Racial Loyalty – A Silly Concept?

A smart young woman!

A smart young woman!

Consider this:

……………. (Being accused of being “racist”) It is all as nonsensical as if someone was accused of being familyist’ because they love their own close relatives somewhat more than they love total strangers. Imagine such a crime being written into law with the assumption being that if you are loyal to your family, your wife/husband, children or your parents you must surely hate those who are not in your family – such as your neighbours or absolutely anyone not that close to you. Yet that is how we have been taught to view racial loyalty, but only in the case of White racial loyalty…………….

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That is a brilliant paragraph and something every turd who accuses us of being “racist” should consider, but they won’t of course, because we are the bad guys, right?

– BDL1983

4 thoughts on “Racial Loyalty – A Silly Concept?

  1. adchet

    Nice one Brett:
    “Leave a Reply, but watch out trolls/idiots – ONE STRIKE and you’re gone for good! I’ll delete whatever shit you wrote and and stick you on the “fuck off idiot spam” list!! Hahaha”

    But we ALL make mistakes at times don’t we! so don’t be so hasty to “delete” because you have made mistaken judgments in the past haven’t you too.

    But keep up with your good work mate because the so called; “Goys” need blokes like you make out to be don’t they.

  2. Emblematic

    Yes, it’s a testament to the effectiveness of generations-long mental reprogramming efforts that the natural sense of belonging a person feels to their own extended biological existence has been successfully re-designated as ‘extreme’ while the truly radical – and in fact anti-human – experiment known as multi-racialism has been established as normal.
    This is what we’re up against.

    I believe that for human beings to feel well with life we need to feel connected to nature. This means being connected to the past. Because, being the evolved social creatures we are, the past is literally where we ‘grew’ from.
    For this connection to the past to be real it has to be organic, it has to be genealogical. We need to live as part of a shared genetic and cultural inheritance.
    Of course multiculturalism destroys all that. People have been cut off from their own roots. No wonder they feel lost and alienated.

    For anyone who has successfully deprogrammed themselves from the left’s ideology of ‘racism’ and other such bullshit words and concepts the main task is to show other whites that a racially homogenous society is not ‘hateful’ or bad, it’s actually normal and good. And it’s the system most likely to create a healthy, happy way of life.

    Travelling on the bus and seeing just how fast we’re being replaced does give you a bad feeling though.

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