7 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA – This Is What Our Ancestors Stood For!!

  1. Emblematic

    I would love to get a poster sized version of that. It says what the true Australia is.

  2. Noachideous

    Always feel like somethings missing when reading the above… As if the writer’s running cover for judaism…..
    Why not describe to his large audience that the BnaiBrith were significantly involved in the manufacture of the ceremony for reasons of judaic symbolism, gematria, and mockery of the dead. Detail the numbers Henry………

  3. Noachideous

    For instance…. The shape of WW2 is the same as the menorah on the front of this juwes who’ll not be blamed for nothin’ report.
    As in three arms either side of central 42…… That sort of stuff in easily seen and understood by mere goyims like myself.
    Not only that, if 42 is subtracted from 100 we derive 58….. then if we multiply 4×2 and 5×8 ……..8 and 40… or 48 are discovered… The undead date of jew israel….

    Then…. if we sum 4and2 or 6 and sum 5and8 or 13, we gets 6 and 13 or 18… a numerological equivalent to 911, like on the stamp issued on 9 11 ’48…… Maths is a universal language with results not easily misinterpretted.

  4. vikingbitch

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    I am so sorry that you all are dealing with the plague of the Jews. I knew these people sucked, but I did not realize HOW bad it was/is. I can just hope that your fellow countrymen will wake up sooner than later.

    Awake whites need to make every effort to stay connected. Eventually, these parasites will burn themselves out. Sociopaths usually do if they are not murdered or dead yet due to circumstances brought about by their parasitic lifestyle.

    As a person who migrated to the States, I feel bad as to how our country has been used as a bully pulpit for the Jews. There are good awake Americans, but unfortunately, many got caught up in the degeneracy and social rot that was brought about by the parasite.

    Hopefully a good number of you over there can resist the rot.

  5. Noachideous

    Published by ECAJ, and funded by ECAJ Public Fund, a public fund listed on the Register of Harm Prevention Charities under Subdivision 30-EA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
    9 November 2014

    9 11 2014 or 18 24 or ……………..42………

    Had to laugh as this… considering that judaism represents an unlawful incitement to have its adherents and identees act in ways that harm, punish or kill those who have no desire to participate in the totalitarian religion of the jew and behave as compliant ‘noachides’.

    The Australian Government seems willing to act unlawfully and as a proxy against those who the jew so targets.

    These reports are designed by jews to limit the employment opportunities of those written up by the jew by mechanism of shaming…. Your average goyische public servant or employer knows bugger all about judasism and only to the extent that the religious and esoteric number 6 million derived of 42 jews were done over in the ‘holocaust’.

    Government employees and especially legislators, should consider that judaism offers the death penalty for those who do study the words of judasism so as to gain an understanding of its will and intent towards those not born ‘jew’….

    Under prevailing Australian legislation, the practice of ‘judaism’ and the dissemination of its ideals derived of judaic text are probably unlawful.


    The colour red amounts to 18 life or chai in gematria and the letter O or 15 appears to be a numerological equivalent to the number 6…..as described in earlier posts…to do with the time 3:15 or 3+15/3by3 or 18. So a red string bracelet as worn as a circular ring (kikel) by the jew would amount to ……… RED 186 or 18 24 or 42………. or perhaps 18 48…. the number on the red poppy stamp

    The foundations of ‘israel’ and the history of ‘judaism’ are hydrated and sustained with the blood and lives of others not born jew.

    The jew is owed…….. NOTHING……

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