Gough Whitlam and The Jews

The recently deceased former Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam, was no different to any other Prime Minister in the fact that he had a bunch of Jews telling him what to do. When I heard the idiots on “ABCJews24” mention Gough’s speechwriters’ name, Graham Freundenberg, my Jew sensor started tingling!

Here’s some of the “dirt” I dug up this morning on Ol’ Gough (By the way, it took less than 5 minutes to find all the info!) –

From The Australian Jewish News:

Ol' Marxist Gough - everyone's hero apparently....

Ol’ Marxist Gough – everyone’s hero apparently….

Whitlam had two Jewish advisers, Peter Wilenski, his chief of staff, and Jim Spigelman, his senior adviser and principal private secretary, and Jewish speechwriter Graham Freudenberg.

Jews telling him what to do. No surprise there. Later in this article it says that Gough wasn’t a great supporter of Israel despite showing early promise:

Former Labor Minister Barry Cohen, who referred to Whitlam as his “political father” told The AJN that while Whitlam was pro-Israel early in his career, “Something happened on a trip to Israel and he said that he was deceived by what the Israelis said to him.

He didn’t think they told the truth, although he was never very dominant on that issue in the Labor party.”

Interesting…. He thought he was deceived by Jews and they didn’t tell the truth. Maybe he should have looked a little closer at who was advising his political career? If you don’t trust “Israeli Jews” then why trust “Australian Jews”?

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Anyway, this Jim Spigelman, Whitlams’ senior adviser and principal private secretary, is currently the Chairman of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – so it turns out. It’s really quite amazing how the same Jew who was “advising” the former PM on “what to do” is now the Chairman of the organisation which is praising the hell out of him!

"Yes, I run your government funded 'News network' (read Tax-payer funded) and get to brainwash you at the same time!! Oy Vey!"

“Yes, I run your government funded ‘News network’ (read Tax-payer funded) and get to brainwash you at the same time!! Oy Vey!”

This is a laugh courtesy of Wikipedia on Jim Spigelman:

Spigelman’s parents, Gustawa and Majloch Spigelman, survived World War II and moved to Australia at the conclusion of the war. They are both now deceased. He has two brothers.

Hahaha!!! More Holohoax survivors!! They all seem to have survived and gone on to produce rather “influential” offspring! Who’d have suspected it?

Here’s more to make you puke…. Guess what? The White Australia Policy was dismantled in 1973 under Gough Whitlam (such a hero), who just coincidentally happened to have a Jewish Minister for Immigration during the time of his Prime Minister-ship (1972 – 1975) named Walter Lippmann! As usual, what happened is Australia officially got “multiculturalised”, just like the US and Britain, and once again Jews just so happened to be behind “racially diversifying” the formerly White country. This is all a coincidence of course, because pointing out facts about what Jews do is termed “anti-Semitism”, and it’s not fashionable among a culturally Marxist society to be into that sort of stuff.

This Walter Lippmann is such a complete bastard – it’s almost beyond words! I hate this arsehole.

From The Occidental Observer:

Fuck off.

Fuck off.

Walter Lippmann – The Jewish architect of Australian Multiculturalism

While the Minister for Immigration in the Whitlam government (1972-1975), Al Grassby, is widely renowned in politically correct Australian circles as the “father of Australian multiculturalism,” the real architect of this poisonously anti-White ideology and policy in Australia was Walter Lippmann, a German-Jewish refugee who settled in Melbourne in 1938. Lippmann was a businessman and a prominent member of Melbourne’s Jewish community who by 1960 had become president of the Australian Jewish Welfare and Relief Society.

In his advocacy of multiculturalism in Australia, Lippmann tore a page out of the writings of the pioneering Jewish-American multiculturalist Horace Kallen. Lippmann deeply resented the assimilated culture of the Australia he entered in 1938, and believed Jewish immigrants had left one type of oppression behind only to be subjected to another: the Australian expectation to assimilate. Kallen had described the corresponding expectation in the early twentieth century United States as “the Americanization hysteria” or the “Americanization psychosis.”[i] The multiculturalism espoused by Walter Lippmann in Australia, a toxic blend of postmodernism and Marxism, implied“a rejection not only of the attempts to promote an amalgam of cultures but also of any assumptions of Anglo-Saxon superiority and the necessary conformity to English-oriented cultural patterns.”

In an article entitled “Australian Jewry – Can It Survive?” published in the Jewish community newspaper The Bridge in January 1973, Lippmann argued that “The positive value of a multicultural society needs promotion in the Australian environment.” His argument was developed against the background of news that Lippmann found deeply disturbing, namely that “for the first time in the history of Australian Jewry, the 1971 Commonwealth Census has disclosed a decline in the number of Jews identifying as such.”[ii] Lippmann identified three major reasons for the decline: the post-WWII migration of Jews had mostly consisted of the middle-aged, the relatively low birth-rate of Australian Jews, and the relatively high rate of marrying out.

If it was such a great idea, then it (multiculturalism/multi-racialism) wouldn’t need promoting! Funny how Lippmann finds it “deeply disturbing” to see a decline in the number of his tribe. It’s all OK if his precious Jews have their identity intact and their numbers up, but the rest of us have no right to ethnic/racial identity. What the hell? Are you a hypocrite Mr Lippmann? This next bit is particularly sickening:

Lippmann’s goal was to transform Australia from a racially and culturally assimilated White society into a multi-racial, multicultural society with wide variety of religions, cultures, and linguistic groups spread across the country’s landscape and accorded equal status by government.

What an absolute prick! Any White Australian reading this must realise that this means you are to be dissolved into all other racial groups. It’s the Jews way of saying you aren’t good enough and you need racial enhancement, despite the fact that Whites are the only race capable of building decent societies/cultures! What are they gonna enhance our culture by adding sub-Saharan Blacks and Arabs? They can fuck off with that shit.

And it gets worse:

The multicultural ideology that Lippmann so zealously and cunningly foisted on generally unreceptive White bureaucrats and politicians, and consequently on the Australian nation, amounted to support for everything that the organized Jewish community in Australia wanted—namely, official acceptance of the idea that ethnic groups in Australia should form their own communities, maintain their own distinctive cultural beliefs, languages and customs, and that government and taxpayers should support them in all of this.

Furthermore, rather than expecting migrants to change to fit Australia, Australian society should change to fit the migrant. Markus notes that, for Lippmann, “It was a mistake to base policy on an assumption which could never be realized, the assumption that ethnic identity would be obliterated and replaced by so-called Australian cultural norms.”

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Jews get what they want, we pay for it, and also must change our society to fit the invaders – Yeah, that sounds about right for Jewish expectations. Well, what am I supposed to do? Like them for doing everything they can to get rid of my racial group? Get fucked.

In conclusion, Whitlam was a Jewish puppet, nothing more nothing less. It’s been a slow downhill slide since his time and it seems the slide is speeding up rapidly. Brace yourselves Kinsmen!


Have a bottle of this! I would if I could, trust me!

– BDL1983

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