The Enemy of My Enemy is Not My Friend & Updates

From White Racial Identity:

This is a great first law on the constitution for any new nation.

This is a great first law on the constitution for any new nation.

There exists within secular White Nationalist circles this lingering idea that if a group doesn’t like the Jews, then they are our friends. Whilst hypothetically, if the interests of our race and the other race in question were complete separation and opposition to the Jewish problem, then we’d have mutually agreeable aims that we could work towards. Fact is though, the best that we can ever hope for among non-whites is a general hatred of Jewry which usually comes as a result of the Jewish wars in the middle-east, and rightfully so. What will never (or very rarely) happen is non-whites opposing Jewry and wanting separation from their White host nations. This is obviously because they are the prime beneficiaries of the Jewish communist systems running the west nowadays. This scenario will never change with non-white racial groups, and as a consequence it is a waste of time to ever think we will be able to work with them in any serious way against Jewry. Hell, we can’t even work with the vast majority of our own race, let alone others!

This brings us to the topic of how Islam works with Jewry:

No Islam either.

No Islam either.

The most common ‘enemy of our enemy’ you’ll hear about is the Muslims or sometimes ‘the Arabs.’ We all know there are loads of Muslims who aren’t Arabs, but these terms are used almost interchangeably, so whatever – I’ll just refer to them as Arabs, meaning the Muslims of Arab racial mixture.

The ultimate reason why we will never be able to work with the Arab/Muslim world is because they descend from the Seed of the Serpent, which is exactly the same seed Jewry comes from.

The Serpent and arrow forming a dollar sign – how appropriate!

The Serpent and arrow forming a dollar sign – how appropriate!

The Jews and Arabs share a lot of the same DNA, and when you understand Scripture you realize it shows how the Seed of the Serpent will always be the eternal enemy of the White Adamic Man (see Genesis 3:15). Since both Jews and Arabs share the Serpent lineage, the only logical way to view Judaism and Islam is as a dual pronged attack against Christendom.

Is this not exactly what we see happening in reality?

Everywhere on earth the White Adamic Race (Christendom) is under attack. The more cunning and rat-like Jews have interbred their kind with predominately European Adamic people. As a result they have created a far ‘better disguised Satanic stock’ than the Arab Muslims, who’ve bred a lot more with darker negroid Northern African stock. The Arabs therefore are the Jews underlings, being of lower intellect and far lesser ability when it comes to organisation and ‘cunning.’ This is why the Jews are leading the attack against Christendom and allowing their Satanic brethren, the Arab Muslims, to do what they naturally do. When bad stuff happens like rape and small scale ‘terrorist acts’, (as it always does when Muslims are about the place) the Jew plays us off against them and hides in the shadows, usually complaining about how Jews are always victims of everything (read Holocaust).

In the more sophisticated examples of ‘TV-style Terrorism’, it is usually the Jews through Mossad and the relevant western intelligence agency carrying out the attack or pulling off the hoax, then blaming the Muslims. Either way, it seems to have the same net effect of Muslims getting the blame, guilty or not, while we’re not allowed to point the finger at Muslims as a group anymore, just the ‘extremists’, whatever that means. It’s the opposite scenario to 9-11 where we were 100% positively encouraged to blame Muslims, as a group, for something the Jews did.

Anyhow, add to this exciting mix of Jewish/Muslim terrorism, a flood of Asians, Blacks, and other assorted non-whites to destroy Christendom and we wind up exactly where we are today – seeing Revelation 17:15 playing out courtesy of:

6 points, 6 lines, 6 triangles = 666

6 points, 6 lines, 6 triangles = 666

In conclusion, the idea that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ has to go, because put simply, the Jews and the Arabs/Muslims hate us. The Anti-Islam political parties in Europe are useless because they love the Jews, and the secular White Nationalist idea of ‘getting in’ with the Muslims because they hate the Jews, is just as useless. They are both our eternal enemies and always will be. Just because Jews and Arabs hate each other doesn’t make it a good idea to side with either!

Source Article

“Dual pronged attack” against the White race – that’s exactly what the Jews and Islam represent, and why attempting to work with either will never work.

