Australias “Love Affair” with the Jew-run US Government gets worse by the day…

As if any of this needed reconfirming, but our government is so thoroughly kosher and in love with the Jew USA, that it is almost beyond words. Regardless, I do have some words about this AUSMIN meeting to make you all feel sick! I heard a couple of speeches from Julie Bishop and Jew John Kerry praising the hell out of each other on the radio today. It was absolutely sickening to hear the way they talk about each other, as if they actually represent the people in the “countries” they come from, and not World Jewry! Yeah right….

The Happy Couple.

The Happy Couple.

Here’s the most nauseating passages of a relevant article.

From The Australian:

Our economic relationship is deep, with high levels of cross ­investment and vigorous bilateral trade, underpinned by the Australia-US free trade agreement. We’ll redouble our efforts to conclude a high-quality, comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. This will allow regional economic integration on a greater scale, bringing down the barriers to trade which impede free exchange and enterprise. As we look ahead to the G20 leaders’ summit in Australia in November, we’re working together to ensure it delivers tangible outcomes that create jobs and strong, sustainable and balanced global growth.

This is the fancy way of saying “you’re in this Jew plan of economic integration whether you like it or not, and if you want to protect what’s yours, then you’re impeding free exchange because all countries are the same, right”? G20 equals Jew puppet leaders getting together to discuss how much they agree with each other – another thrilling event pending, obviously.

The alliance makes an enormous contribution to Australia’s security through participation in joint training and exercises, strengthening disaster response and humanitarian assistance capabilities throughout the region, and access to cutting-edge defence technology.

Yep, an alliance with the Jewish-controlled US regime, who with Israel carried out 9-11, sure is going to make a wonderful contribution to our “security”!

Since the dawn of the 20th century, Australia and the US have stood together with a shared vision for a free, peaceful and prosperous world. Today we reaffirm our confidence that the relationship will continue to be a force for good in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, and the world.

“A vision of a free, peaceful and prosperous world”?


Does anyone actually believe that?

The US is the chief instigator of pretty much all world conflict, under the auspices of Jewry, and has been at the forefront of every disastrous war for at least the last hundred years, yet people still think they are going to one day bring peace and prosperity? What the hell are people thinking?

Total and utter insanity awaits this planet if we continue down this path toward One World Government, also known as the Jew World Order.

No-one can say they weren’t warned.

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– BDL1983

6 thoughts on “Australias “Love Affair” with the Jew-run US Government gets worse by the day…

  1. Steven King

    They better not come to my house with that shit. I already don’t buy shit kosher foods, and I eat a lot of pork, and have a lot of guns and ammo.

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  2. GDSoldier

    Yep, another gut churning display of unbridled sycophancy!! As you said mate, nauseating to the extreme…..So much joy while we march to war! Sickening Aussie shabos goy Bishop was like a teeny bopper who met bieber backstage! Thanks jews….1488

  3. Nordic Anti Semite

    wtf trousers is that cow wearing. I really hate her! Ever since she bent over infront of the crowd wherever that was. She is a really crude and undesirable old whore that one.

  4. Not_Lev_Bronstein

    “‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.” -Willi Munzenberg, of The Frankfurt School.

    This is what you’re up against, World. Get it??? Better toughen up and face it. Or be relegated to ugly historical footnotes regarding mass genocides. These phony Jew bastards mean business. Meanwhile, most are still sitting in front of the TV, getting dumber by the day. That won’t end well…

    Every “Western” nation is now owned by these filthy creatures. The West’s subjugated governments have nothing left to offer but LIES, COWARDICE, and FRAUD. But what about the West’s PEOPLES? Can you people do the RIGHT THING? Are you going to hide in the corner and get steamrolled, OR ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT??? You’re the only ones that can stop this. Your governments sure won’t – that’s plainly apparent. You see, they’re actually stupid enough to think that, if they just go along with the plan, accept that worthless Jew money and kiss ass, that once all the dust settles, they’ll still have a place at the table. FOOLS. In reality, they’ll merely be disposed of. But, at this point, these gov’t traitors deserve nothing better anyhow.

    Just have a look at what the nation wreckers are doing to Ukraine – AGAIN. This is the SECOND time they’ve terrorized Ukraine in the last 100 years. If you don’t know this, or don’t believe it was the Jews, you better turn off your goddamned TV (PERMANENTLY – because it’s nothing but LIES and SEWAGE), throw those worthless history textbooks in the trash can, and do some REAL research. The Jews were behind Bolshevism in the 20th Century and they’re behind this current coup in Ukraine, and ALSO the associated genocide of Christians going on there RIGHT NOW. Of course, you don’t hear about that on your TV, do you? Like I said – turn off the TV. It’s utterly WORTHLESS.

    This parasite MUST BE EXPELLED – WORLDWIDE. Your very lives and nations DEPEND ON IT. Gaza/Palestine, Syria and Ukraine are just warmups. Make NO MISTAKE – THE REST OF YOU ARE ON THEIR LIST. They want 90% of us DEAD. And the rest as slaves.If you don’t believe me, just sit back and ignore this warning… If we do nothing we will have Hell on Earth, I assure you.

    Fight or perish.
    God Bless You All.

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  6. commandergoyim

    Yes…well written, and your observations on Australia are spot on.

    There is so much BS out there that it is hard for the white man to know what to think.

    Take WW1 for instance; Shabbos Goy Tony Abbott prattles on like a demented Duracell about the sacrifice for freedom; yet no more, this all the Sheeple need, and all they get…no wonder they are confused! No need to even throw the history book away if one has never even bothered reading it in the first place. Balfour Agreement?! Wtf? What time is “Breaking Bad” on??

    This makes the jew-wise frustrated, but we shouldn’t be. It really is like expecting an ape to type. All we can do is find the ZOG weak-points. There are so many conspiracy theories out there now that even intelligent men turn away. Maybe it is hopeless. Maybe the food has to run out and the lights go out before the mule gets it. We saw this in 1920s Germany.

    The NWO must truly be laughing; even with the internet they manipulate and control the media as millions flock to film house or sit glued to sports. So many were so close to ending the Juden empire, yet they underestimated the power of Jew Gold and payed with their lives.

    So much easier to work for Shylock and (as all world leaders do) counting your Rothschild Shekels in some Swiss vault –Jews are so confident they walk around Swiss cities in full jew garb — because with 500 Trillion in assets, you can buy anyone.

    Yet fight we must.

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