New Migrants and Homegrown Jihadists

More insanity from our wonderful Jew-loving government, as usual…..

From Adelaide Now:



DON’T migrate to Australia unless you want to join “Team Australia” Tony Abbott has declared, ahead of his meetings with Muslim leaders this week.

The Prime Minister will sit down with community heads in Sydney today in a bid to allay fears about the recently announced beefed up counter-terror laws.

We’ve got a serious problem of radicalised people going to the Middle East to fight with terrorist groups,” Mr Abbott told 2GB Radio this morning.

“Some of them will want to come back to Australia and they do pose a risk if they do, because they’ve been radicalised, militarised and brutalised by the experience.”

The Prime Minister said about two-thirds of people who returned from Afghanistan went on to be involved in “home-grown terrorist plotting”.

“So we do have to be vigilant against it, and my position is that everyone has got to be on Team Australia,” he said.

“Everyone has got to put this country, its interests, its values and its people first, and you don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team and that’s the point I’ll be stressing.”

Mr Abbott, who has recently announced beefed up counter-terrorism laws, urged the “moderate mainstream” to speak out.

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We sure do live in a world gone totally insane. Common sense and logical reasoning have been thrown out the window, especially in the corridors of power! Tony “Wingnut” Abbott clearly likes making his job as difficult as possible, but then again he has to, because that’s the agenda his Jew masters insist he carry out.

Let’s think this through logically:

Tony Abbott wants everyone to join “Team Australia“. Meanwhile, we are fighting wars on behalf of World Jewry in the mid-east. This means that we are aiding the process of radicalizing Islamic Jihadist fighters. Now clearly anyone with half a brain can tell that inviting these radical Islamic nutters into the fray of “Team Australia” and expecting “Team Australia” to unite as a team is a complete idiot!

The scenario here is akin to inviting in the disgruntled/displaced people of a country you are at war with and expecting them to all of a sudden love your country. We’re at war with these supposedly evil terrorists on one hand, then on the other it’s the all-inclusive multicultural Jew Marxist attitude of “come on in, we’re all the same after all“! I mean, what the hell – let’s do something insane like allow our evil enemies in, then tell them in some pathetic manner that they must abandon Islamic Jihad and join “Team Australia” – yeah Tony, they’re really going to listen to you!

This also begs the question – if you were really concerned about “Islamic Terrorism”, like our Jew controlled government pretends to be, then you would shut the borders immediately, right? That would be the common sense response to such a threat. The reality is of course that what people know as “Islamic Terrorism” is really Jewish terrorism. What I’m referring to here is the “9-11, 7-7 style” coordinated Jew Mossad false-flag jobs. Any example of a big slick TV-style “terrorist attack” is always a Jew operation, whereas the real deal with “Islamic Terrorism” is that it’s more like a bunch of guerilla fighters gunning for Jihad, than anything else. (Click the link above for an example of Jihadist terrorism. I know ISIS is a Jew-funded operation, but the Islamist bastards are still showing their style here… sickening)

White, or very nearly white Jihadist Robert Cerantonio

White, or very nearly white Jihadist Robert Cerantonio

Finally, something a little bit weird that I feel like mentioning. In this article here we see an extreme Jihadist keeping strange company:

AUSTRALIAN men as young as 16 are feared to be among the followers of extremist Robert “Musa” Cerantonio.

An expert believes an 18-year-old suicide bomber from Melbourne, who killed five people in Iraq last week, would have been spurred on by the jihadist’s online posts.

Mr Cerantonio arrived at Melbourne Airport on Wednesday after he was deported from the Philippines for having an invalid visa.

Australian Federal Police officers told him on arrival that he would be watched.

It is understood he was taken to stay with his Catholic family, who would not respond to the Herald Sun.

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What the hell is an alleged Islamic Jihad extremist doing staying with his Catholic family? Wouldn’t you think he’d have disowned them long ago if he were anywhere near as extreme as they say he is? It all seems a bit strange to me…… I thought this oddity was worth a mention anyway.

The bottom-line is that we need to be rid of Jews AND Muslims in both their racial AND “religious” incarnations. All they equal is trouble, and nothing good will ever become of these scumbags, mark my words!

– BDL1983

9 thoughts on “New Migrants and Homegrown Jihadists

  1. commandergoyim

    It serves the purpose of world Jewry nicely; show all those Goyim sheeple whom to hate, certainly NOT the chosen! Thanks jews!

    Tony Abbott= 100% SHABBOS GOY.

  2. Steven King




    FUCK EM ALL! Then us white folks can rebuild the world into a beautiful place to live!

    Keep up the good fight! S

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  3. Dave

    This is why right wing, neo nazi ideology can never get a strong foot hold in politics & the conspiracy theories are dismissed as the rantings of lunatics.

    The simple fact is that Islam is the No. 1 threat in the world.

    Israel along with the US are the two major powers keeping Islam under check. Israel take the battle to Islamic lunies eg: Hamas, Hezbollah.

    The only threat to world peace is Islam not Israel. To say Israel is behind such matters is lunatic, extreme right wing conspiracy theory nonsense which has no substance whatsoever.

    I truly hope that the US obliterates ISIS, Al Shabah, Al Nusra., Al Qaeda & all affilated terrorist groups. If smaller nukes are required so be it.

    Get rid of all Islamic militants.

    1. BDL1983 Post author

      Islam is a problem – you’re right about that. That’s not to say Jews aren’t a bigger problem! You should probably investigate 9-11 and the Jews behind it.…. Israel did it, not Muslims. If you don’t want to understand how the Jews operate, then that’s up to you. It’s not that hard to work out – Jews run world finance and all Western Media, as if that’s not enough!

    2. guest1

      Hey idiot, me and the rest of the world could give a fuck what these 14th century murderous terrorist do in their own land but WHO brought them here? Take a fucken wild guess. Islam will be easily dealt with by immidiate repatriation of ALL muslims from western lands regardless of birth, however, a far more dangerous and sinister enemy must be dealt with first, and that is the people who brought them into our lands.

      1. commandergoyim

        So true Dave and fellow posters…

        National Socialism is not a racist ideology; it is a racial ideology.

        We know this whole mess is cooked up by the kikenvermin to keep white blood flowing –this time in desert sands.

        Now it is ISIS or IS that we have to hate and destroy…Netanyahu (could anyone look more like Satan) stated the Agenda loud and clear: Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas…thanks jews!

        Good bye Osama bin Laden.

        We know the SS had units all over the world to fight the filthy mantra of Talmudic ravings masked as marxist Communism. Nobody was fooled in the 1950s and Mccarthy’s mistake was being to nice about unmasking the Hebrews in America. Kikes never worry much sitting on a mountain of Gold; but when the Goy are restive the yids take action and break out that rod of iron: Jack, never ride in an open motorcade in Jew country.

        I agree we can ship the mud out, but will it leave peaceably?

        The race war in America proves how well Shylock hedges his bets at the racial poker table.

        Even London has 1 million niggers now. up from 700,000 ten years ago — sand niggers stand at 1,500,000 in London alone, up from 1,000,000 in the same period.

        The jew laughs. We die in our own streets and pay taxes to foul kosher moneylenders for the privilege. This swindle has been ongoing for over 2,000 years now — that is precisely what the sheeple find so hard to believe glued to TelAvivsion 24/7.

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