UPDATE on what’s going on with this site (15 Jan 2015):

The short answer is that it is in limbo.

The longer answer is that I simply don’t know if I can be fucked with it anymore. See “We Are Fucked” for “in-depth” analysis of why.

Basically, I’m suffering from a lack of inspiration, am sick of repeating myself, and completely sick of all the stupid “shillery” and egoism of this non-existent “White Nationalist Movement”. There is no movement whatsoever in reality, and if you think there is and that these internet sites are making “progress”, then you are officially living in “La-la” land! The internet is mainly an outlet valve for people who know the deal and an excuse for everyone to do nothing in the real world. Whatever positive effect the internet has on a tiny percentage of the population is neutered by the fact that everyone assumes someone else is taking care of the real world when no-one actually is.

When I say “we are fucked” I’m talking in a political sense. There is no “winning this fight” via political means or solutions. Even if you could create a “white nation” hypothetically, it still wouldn’t work because without any change in the mentality of our people, it would just wind up back in the same mess we’re in right now. We need a total spiritual overhaul of our race and a serious “wiping out” of the dregs before we can get anywhere. I am totally convinced of this.

When our people do nothing except behave like materialistic whores (I.e. Jews) they will get what they deserve. We currently DESERVE to be fucked over by the Jews because most of us think like Jews between the ears. This “total spiritual overhaul” better defined means we must reconnect spiritually with TRUE Christianity (not the bullshit church universalist Jew rubbish they preach these days) and use National Socialist Germany as our glowing example of inspiration, showing us how good life on earth can be when we uphold proper Christian and National Socialist ideals, which are both the same thing really, when you understand it correctly.

And yes, I am evil for thinking it, no doubt.

– BDL1983

21 thoughts on “The Enemy of My Enemy is Not My Friend & Updates

  1. michael

    Just seen your “almost giving up” post.[Found you via Christogenea].I know exactly how you feel.But since we Adamic Whites ARE actually being punished by God,don’t forget we Awake Ones are simply the FIRST awake.Once the jew’s babylon zoo economy crashes…Then the natural order of things will kick in,[might be overnight,might be gradual,but it’ll happen] Then we’ll have Heaven on Earth. Our Promised Land

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      It’s not so much “giving up”, more a lack of inspiration for constant blogging. I understand what you’re thinking there re the economy – it HAS to collapse eventually because it’s a false reality keeping people happy serving the jew. It’ll be a gradual collapse in my opinion because the jews are so good at postponing inevitable disasters, especially economic ones, but nonetheless it will come down in the end! Something to look forward to eh!! haha

      1. michael

        God says babylon falls within the “Hour”,but God’s hours might be a little different to ours! heh! But once things become a bit difficult,empty supermarket shelves,etc,I don’t think Adamic Whites will be having their patience or taxes paying for imported pagan ethnics…and we will be rid of the problem.Its truly getting insane.Just seen this, this morning >> Did ANY of us VOTE on this…?!!

  2. GDSoldier

    Sydney, France, Belgium.. it seems mossad has been very busy indeed !
    Good to have you back brother, 1488-SIEG HEIL as always.

  3. Noachideous

    Consistent with the theme enunciated in judasism, a religion seeking to impose its ‘will’ on all not born jew, the BnaiBrith are a treacherous organisation operating in all European derived nations. The jew declares itself to be the EloHim or Eternal Light of Him, but is more appropriately the narcissistic self worshipping EloHeebe………. The Elohim create the world around them by altering the behaviour of the lesser ‘human’ gentiles with their Hebrew words, if that is the correct interpretation of pseudo Cabalist Doreen Double Ditzy…..

    As best as can be ascertained here, the desire of the BnaiBrith as evinced by outcomes, is the deconstruction of all racial nations and then, if it is indeed jewish an thus totalitarian, impose the 7 laws of Noah on those not jew.

    Judasism declares that there be no future in the jew imagined world to come for those who refuse the noachide imperative, dissenters killed…. as jew text reveals.

    The BnaiBrith has has two former Prime Ministers as its ‘advisors’…..

