“I walked Out of an Auschwitz Gas Chamber Alive, Camped with Anne Frank and was Experimented on by Mengele”

This fable is great! It sums up the nature of the Holohoax perfectly!

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January 28, 2015

Looks very trustworthy doesn’t she.

Looks very trustworthy doesn’t she.

This story almost meets all of the required elements for a good holo fable.

Gena is originally from the Jewish ghetto of Krakow, Poland.  She was 16 in 1939 at the outbreak of the war.

She says she first was sent to the Plaszow concentration camp for two and a half years before being sent to Auschwitz, where she was tested on by Doctor Joseph Mengele.

Gena says that one day at Auschwitz she was sent naked with hundreds of other inmates into a room, which she thought was a shower.  “Ice-cold” water came out of the showers, she says, and she drank some of the water because she was so thirsty.

Then after she came out of the room, some women screamed at her,  “Oh, you are alive!  Don’t you know what has just happened to you?  You were in the gas chamber!”

Gena does not know how she survived.  She says “it must not have worked”.

So, was that “gas chamber” actually a delousing chamber used to disinfect inmates in order to prevent disease?  Or was it a homicidal gas chamber, and Gena is another example of a HolyHoax miracle?

Miraculously, the Germans decided not to holocaust Gena after she survived the delousing gas chamber.

As the Soviet Army closed in towards Auschwitz, Gena says she was sent on a death march to Buchenwald, and then to Bergen-Belsen, where she shared a barracks with Anne Frank.

Gena claims seven siblings and her father were holocausted.

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MUST READ BONUS ARTICLE: “Auschwitz Survivor Gena Turgel Walked Out of Gas Chamber Alive”

Here’s the intro (try not to laugh):

Of all the stories of survival from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Gena Turgel’s is one of the most astonishing.

“When I think back, I have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I’m really alive,” the 90-year-old told NBC News.

Turgel, an elegant woman with more than a hint of mischief in her blue eyes, survived not one or two, but three Nazi concentration camps.

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I don’t know how any normal person with half a brain could take these stories seriously! They are so ridiculous it never ceases to amaze me.

– BDL1983

5 thoughts on ““I walked Out of an Auschwitz Gas Chamber Alive, Camped with Anne Frank and was Experimented on by Mengele”

  1. Daniel Updegraff

    “Oye vey, how I suffered, I want my million dallas that those dirty NAZI’s took from me, I don’t have any proof, the Nazi took all my proof, oh how I suffered!”

    The real holocaust were the bombing of German, French, Hungarian, Romanian cities were Churchill’s great achievement not to be out murdered by the Soviets was that of Dresden, the German women children, elderly, U.S. and British P.O.W.’s and hundred of thousands of refugees melted, some evaporated in fire tornado’s, what war criminals the U.S. were.

    Then I hear how those pesty pilots they were called in their P-51 mustangs when Dresden was burning flew along the river banks and shot up whoever were trying to escape the horrific fires that burned in Dresden, what a shame, America helped save COMMUNISM, kept the most vile man Stalin in power to really murder and make to suffer all peoples under him that rat!

    In His Service, Danny U


    1. BDL1983 Post author

      You’re quite right Danny. Anyone would think the rest of the war was just a side story compared to the Holocau$t these days….. Filthy lying rat bastards they are… One day the record will be set straight!

  2. womble

    None of this will ever stop until we unite against the super rich Ratschild family and the rest of the elites. The Holohoax has been forced down our collective throats for too long, so long that the majority now just blindly accept it as divine scripture!

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