Purple Sabbath, Beer & Parasites….

Black Sabbath featuring Ian Gillan = Purple Sabbath! Iommi is great on the guitar as usual. I never get sick of that guitar solo in “Trashed” – it makes your ears bleed!!


Do-it-yourself mash brewing is the way forward! The above picture is around about 19.5 L of “American Pale Ale”. It’s a bloody delicious hoppy beer and in a couple of weeks our efforts will pay off because we’ll finally get to drink it!


The end result for every parasite. This piece of mistletoe has gotten what it deserved! For a life of nutrient sucking, it has finally exhausted its host until it could take no more and it subsequently died. If you get enough mistletoe on any tree it will drain it till it dies – it’s exactly the same type of behaviour exhibited by Jewry. Surprise surprise eh…

I just don’t like parasites.

– BDL1983

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