    Consistent with no dissent permissible, and the deceptive. courageously caring face of pious sanctimony designed to conceal jew mendacity, the OHPI now desire to have the word ‘religion’ included in the 18C ‘hate’ laws…..

    The BnaiBrith and its Lillian Freiman or the Ladies Auxilliary in the 1920’s urged the use of RedPoppies as means to ‘remember’ deceased allied serviceman for reasons to do with jew numerology and the fact the jew feels itself chosen by the allegorical Olde Man….. Saturn, EL, the Eternal Light, Chronos and allegorical Father of Truth whose name is Veritas or Aletheia …..whose number is 42. Like Uncle Bully, rapist of Truth…. The jew is a deceiver, rapist of Truth and concealer of its crimes.
    For the jew, RedPoppies amount to 48 in gematria and the words Red and Poppy are numerological representations of a Hannukah and Temple menorah having 9 and 7 candle holders respectively….

    The religion of the jew actively and ceremonial mocks those it has destroyed, both as individuals and Nations of entire people……

    The practice of Judaism has no place in a society for whom ‘religion’ mignt reasonable be expected to represent a search for universal Truths.

    The jew seeks to have all who seek Truth without the interference of ‘jews’ as ‘Haters’……. Such is the extent of snake oil peddling, confidence trickster jew narcissim.

  4. Tim

    I’m honestly curious about how you feel about Jesus being a Jew and him returning iseral back to the Jews like the bible predicts. As a Christian I don’t know how a person can deny this fact. He has predicated everything else and no one can deny what’s going on at this moment with iseral. Trying to understand.

  5. Mammon

    I notice this to be a common theme among many of these sites which claim to oppose the status quo but in truth, are no threat to anyone. The sites might even be little flypaper operations posing as opposition

    interesting that you dispel the idea of an alliance, because that is one thing which seems to terrify your enemy, which is why they put so much effort into creating that ‘ clash of civilizations ‘.

    you cite a book written by deranged Jews and their descendants as proof of something, not sure what exactly and then claim that an alliance with moslems cant work because they are arabs, hmmmm.

    The attack on hebdo few weeks back shows why shlomo is so desperate to destroy the possibility of an alliance.

    good to see that shlomo and yourself are on the same page on this issue.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Good luck with your “Muslim alliance”!! Hahaha! If you can’t understand what that article is getting at then I can’t help you anymore.. so whatever

      1. jim

        I’m gonna keep this short.

        The movement needs to engage in focused activity.

        Attack by stratagem, The Art of War.

        If we direct all our forces and energy against our enemy’s weak points, it can be like the smashing of a grindstone against an egg.

        The target should be the most corrosive form of ‘ divide and conquer ‘ = Feminism.

        There are plenty of clever people in this movement but we’re pissing in the wind at the moment.

        If we work together in concert to subvert the feminists and bring them to our side ( easier said than done, i know ), we will make serious progress in a short period of time.

        We have the truth on our side but these women have been psychologically kidnapped. Help them understand that they are being used by international finance, which is why the recent UN backed ‘heforshe’ campaign is sponsored by JPMorganChase, a group which couldn’t care less about them, which is why they support Israel, a nation which has brothels full of female sex slaves.

        Our enemy regularly subverts our institutions, why cant we subvert theirs? Not only will it bring some of the most active, socially concerned women (forget the manginas) to our side, it will also simultaneously weaken / destroy a powerful battering ram of our enemy.

        It’s not about beating them in argument, it’s about showing that they have been misled by liars, that this battle is for them as much as anyone. Imagine if those ladies were on our side, how much more effective our movement would be.
        It should be treated as a military exercise because it will bear fruit and will give the enemy a severely bloody nose. Think about it.

        1. BDL1983 Post author

          Interesting thoughts Jim. Like you said though, never underestimate how difficult it would be to convert a feminist to our side…..

  6. Noachideous

    Those who might like to believe that the jew matrilineal race and the Christian race are friends forever like Pooh and Tigger ought to watch the jewtube vid “When israel is mighty by Yossi Gurvitz”

    The jew is only ever an ostensible friend to the goy so he can get close enough to riffle through your pockets and fuck over another friend. Its been that way for ever…….. Peaceful ways its called. When you’re selling snake oil to schmucks you’re going to need an ever friendly face….or a mask….

    Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy by François Lemoyne …. The allegorical artwork depicts the Father rescuing his Daughter from the rapine masked jew…. Time is no friend of the deceiving jew….depite the fact that the jew suggests it is ‘chosen’ by the Eternal Light, Saturn, Chronos…… whose Daughter immortal is Truth…..

    There do appear to be jews captured by the matrilineal laws who find that the words of the jew sages to be be insane scribblings of murderous psychotic mental cases, and want nothing to do with it….

    It is possible that the Australian government exist only for the benefit of the jew and its designs on global governance… Here’s a few more fragments of evidence by the numbers….. Now…a very jewy science that can be understood by all.

    The OHPI, whose initials in gematria or the equivalence of letters and numbers, amount to 15 for O, 8 for H, 16 for P, and 9 or I….. providing 15,8,16,9… These numbers sum unsurprisingly to 48….. birth date of this jewhiss ‘israel’………… Jews love the triksy number stuff, ’cause they’re ‘Chozen’… only them… the rest of je suis humaim amount to supernal refuse and left overs from the creation according to the sages…… The extent of their “Chozen” ness sounds like ritual self abuse… Hate Laws an attempt to have the public by force of law ….. Watch…even if we don’t wants to….. jews, “Chozen”, with hearts cold Frozen… by hatred of the other….. might consider the tune “Let it Go”… for at least a little while, and give us goy a rest… We’re going blind here..,

    So to the 10 900 ‘friends’ of the OHPI….. a jew site of slack bastards engaged in ‘peaceful’ deceptive ways .. consider that you have been had and are in the process of being royally screwed over by your ever facially friendly jew.

    The OHPI are affiliated with or are a faecal product of the BnaiBrith here . You’ll notice that flak jacket Johnny and Side Show Bob constitute two of they’re advisors…. Consider that there are precisely 42 Elevators in their former legislative place of residence, that being Parliament House and you’ll begin to undertand that the Australian Government regards Judaism as its preferred religious ideal and consitent with the textual urges of judasism, is highly likely to act punitively against any European derived Australian, or indeed of any racial origin, who reject the notion that Governence should act as a proxy for the demonstrably hate filled religion of the jew….

    Remember the stamp and the Corn Poppies 3 16 or 48 …. By the numbers…that’s the BnaiBrith jew pissing on Goy Graves…… as early as 1920, for a war started in ’14….. Are you gettin’ it yet ? It is highly likely that the jew by proxy broke Brendon O’Connell’s arm while in the care of government on 9 11 2014…
    He was gettin hit good and hard,,, while FlakJacketJohnny and SideShow Bob are yuckin’ it up bigtime….. The gematria of KILL is 11 9 12 12…….

    Hope Brendon’s OK…

    The jew regards itself Chozen by the deity whose name amounts to 42 in their numerological pseudo science…. From the numbers 4 and 2 and by the method of sum and product can be derived a number sequence 42 6 8 14 48… You’ll notice that the also that WW2 exists in the shape of a jew temple menorah with three years either side of ’42…..That may explain why these things always start and end with a bang…..

    The jew could have done better with it numerological symmetry though…. If it had started WW2 in ’38 and ended it in ’46 it would have had for itself a hannukah menorah with 38 and 46 each amounting in product to 24 and then summed to 48….. Now that would have been nice…BEAUTIFUL…. All they had to do was bomb the fuck out of the Japanese in 46 and screw over the Germans harder to get things going earlier…..

    Perhaps this century……. There’s always more Goy blood…… Rivers of it……Good to Go…..

  7. Noachideous

    The word jew is a verb and a noun…..
    Here’s bullet proof evidence that Jesus was indeed a ‘jew’…. He’s riding aboard the magick menorah…..of WW2
    Search for St Kilians Cathedral wurzburg menorah..

    Sweden…….. JEWED……..

