10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust

Video found at Hardon’s Blog.

As boring as it is to rehash and endlessly crap on about how the Holocaust is a hoax, it must still be repeated continually until a critical mass of people “get it”!


Because the Holocaust is the reason they say we must accept the current status quo! Without the Holocaust as the number one Jewish propaganda weapon, their power base begins to crumble. Take the Holocaust weapon away from the Jews and people will eventually see these evil demonic bastards for what they are….

If you don’t want to know the facts, then shut the fuck up.

You can’t say you weren’t warned. 

– BDL1983

2 thoughts on “10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust

  1. Nordic Anti Semite

    The Jews just made it up to curse the Germanic Volk! Its their latest made up persecution story to make us accept their parasitism. They curse us to extinction for something we didn’t do. With that hanging over us there is no hope for a future without Jews because National Socialism results in Jewish deaths. Its the Jew or us!

    I do whole heartedly wish we did kill the Jews then but that would have been impossible at the time even if we had decided that was what we were going to do.

    Also holocaust means consume by fire and that happened in Dresden & Hamburg and 60% of Germanys cities flattened, and we are supposed to accept these demons! Jews ordered that and then they holocausted the Japs too at Hiroshima, that was a holocaust.

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