Here’s a Laugh Folks!


I’m only posting this because I find it amusing how this woman describes my views… (found it in my comment section as a ‘pingback’). She is now officially one of my “6 Million Friends” ! Oy Vey, only 5,999,999 to go!

From MPD40 (do leave a comment for this lady, since she appears to have only just started her brilliant and “earth shattering” blog):

………….. Like the prisoners refusing to believe the real reality, people today still refuse to believe events occurred. The evidence can be right in front of a person, but if they are out of touch with reality and stuck in their own little world that they believe to be reality, they will refuse anything that goes against what they believe. There are so many people that don’t believe huge events like the Holocaust ever happened. It is crazy to think people actually don’t believe it happened when there are so many photographs and survivors’ stories.

A man named Brett has a whole blog page committed to the talk about the Holocaust being one big hoax. In his reality, the Holocaust was just a hoax for the Jewish people to gain power. He says in one of his posts, “If you investigate the Holocaust story honestly and objectively you’ll find no actual substance whatsoever supporting the official version of events. It is a big Jewish fairytale about how much of a victim they always are, meanwhile these same people are running all the banks, mass-media, governments, and education systems throughout the ‘West’. Go figure…..”. Brett obviously has a personal opinion against Jewish people, altering his view on reality. How he can refuse to believe the Holocaust didn’t happen is absurd. How does he refute the thousands of pictures of people in the concentration camps, the millions of bodies, the concentration camps themselves? But like the prisoners in the cave, Brett is so wrapped up in his own reality he refuses to believe anything that goes against what he knows. People intervene and try to explain and show evidence but for some people there is no point in trying to intervene and change their reality.

Some people have these beliefs and imaginary scenarios running through their head all the time like Brett. His imagination runs wild, making up all these absurd things like the Holocaust being a hoax for the Jewish people to gain power. His imagination does not relate to the real reality because he has no solid evidence his argument. Usually people’s imaginations do not intervene with reality. Most are just pointless thoughts made up in their mind. When people worry they make up little scenarios in their mind, their imaginations running wild…………..

You’ve got to admit that this is a fantastic factual refutation of what I posted in the relevant Holohoax post!  I’ve been stitched up, folks. I’m currently squirming around worrying about what next hard-hitting piece this woman will come up with! Who knows, maybe I’ll have caught that mysterious disease people always seem to have caught throughout history, namely anti-Semitism!

You’ve gotta laugh sometimes, considering everything’s a fucking joke anyway!

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Here’s a Laugh Folks!

  1. Steve

    What a delusional piece of Jewish crap she is. An entertaining bit of comedy with my weetbix this morning.

  2. Wolf

    That was pretty funny… Though somewhat tragically. I remember when I used to believe implicitly in the holocaust simply because I had been told, as a very young child, that it happened. I never did any research on it until a few years back, but only when I started reading on this site did I learn the real truth.

    “Some people have these beliefs and imaginary scenarios running through their head all the time…”

    Sounds like she’s referring to all those “survivors” who walked backwards out of the gas chambers and escaped, ’cause it was real in their minds! Hahaha

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Imaginary scenarios implanted in peoples minds by the Jew. The only reason 99% of people believe the Holohoax fable is because, like you said, they’ve been told it happened. They’d never consider researching it themselves of course!
      If they showed a couple of the revisionist videos on TV Primetime and made it ‘cool’ to deny the Holocaust, then people would be agreeing with us fairly quickly! People just follow whatever Mr. TV tells them basically…. And aint that the problem!!


    You notice now that jews are getting more and more fanatical and indeed psychotic in their responses to any criticism of the ‘bloodline’. More and more races and religions are turning on them, they are in trouble and they know it. The few decent jews (or should i say ex-jews) are spilling everything because they know what these people will do.
    Brother Nathanael tells all and no one can rebuke him.

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