sodomy to children, I never thought this country and it’s national game would come to this! Thanks again kikes! The day of the rope is way overdue. 1488 Brother.

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