RIP John Hardon 14/88

I just received news via Skype that John Hardon passed away at 6:15 am (London time). May he rest in peace. l guess we’ll all have a beer and a laugh with him on the other side!

We’ve lost a good friend, but as always, we must stay true! 14/88 Forever.

14/88 mate!

14/88 mate!

– BDL1983

14 thoughts on “RIP John Hardon 14/88


    Greetings Comrade,

    This is sad news indeed. I never met John Hardon in person but he was the former admin for the Combat 18 guestbook which finally closed when the bloke who created the guestbook was jailed for 4 years and as a couple of people had been jailed due to some racial comments they posted on there under the Jew race acts here in the UK, we decided to let it lapse. John went on to do his blog which became very popular amongst National Socialists across the world.

    Could you by any chance let us know his date of birth so we can put a memorial out.


    Kevin Watmough

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I’ll get back to you on that Kevin. I know his birthday was 2 or 3 months back when he turned 63, but I’ll give you a D.O.B as soon as I find out… 1488

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      I’ll miss having a few beers and a laugh with him…. He was a funny old Pommy bastard, as I always called him!! Haha

  2. adchet

    “Watch your back” Brendon. They are taking us out one by one and the first post war one to go was general Patton as well you should know. Just the other week it was Kenny and 2 days ago I was locked into a prison cell to be let out on bail until they force me attend a mental asylum!

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