      1. Noachideous

        That was only to demonstrate how jewed the notion of JC has become.. Even if JC is allegory, and the jew Talmud appears to declare him real, he appeared to be antithetical to the jew in both verb and noun……Everything the jew does is about the exaltation of the jew..

        Everyone of note ends up being jew… according to the jew…. The jew are like the Blob… or the Borg…. assimilating all decency and excellence….. in the end destroying it…….
        This book claims that the name Jesus is Celtic


        He disliked deceivers —
        The fiery Celtic Satguru of the
        White Europeans giving them hell…… Text accompanying the image…. here..

  8. Noachideous

    That date relating to the harming of BOC should read 9 11 2012……. not 2014…. BOC appears to have gone off air and is unresponsive to emails.

    Is this below the confiscation and assimilation of Egyptian history and memory ?

    The text of the jew sages clearly states that the ‘jew’ is the singular purpose of the creation and every one else supernal refuse and left overs. Perhaps that explains why the jew religion seems to be the source of jew behaviour whose outcomes invariably include the complete genocidal elimination of the goyim in the physical and then in historical memory…. Now it has evolved into and ‘Online Hate Prevention Insitute’….. dedicated to eliminating the opportunity for the Goy to squabble….. by eliminating the Goy altogether….differences first ….. Aint that right Ebola ?

    The Cabala website above appears to declare that it was not Egyptians that designed and built the pyramid…… it was the jew….. They’ve been tricksing us all along……..

    “There is a secret mountain of stone more precious than anyone ever realized”. What is the jew on about here… Do they want to steal stone from the great pyramid to build the third temple ?

    The jew then goes on in a numerological rant with super duper ‘complex’ maths designed to baffle the true believer with his supposed brilliance.

    Its a bit like the 1948 ‘prophesy’, when simplistic calculations available to others thousands of years ago pointed to a numerological confluence at 1948….
    The number 42 is pointed to roughly by Pi…. or 3.14… that is 3×14 or 42…
    Then by grade 2 math we end up with 42 58
    Then by more 8 40 as in 4×2 (jew) and 5×8
    Then by more 6 13 as in 4+2 and 8+5
    Then by more as in 48….
    Then by more as in 19
    Pointing to 1948….

    Corn Poppies 3 16 or 1948……..Papaver_rhoeas PR……. 1618 48
    Shame or Honour ? or Death before Dis….. The Jew laughs……always……
    To Honour these Men… Simply change the jew designed ceremony designed to mock their loss.. and exclude the jew…….

    So it would be possible then to write an entire prophetic and codified script as a ‘prophecy’, designed to be deconstructed at a later date in a way so complex and awe inspiring to the purposely stupified masses.. that the decodifier would thus prove a ‘prophecy’ and become a ‘sage’…… But mostly…. The jew is full of shit anyway……

    “He committed suicide in Paris in 1737 by stabbing himself seven times, six months after finishing the ceiling painting ”

    Was he ‘suicided’ perhaps… for revealing a masked ‘Man’ ? who is ever a ‘friend’….. to Truth……forever…. The cryptic talk alludes to foreknowledge, or collective meaning in the ‘circles’ who might be expected to know about these things. 7×6 is after all 42…. and 7+6…. 13…. How “unlucky” to be permanently disabled after 7 stabs of the sword…… 6 months after.
    He was 86’d…..

    Which leads to the question of this little one mentioned in the comments,…. an innocent in every way…. and and has been bothering this scribbler for quite a while.

    If there are in the UK any decent, honest and unwaivering Men of integrity and character in positions authority or investigative agencies………Anglo Saxons, GaEls and kElts…….She deserves a proper investigation, without fear or favour to discern the Truth about the circumstances that surround her loss… The numbers ‘point’ to the involvement of others unknown… The Truth about this is all that matters… and so as not to upset her parents… I’ll not mention her Name here either..
    The fact that a 42 page report was penned suggests knowledge by others of the true circumstances… amongst many others……. Media crypis also indicts ……. in the ritual and the occult… The number 23, letter W…. sum and product 56
    42 sum 6 …. 23 product 6….

    We are ruled over by …….Filth……. Have no doubt about that fact….

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